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Ultimate WhatsApp Web CRM Solution

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Reach out to over 2 billion users via WhatsApp and make them your customers, no matter where they are!

Make the best out of the most popular messaging app for your business

As an Official Business Solution Partner of WhatsApp, we take care of you from the start - help you apply for a Business Account, link it up with official WhatsApp Business API and get our tools ready for your business.

We make sure you're in good hands, the official one

We can create it with you own mobile number and your business profile, verified by WhatsApp.

Create a WhatsApp Business Account for your brand, or multiple brands

WhatsApp Business API is in beta preview. 

You can request the access here.

Engage with Customers on WhatsApp

All-in-one inbox for WhatsApp

Enable every team member to view, assign and respond to every client!

Create and use pre-canned answers to respond quickly, personally and consistently.

Live dashboard and granular view on operator's KPI

Collaborate with your team

Respond efficiently

Manage easily

Personalized notifications at scale

Easily manage your subscribers, apply filters and send personalized templates to a selected group of audience, including appointment reminders, issue resolutions, payment updates & more.

Submit Template Messages to WhatsApp for approval directly on our tools, at your demand

You can now communicate with your customers hassle-free, send them message with no coding needed or manage their contacts as easy as an Excel form.

Send targeted Template Messages

Easy Template Message Approval

Send Template Messages at your fingertips

Automation of 

WhatsApp Replies

Trigger automated responses to users based on keyword matching rules.

Provide instant replies to customers with automation triggers

Build a full-fledged chatbot experience for your users on WhatsApp

Keyword Matching

Instant Support to customers

Build a WhatsApp Chatbot

API Integration

Integrate with your existing business applications with our API Integration Doc

Send transactional messages to your users. Like Appointment Reminders, Confirmation, etc.

Developer friendly API Integration Guide. Extremely easy to get started and integrate

Easy Integration Guide

Trigger Transactional Messages

Build business specific solutions

Reply to customers on the go

Using the WATI app for agents, you can allow your agents to reply to your customers using their smartphones. The app allows agents to set work hours, configure notifications, use canned replies and more

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We're WhatsApp's Official Business Partner

WATI is powered by Clare.AI - an Official Business Partner for WhatsApp.

Clare.AI is trusted by Fortune 500 and multinational enterprises for creating award-winning customer conversational experiences. Our mission is to empower effortless enterprise communications at scale. Our clients in insurance and asset management have rolled out digital assistants across Asia, with 93% automated replies and 84% satisfaction score.

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