Can WhatsApp Business Increase Your Conversions and Sales?

Can WhatsApp Business Increase Your Conversions and Sales?

Does WhatsApp increase conversions and sales? If so, what are some actions businesses can take as part of their live chat sales techniques and overall strategy? Here are five live chat statistics on WhatsApp all brands need to be aware of.

Whether you’re running a small business or a large enterprise, one of your business goals is undoubtedly to increase sales and conversions.

Email marketing, content marketing, paid ads, social media… These are just a few of the more traditional methods that form part of many brands’ growth strategies.


But in recent years, a new contender has started to surface as a key sales and marketing channel and tool: WhatsApp. There’s no question that it’s the world’s most popular chat platform. Together with the rise of live chats, the power that WhatsApp has to help scale a business cannot be overlooked.


This then begs the question: Do live chats like WhatsApp really increase sales? And how?


To answer these questions and understand WhatsApp’s effect on a business’s conversions and sales, let’s take a look at five key live chat statistics.


Live Chat Statistics: WhatsApp

1. 2.5 Billion WhatsApp Users

The first and most basic WhatsApp live chat stat to look at pertains to its reach. With 2.5 billion users worldwide, that makes around 32 percent of the global population.


Effectively, what that means is that businesses can potentially reach one-third of everyone walking on this planet through WhatsApp alone.

But realistically speaking, that’s, of course, hardly the case.


Aside from having WhatsApp’s policies to comply with, which impose strict guidelines on businesses sending out unsolicited messages to consumers, simply being on WhatsApp alone doesn’t mean you’re automatically granted that reach.


Plus, businesses will have to provide a solid customer experience by taking advantage of features like WhatsApp’s message templates, ecommerce integrations, and more to encourage customers to engage with them on WhatsApp.


That said, even though it’s highly unlikely for businesses to be able to reach one-third of the globe, this WhatsApp live chat statistic alone is enough to prove its prowess and influence. 


2. WhatsApp Live Chat Conversion Rate

WhatsApp business sales


Customers want to know brands are accessible on WhatsApp. This means that providing customers with the option to communicate live with your business via WhatsApp can do much to increase conversions.

That’s exactly what European private jet operator GlobeAir experienced after integrating the WhatsApp Business API with their company’s Slack channel. 


According to the company, not only did the number of new leads grow by 27 percent, sales for last-minute flights also increased by 20 percent.

And as an added plus, communicating with their customers live on WhatsApp has also allowed GlobeAir to reduce the time needed to process a customer’s message to under one minute – talk about quality customer support!


3. Growth of Live Chat

Live chats are also slowly inching towards becoming the new way for consumers to shop online. A recent survey by Facebook shows that 40 percent of conversational commerce (c-commerce) buyers say they started shopping online because of chats. 


What’s more, over two-thirds of these online shoppers say they are planning on increasing or at least maintaining their expenditure on c-commerce – highlighting the impact of live chat support on sales and conversions.


These live statistics cannot be ignored, not by brands, and especially not by WhatsApp, who will need to adapt to the growing demand for c-commerce. 


As a matter of fact, parent company Facebook has announced it will be offering in-app purchases on WhatsApp, which is one of the many changes it’s planning to introduce to WhatsApp Business.


4. Chat Sales Agent Availability Boosts Sales

Nearly four out of ten (38 percent) consumers say they’re more likely to purchase from a brand that offers live chats as a possible communication channel.


This is no surprise, considering the convenience live chats offer. The quick back-and-fro nature of live chats means customers can get their questions and doubts answered promptly, which can boost conversions and sales.


The key here is to keep your live chat response times and resolution times, two important sales chat metrics, as low as possible.


Because it’s one thing to allow customers to reach you via live chats, but a whole other thing being there for them and attending to their queries promptly. 


5. Live Chat Stats: Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty via whatsapp business


WhatsApp live chats do more than just convert target buyers into new customers. As it turns out, it also does a pretty good job at turning them into repeat customers.


Let’s set aside the well-known fact that it’s about five times cheaper to retain existing customers, and look at some more telling live chat statistics: more than half of consumers say they’re more likely to continue purchasing from a brand that offers live chat support.


The reason for this is exactly the same as what we’ve already mentioned in the previous point.


Being available on the world’s most popular chat app alone already paints your brand as being accessible. Coupled with quality customer support to provide immediate assistance, this boosts your brand image.

Plus, loyal customers bring not only repeat purchases but also referrals. This, in turn, increases brand exposure and almost naturally, more sales and conversions.


Does WhatsApp Increase Conversions and Sales: Summary

So, does WhatsApp increase conversions and sales?

The bottom line is, yes, it does – but it has to be done right.

Just offering the option for customers to reach you via WhatsApp alone won’t do much (if at all) to increase conversions and sales.

It has to be coupled with an enhanced customer experience and quality support to keep buyers happy and satisfied.


The increasing popularity of c-commerce among consumers today also builds the case for companies to start investing in live chat support tools like WhatsApp. 


Live Chat Sales Tips: WhatsApp API

If you’re thinking about jumping on WhatsApp to increase your business’s conversions and sales, the extent to which you’ll be able to do so will depend on whether you’re using the free WhatsApp Business app or the all-encompassing WhatsApp Business API.

The app sure has enough tools to get the job done. However, the WhatsApp Business API comes with more advanced and customizable features that can help increase conversions and sales much more and faster. For more, check out our post on the differences between WhatsApp messenger, the WhatsApp Business app, and the WhatsApp Business API.

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