WhatsApp Login (2022) – How to implement Wh...

There are many third-party login systems now; the common ones are Facebook, Google and SMS. However, all of these may have flaws which could cause authentication errors and could cause problems.  Many times these login systems cause to trigger a third-party pop-up window which sometimes causes a connection session timeout, which is not ideal for

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Using WhatsApp for customer service should be an important part of your customer service strategy. Explore how it can be implemented in this article.

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The benefits of a CRM integration with WhatsApp are clear. But before you get to it, here are five things to know about WhatsApp CRM integration.

How to verify Facebook Business Manager Account?

Learn how to verify Facebook Business Manager account in less than 5 minutes with a simple and easy to use guide. Step by step instructions to quickly submit verification.

whatsapp catalog api
WhatsApp Business API for eCommerce – WhatsA...

The WhatsApp Catalog API lets WhatsApp businesses showcase their products and/or services to their end-users in the form of a catalog and receive orders with the help of the 'Add to Cart' feature.

How to get WhatsApp Business API? (2022 Guide)

In this guide, you will learn how to get WhatsApp Business API from an Official WhatsApp API Partner such as WATI.

How to send bulk WhatsApp Messages Effectively?
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More and more brands and companies are turning towards WhatsApp as a marketing platform or an engagement platform. Hence it becomes essential for them to send WhatsApp bulk messages to their customers. Let's talk about the #1 Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software.

How To Set up Your WhatsApp Business Account in Under 10 Minutes
How To Set up Your WhatsApp Business Account in Un...

It’s so easy to use and facilitates communication with customers. After all that you’ve read about WhatsApp Business and what it has to offer, you’ve decided to sign up for a WhatsApp Business account. But where do you begin?   Setting up a WhatsApp Business account with the WhatsApp Business app is a very straightforward

WhatsApp Business Account Advantages
WhatsApp Business Account Benefits for SMBs

Benefits Of A Whatsapp Business Account   Much has been said and written about the advantages of a WhatsApp business account… for businesses.   It allows you to use WhatsApp as a customer support channel. It facilitates cooperation among customer service agents by permitting installations across multiple devices. And more.   But what about the

Use WhatsApp For Abandoned Cart Recovery in Wordpress Shopify, Woocommere
Abandoned cart recovery notifications on WhatsApp ...

Send Notifications On WhatsApp for an Abandoned Cart on WordPress Research states that in the year 2020, the average cart abandonment rate was 77.13%. This is a very big number and an annoying rate for your store, as there are so many people coming up to your store in fact putting up items into the