5 Benefits of WhatsApp List Messages for Your Business

5 Benefits of WhatsApp List Messages for Your Business

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Released in mid-2021, WhatsApp list messages have proven to be extremely popular and effective for seamless brand communication. Here’s a breakdown of what WhatsApp list messages are and how businesses can benefit from using them.

With each and every new feature on WhatsApp Business, the company is clearly revolutionizing the way brands communicate and do business with their customers.


One clear example of this is their introduction of the WhatsApp list messages feature earlier this year for its business users, which has made it much easier for customers to send a WhatsApp reply.


If you haven’t already started taking advantage of it, the time to start is now.


In this post, we’ll talk about what they are and how they can help your business foster more effective and efficient interactions with your customers.


Let’s get straight to it. 


What Are WhatsApp List Messages?


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First things first, we have to understand just what WhatsApp list messages are. 


WhatsApp list messages are essentially a type of WhatsApp Business interactive message – i.e. WhatsApp messages with an interactive element to encourage responses and engagement that can be sent via WhatsApp Business.


Other forms of interactive messages on WhatsApp include reply buttons, single product messages, and multi-product messages. That said, we will only be talking about the list messages today.


WhatsApp list messages, in parent company Facebook’s own words, are:

Messages include a menu of up to 10 options. This type of message offers a simpler and more consistent way for users to make a selection when interacting with a business.


In other words, WhatsApp list messages are a great way to offer your clients an overview of their options. For instance, they can be used to offer alternatives for:

  • Delivery times (for last-mile logistics companies)
  • Appointments (for any business requiring appointments: clinics, hairdressers, etc.)
  • Food menus (for restaurants)
  • Store locations (for businesses with several outlets)
  • etc.

These menu options will, of course, vary according to the nature of your business and product.


Here’s an example of what a WhatsApp list message sent from a business might look like:


WhatsApp List Message

Note: Contrary to popular belief, WhatsApp list messages are not considered to be what WhatsApp calls “template messages.” This means that these messages do not need to be pre-approved by WhatsApp and nor do they require templates.


Now that we know what WhatsApp list messages are and what they look like, let’s look at how your business can benefit from them.


5 Reasons You Should Use WhatsApp List Messages

1. They Offer New WhatsApp Reply Options And Boost Communication Efficiency

WhatsApp list messages are huge time-savers – not only for your agents but also for your customers. 


Without them, your agents would have to create entire text messages, which can be time-consuming.


But thanks to WhatsApp list messages, all your agents need to do is key in their options into the menu, and hit send. 


And at the receiving end of them, your customers are presented with new WhatsApp reply options. Instead of needing to scan through an entire message to figure out what you’re asking of them and then type in their own text-based response to you, all it takes is two easy taps to respond.


As an added plus, depending on how you’re using them, WhatsApp list messages can also be automated to save your agents even more time.


2. They’re Easier to Understand

When writing a regular text message, we tend to be more inclined to do so with full, complete sentences. Not only is this extremely wordy, but the walls of text can also hinder comprehension.


But given the nature of WhatsApp list messages and their options menu, businesses are forced to truncate their sentences into fewer words.


This means short, succinct, and direct.


What this does is make your message a lot more comprehensible. Instead of having to plow through the entire sentence/text to understand what you’re asking of them, your customers are presented with their options, laid out in an easy-to-understand list format.


This, in turn, makes it easier for them to understand and choose what it is that they want from you.


Plus, during Facebook’s testing phase of WhatsApp list messages, they found that recipients had “higher comprehension levels” when interacting and engaging with them.


3. They Can Be Combined With Other Interactive Messages

Another benefit of WhatsApp list messages is that they can be used together with other interactive messages (reply buttons, single product messages, or multi-product messages).


Think of this as a double-, triple-, or even quadruple-whammy of seamless interaction and increased efficiency.


The possibility to combine them allows your business to create message flows that significantly reduce the time your customers need to send a WhatsApp reply.


As an added plus, because the options on these messages are pre-filled, the specific responses recipients provide help your agents provide better guidance for your customers and aid their customer journey.


4. They Achieve Higher Response Rates And Conversions


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This next benefit is essentially an organic outcome of the above-mentioned advantages.


Because they’re convenient, time-saving, and more comprehensible, it should come as no surprise that WhatsApp list messages tend to help businesses achieve higher response rates and conversions from customers.


With less time required to engage and clear and coherent options presented to them, all it takes for message recipients to respond is a couple of taps instead of having to type out an entire text-based message.


5. They Offer Better Customer Experience

The possibility to customize WhatsApp list messages means your brand is able to cater each and every single message to a specific customer.

Options featured in the menu can be personalized according to your customers’ wants, needs, interests, and situations, which ultimately creates a positive customer experience on WhatsApp.


For instance, if you’re trying to set up a parcel delivery and you know, from past conversations with your customer, that he/she isn’t home in the mornings, your menu options on your WhatsApp list message can be personalized such that they include only afternoon and evening delivery time slots.


Sending WhatsApp List Messages on the API

Keen to start sending WhatsApp list messages and get that interaction going? There’s one last thing you need to know.


Because of the heavy coding nature required to build them, WhatsApp list messages are currently only available on the WhatsApp Business API.

Unfortunately, if you’re using the free WhatsApp Business app, you will not have access to this feature. 


That said, WATI is an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP) and can help you both get access to WhatsApp’s API and set up your WhatsApp list messages.


If you’re interested, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to have a chat. BOOK A DEMO Here.

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