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WATI is the fastest growing communication platform built on WhatsApp APIs
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3500+ businesses across the world ❤️ WATI

WATI customers have recovered over 1,000,000 USD in abandoned cart revenue in just 2021!

With the WATI Shopify App, you can create an ideal customer experience

Cash on Delivery

Confirm Cash on Delivery (COD) orders using WhatsApp


Get your own customized templates

WhatsApp Chat

Add a WhatsApp Chat Button on your Shopify store


Send order shipment & delivery notifications

Recovery Messages

Send cart abandonment recovery messages, delivery & tracking updates on WhatsApp


Enable 24*7 sales & support with WhatsApp Chatbot & Team Inbox


Send bulk WhatsApp notifications & broadcast personalized marketing campaigns

Analytics &

Easy to track analytics of your account’s performance on the WATI dashboard

Trusted by 3500+ brands across 54 countries

180 million messages sent

With WATI, you can do more with less

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide support on your customer’s favorite app, and improve your CSAT scores.

Personalize Marketing

Give your customers a better experience with personalized offers and messages that build a better rapport and repeat business.

Automate sales & support

Get an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot builder with pre-made ecommerce templates to automate sales & support.

Unify Customer Engagement

Get all your customer-facing teams - Sales, Marketing & Customer success/Support together under the WATI WhatsApp engagement platform.

No Code Implementation

WATI is built to support growing businesses. A quick & simple drag-and-drop approach is all it takes.

Contextual Communication

Loop in an agent when required without losing the context of the conversation.

Native Integrations

Integrate WhatsApp with your CRM, Google Sheets, etc. to ensure that you have a well-rounded customer experience.

3500+ brands across 54 countries trust WATI with their customer experience

Mark O

Growth Specialist at Codegiant

WATI is hands down the best I have seen till date. I am in love with the Flow Builder and I love how fast they ship features that are not only immensely useful, but also very user friendly. Their support is amazing and their training videos on YouTube are super useful.

Dr. Ashish S

Endocrinologist at Dr Ashish's Diabetes, Thyroid & Hormone Clinic, Karnal

Great service from WATI. WATI is a great way of reaching those who matter to you. It's easy; template approval is quick, and inbox management with the business team is seamless.

Tanul T.

Head of Growth at PixelMath

We're sending automated notifications to customers. With these automation we don't have to manually send notifications to the users. WATI is super easy to use and integrate with existing flows.

Manuel S


We started to use WATI a few weeks ago, and today my customers are so thankful because our support team can help them very fast! The User interface is really productive and intuitive, the iOS/Android App works perfectly!


Technology Consultant

WATI allows us to have multiple agents to respond large influx of queries in real time. We are able to desing automated flows, provide key-word detection led flows and automate several tasks saving manual efforts.

Michael Lyons

Founder at SearchinTT

I love the Template messages, Broadcast & Automation tools in WATI. Our customer satisfaction is higher because communications are now scalable.

Murad M

Head Of Ecommerce at

Simple and direct to use without contacting Support hassle, Creating Template massages are Directly done through web app and no need to contact any one

Maciej G

Co-founder & Marketing Director at Bowaba

WATI is the most advanced, yet user friendly whatsapp business CRM solution out there! I really like Broadcasting, flow builder& their mobile app.I can assign multiple agents to manage whatsapp conversations.

Paurush M

Founder at NuToM

WATI is Cost Effective, with all major features and supportive team, the best Whatsapp API Solution Provider. Automation Chabot Feature- We love this. We recently conducted registrations where ~2000 students registered themselves automatically.

Frequently asked questions

Why is abandoned cart recovery important?
Customers often browse through ecommerce websites but leave without placing an order. This is referred to as an “abandoned cart.” Businesses can reach out to these customers and urge them to consider making a purchase. With abandoned cart recovery, ecommerce businesses can automatically send WhatsApp reminders to customers who add products to their cart and leave without completing an order.
How does WhatsApp help in abandoned cart recovery?
WhatsApp Business API allows you to automatically send automated reminders to customers who add products to their cart and leave without completing an order. These messages can include a clickable link, the button that takes them to the purchase or checkout page. You can also include special discounts or offers in these automated WhatsApp notifications.
What is the COD feature?
If you have set up Cash on Delivery in your Shopify Store; you can enable this feature so that you can send a WhatsApp notification asking your customers to confirm or cancel their order, as to reduce any fraudulent orders.
How To Setup WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery?
You can use WATI’s cart recovery plugin for Woocommerce & WordPress. This plugin helps you automatically send cart & purchase reminders to your customers’ WhatsApp numbers. The WooCommerce plugin captures the phone number entered at the checkout page and saves the cart as it is. It then uses that number entered to send WhatsApp Abandoned Cart Recovery message templates as required.
How to use WhatsApp for Shopify abandoned cart recovery?
You can send personalized cart reminders on WhatsApp directly from Shopify. WATI’s Shopify Cart Recovery Plugin captures the phone number entered at the checkout page and saves the cart as it is. It then uses that number entered to send WhatsApp Abandoned Cart Recovery message templates as required.

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