WhatsApp Business Mobile App for Multiple Users 

WhatsApp Business Mobile App for Multiple Users 

Helping over 2 billion users connect with one another and share content, the WhatsApp app is one of the most popular ways to message and call on various platforms – iOS, Android, or web. It owes its immense success and popularity to the many advantages it offers (like the ease of use, simple interface, video calling, document sharing, and the like), as well as options developed for different types of users in mind, small and large businesses included.


However, while small and local businesses can take advantage of the free WhatsApp app for businesses to create their business profile and communicate with customers, larger companies with bigger teams have to look for other options. This is primarily because the WhatsApp app only allows one user to sign into one account at the same time, automatically logging out any other devices that might be signed on. This severely limits larger teams that have multiple customer agents.


WATI’s WhatsApp app for businesses with multiple agents

One of the solutions to this problem is the WhatsApp Business API, designed by the messaging giant precisely with medium and large businesses in mind. Businesses can get access to it via the official WhatsApp Business partners also called business solution providers. 

Although such a practice may seem complicated at first, it’s actually very simple and there’s good reasoning behind it.

WhatsApp has introduced the option of signing up via an official partner to make sure only verified businesses get access to its API as these partners have the means to verify a business if truly legit. Such a policy helps in reducing spam on the platform and generates profit for WhatsApp.


One of these official WhatsApp partners or business solution providers is WATI (short for WhatsApp Business Account for Team Inbox and Marketing). Its platform has the capabilities to:

  • create and manage your WhatsApp business account for you,
  • link it with the official WhatsApp Business API,
  • manage customer messages in a unified inbox,
  • provide a collaboration platform for your team,
  • monitor performance and produce data-driven insights.

That said, sometimes businesses and their team members may encounter accessibility or other kinds of problems preventing them from using the WATI desktop interface, despite doing their best to be available to their customers at all times. For instance:


  • they might not have access to a desktop computer at the moment,
  • they might be needed somewhere else when replying to users, especially if they hold the supervisor position,
  • they simply might want or need to be instantly notified of a customer’s reply in order to respond immediately,
  • they might need access on more sharable devices in case they don’t have a laptop.

To meet the growing demand of businesses for accessibility to their customers at all times and in all of these (and many other) situations, WATI has created a WhatsApp app for businesses.


WATI Mobile App


WATI’s WhatsApp Business Mobile app interface

The mobile version of the WATI platform provides support on-the-go, enabling all members of your team to be there for your customers and prospects whenever they’re in need of your assistance or information.


 You and your team will be able to receive notifications for each and every new message from a client and you’ll be able to respond on the fly. With this app, all agents can install the WATI’s Business platform and provide timely support to clients on their phones.


WATI Mobile App for WhatsApp Business


The app allows you to receive notifications and send quick replies.

This way, no messages are left unanswered and no customers are left high and dry, which would otherwise risk potential disappointment and possible abandonment of your service or product.


WATI’s WhatsApp app provides multiple advantages of its platform, including notifications, interactive messaging, quick replies, template messages, adding custom attributes to contacts, order confirmations, ticket opening, and more.


But most importantly, the app allows all this to be done by multiple agents. In other words, regardless of how many team members you have, they will all be able to sign in at the same time, interact with the customers in many different ways, as well as collaborate with each other at all times.


WATI App with Template Replies


Your customer support team will be able to reply to messages on-the-go.

WATI platform at a glance

WATI will provide a unified team inbox that allows you and your colleagues to easily collaborate, view and assign chats, as well as directly send messages to every customer and prospect, from multiple different devices. Thanks to the WATI WhatsApp app, this includes not only desktop but mobile devices as well.


The team inbox also supports multimedia exchange with the customers, which includes sending and receiving images, videos, and audio files. In the team inbox, agents can:

  • start/end live chats,
  • send messages,
  • assign tickets to operators,
  • create a list of favorite contacts,
  • change topic name(s),
  • generate quick replies,
  • create custom parameters for contacts,
  • search and filter contacts.

The WATI dashboard will provide you with real-time and detailed statistical information about your KPIs in a granular view and in the form of charts. This will help you tailor and adjust your communication strategies, as well as gain full oversight of your team’s interaction with customers.


Get started with WhatsApp Business now

Do you need an official WhatsApp partner to help you create a WhatsApp Business API account and enable multiple agents to communicate with users on the WhatsApp platform, whenever and wherever they might be? Then look no further, WATI has got you covered with solutions for both desktop and mobile devices.

If you have any questions or concerns about the platform, we’ll be more than happy to talk to you on our website or via WhatsApp (desktop or mobile). Feel free to also take a look at our blog. Should you require any help with the onboarding process for the WhatsApp Business API, this blog post will tell you everything you need to know.

Once you have all the information you require and you’re ready to begin taking full advantage of the WhatsApp Business API, apply for early access here.


WATI is created by Clare.AI, the digital assistant start-up and online tool merging artificial intelligence and machine learning with proprietary natural language processing technology. It designs and deploys award-winning customer communication solutions for clients that include Fortune 500 and multinational enterprises.


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