WATI Featured by Join.chat – Top WooCommerce Plugin for WhatsApp

WATI Featured by Join.chat - Top WooCommerce Plugin for WhatsApp

What could be better than one great platform? TWO great platforms working together! This is exactly what the newest collaboration is bringing to the table. Namely, WATI, the ultimate partner and WhatsApp web CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for businesses, has partnered with Join.chat, the top WooCommerce WordPress plugin for WhatsApp, to provide an even better service to businesses everywhere that want to use the most popular messaging platform in the world to spread their word and communicate with customers and prospects.

What is Join.chat?

Join.chat is a popular WordPress plugin that integrates with WhatsApp Business API and which has so far helped over 200,000 businesses around the world attract users and convert them into customers.

It allows businesses to place a WhatsApp chat button to their websites, defining in which pages or zones it would appear, the delay time, whether it will show up only on mobile phones or on desktops as well. 

Businesses can add their own logo, profile picture, or even an animated gif to this button. There’s also an option to define a tooltip for getting your users’ attention and more. Additionally, you can change the settings for every post, page, item, or CPT (Custom Post Type), modify display options, you name it – the possibilities are endless and depend only on your creativity.

Thanks to Join.chat’s easy configuration, anyone can implement it and start chatting in no time – less than two minutes, to be precise. You only need to think of and configure a good CTA (Call to Action) to catch your users’ attention, define the action button, and choose your corporate color and/or introduce the dark mode, if you wish. After that, users will be able to enter your WhatsApp chat window and it is up to you to turn them into customers.

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The plugin integrates with Woocommerce, allowing you to define CTAs and custom messages for product pages, using dynamic variables like {SKU}, {PRICE}, or {PRODUCT}. It allows you to analyze the conversion data in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, or customize different languages. You can also have the chat window detect the users’ dark mode configuration and fully customize the plugin with numerous filters and actions that extend its functionality or change its behavior.

WATI can now be integrated into Join.chat

In addition to all these perks and awesome features, Join.chat can now also integrate with WATI. This way, these two great platforms can now combine their advantages to work together and achieve better results for their business users. By integrating WATI and Join.chat into your business, you can dramatically speed up, automate, and customize interactions with your customers and increase brand recognition.

WATI enables your customer support team members to reply to customers quickly through its platform’s Team Inbox using a single WhatsApp number. In this manner, multiple agents can sign in to the dashboard from different devices at the same time and send messages (including multimedia). WATI even provides an app that moves this communication wherever the agent may be, allowing them to interact with customers and prospects on-the-go.

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In addition, the WATI platform’s dashboard allows agents to collaborate, assign chats, broadcast messages, as well as automate conversations using the WhatsApp bot. The latter is exceptionally useful when no agents are available for chat or when you simply want to speed up the most common interactions. On top of this, WATI gathers actionable insights on the effectiveness of your team’s communication strategies.

 It will present them in a practical, granular form, allowing you to optimize these strategies accordingly.

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Join.chat, on the other hand, automates notifications and provides support through a CRM platform (like WATI) with the official WhatsApp Business API. It will also allow you to establish your brand’s appearance on WhatsApp while WATI as a business service provider (BSP) will help you create and manage an official WhatsApp Business account, verifying your business with the messaging giant, linking it up with the WhatsApp Business API, and conveying a professional image to your clients and prospects.

How to get started with WATI

To start utilizing what all these platforms – WhatsApp, WATI, and Join.chat – can offer you, first you’ll need to submit a Business Verification Form. To do this, you’ll need to:

  1. Create a Business Manager account. For this, you’ll need to have a Facebook profile which you’ll use to sign into Business Manager. Just enter yours and your business’ names, work email address, and your business details. You cannot have more than two Business Manager accounts at the same time.
  2. Send your Business Manager ID to WATI via email so it can create your WhatsApp Business account. You can find this information in your Business Settings → Business Info, under Business Manager Account Name.
  3. Confirm WATI’s “messaging on behalf of” request. This request can be found in your Business Manager Settings → Requests → Received. Click Approve.

The next step is to apply for WhatsApp Verification. To do this:

  1. Go to your Business Manager account.
  2. Navigate to Business Settings → Security Center.
  3. Under Verification, click Start Verification. Note: this will be grayed out until you approve the “messaging on behalf of” request from WATI.
  4. Enter your business details and click Next.
  5. Choose your business category from the list or ‘None of these match’ if it’s not on the list.
  6. Confirm your business details, select your country, and enter your business’ phone number.
  7. You will receive the 6-digit verification code via text or call on your business phone number or by email.
  8. Submit the verification code.

It will take around one to three weeks for all the checks to be carried out. Once this is done, your business will receive the official approval. After that, WATI will be able to download the name certificate and register the phone number for you. Then, it will proceed with sending the first message on your behalf.

Start benefiting from WATI and Join.chat integration today

Ready to see for yourself what the collaboration between WATI and Join.chat can do for your business? Then feel free to sign up for early access to our platform by filling up a simple form here. If you have any questions about the platform, don’t be afraid to contact us. We’d love to hear from you! You can also familiarize yourself with the platform through our blog.

WATI is the product of Clare.AI, the AI digital assistant start-up and online tool combining machine learning and proprietary natural language processing technology to create leading customer communication experiences. Clare.AI is already trusted by multinational enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, including Cigna, Birdie, AXA, AIG, Bupa, and others.

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