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If you place a WhatsApp call to your number, it will appear to be invalid.

As of November 2019, there's currently no existing feature available in WhatsApp Business API that can detect messages being deleted.

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Can you call the Whatsapp number, that's already registered to use Whatsapp Business API?

If your end-user deletes a message, would you be able to find out?

Approve Messaging On-Behalf-Of your brand.

We need your help to approve messaging on behalf of your brand:

    1. Click on the link in your email or log in to Business Manager.

    2. Within Business Manager, click Business settings.

    3. Click Requests.

    4. Under Received, find your BSPs request and click Approve.

More details here.

Steps to use phone number that has been registered with Whatsapp Business before

You can use a phone number that is already registered in the Android, iPhone, or Business application versions of WhatsApp. However, if you try to add that phone number to your Business Manager, you will see a Phone Number Is Invalid error. You will need to follow the steps below to delete the WhatsApp account associated with that phone number. Any incoming messages after deleting the WhatsApp account on your Android or iPhone will be queued by the WhatsApp servers and delivered upon successful registration (i.e., messaging downtime will occur between steps 8 and 9).

    1. Open the WhatsApp (or WhatsApp Business) application on your Android or iPhone.

    2. Backup your data first

        2.1. Navigate to the Settings page 

        2.2. Select Chats

        2.3. Select Chats Backup

    3. Delete your Whatsapp Business account

        3.1. Navigate to the Settings page.

        3.2. Select Account.

        3.3. Select Delete my account. Follow the steps to delete the WhatsApp account for that phone

    4. Go back to the Business Manager and refresh your browser window. A certificate will be available for download to proceed with the [registration process](#register).

Official WhatsApp documentation is found here.

Step 1: Choosing a Phone Number

You must use a valid phone number, and must include a country and area code. The phone number must be able to receive calls or SMS for account verification.

There are 3 types of eligible phone numbers:

- Landlines

- Cell phones – can be used as long as the number has not been used for WhatsApp in the last 6 months

- 1-800 or toll-free numbers – possible as long as the phone number is capable of receiving SMS or voice calls directly. You will not be able to use number that are behind IVR.

It must not have been used with WhatsApp Business API before.