• Template Message Fee varies by country. Read more here
  • Template Message Fee is always over and above the regular monthly fee
  • WhatsApp Numbers once onboarded with WhatsApp APIs are non-transferable
  • To know about the “PRO Plan”, please read here

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp API Pricing - Frequently Asked Questions, Message Fees, etc.

Green Tick (Official WhatsApp Account) is a separate process and only highly reputed businesses are provided Green Tick Badge on WhatsApp. WATI charges USD 50 for Green Tick Application for your Business. In case of rejection of Green Tick, the application fee is not refunded. A business can continue to use WhatsApp Business APIs even without having a green tick.

When a customer initiates a message with a business, the business can reply anything within 24 hours. All outgoing messages from businesses during these 24 hours are customer support messages.

When customer does not initiated a message, businesses can only send template-approved messages. These messages can be order update messages, shipping update messages, appointment reminders, etc. Template Message Fees vary by country. All template messages must be pre-approved.

WATI CRM is built on WhatsApp APIs and is a plug-and-play software designed for multiple agent customer support. It does not require any technical integration effort. WhatsApp API Gateway provides full access to WhatsApp APIs and is useful for anyone who wants to build their own custom solution using WhatsApp APIs.

No. There is no fee for incoming messages

No. There is no setup fee. But, the setup time is counted towards subscription

In WATI, you get a free limit for customer support messages. After free limit, you will be charged $0.005/message. In WhatsApp API Gateway, you will be charged $0.001/message.

Yes. You can switch anytime

Yes. You can cancel anytime. But, the number registered with API is non-transferable and cannot be used on any WhatsApp product again.

Once onboarded with WhatsApp Business APIs, you cannot switch the same number to any other WhatsApp apps.

WhatsApp API does not allow sending promotional or marketing messages. You can use the API to send transactional messages. For example, shipping updates, payment reminders, appointment updates, etc.

WATI CRM has a no-code chatbot builder that allows you to create keyword based chatbots in a few minutes. This chatbot has some advanced features such as webhooks, assign to agent, update contact attributes, send template messages, etc. These advanced features are a part of an add-on that is charged at $49/month However, if you're looking for more advanced chatbots, we recommend you to use the WhatsApp API Gateway.

By default, your WATI account will be hosted under a url such as live-xx.wati.io. With custom domain, you can have your own subdomain, such your-brandname.wati.io