Engage Leads 10x faster with Zoho CRM WhatsApp Integration

Send WhatsApp messages and engage better with two-way conversations
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WhatsApp's Official API

Shared Team Inbox

Broadcast Bulk Messages

Communicate Smarter & Skyrocket Revenue

Turbocharge your outreach

WhatsApp has been found to have over 90% open rates, which is much higher than emails or SMS. Turbocharge your outreach with the channel that your prospects/customers prefer.
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WhatsApp Message directly from Zoho

Trigger WhatsApp Messages from Zoho to your Leads or Contacts. Choose from pre-approved templates before sending messages
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More touchpoints = bigger pipeline

Integrate with Workflows to send Notifications automatically at different stages of the pipeline. Convert your leads into customers and customers into happy customers.
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Time-saving features that drive revenue

Trigger Messages

Add a “Send WhatsApp” button on your Leads/Contacts Pages to send Notifications.

Workflow Integration

Integrate WhatsApp Messaging with Zoho Workflows to send automatic messages.

No-Code Integration

Integrate Seamlessly with the WATI Team Inbox, No Code Chatbot Builder.

Shared Team Inbox

Allow Multiple Agents to handle customer enquiries, use quick replies and do more.

No Code Chatbot Builder

Build a WhatsApp Chatbot within minutes using our No Code Chatbot Builder.

Broadcast Notifications

Send bulk messages on WhatsApp using our Broadcast Manager and grow your sales/revenue.

Monitor Message Reads

Check when messages are read or being replied to on the WATI Dashboard.

Official WhatsApp API

Get WhatsApp’s Official API with near-zero risk of being banned and chance to get a verified green badge.


Have a clear picture of how reps are performing and make smart, data-driven decisions.
“Magic like efficiency awaits”

Our Customers Love Us

Hands down, one of the best integrations I have ever seen.

I am extremely satisfied with WATI. It’s an easy to use product and with a fantastic service. Video Tutorials and Client Service are great

Sylvia Klopper

Founder & MD at CareChamp

Triple your calls in the same amount of time – amazing app

It’s an easy to use and to implement software, with a great team behind it. If this is not enough for you, I must say that keywords is a must have tool for your team. Great idea, great execution, great time saving.

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Philippe Silveira

Co -founder, Becon in Brazil

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up the Zoho CRM integration with WATI?

You need to get a WATI Account with WhatsApp API Approval. Once you get your WATI account, you need to copy the configuration settings into our Zoho Plugin and you’re ready to start. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

How do I send messages from the Zoho CRM?

“Send WhatsApp Message” buttons will be available on Leads/Contact/Deals pages on details and list page. You can click on this button and then send a WhatsApp Template Message.

How does WATI work?

WATI is a Customer Support & Sales Engagement Platform built on top of WhatsApp’s Official Business APIs. We’re WhatsApp’s Official API Partner.

How long does WATI Setup take?

WATI Setup depends on getting WhatsApp API Approval. You can get started with a sandbox account within 30 minutes of making payment.

However, if you need full access, you need to have a verified Facebook Business Manager (typically takes upto a week). If your Facebook Business is verified, we take care of getting you full access to WhatsApp API.

Can I manage two-way conversations?

Yes. When your leads/contacts reply to a message on WhatsApp, the messages can be viewed on the WATI Dashboard. Your agents can login to WATI and reply to your incoming messages. You can also build a chatbot to reply to customer enquiries.

Can I try WATI for free?

You can try the free trial account with a shared number to see how it works. However, if you want to communicate with your customers/leads with your own number, you need a paid account.

About Us

Recognised by brands across 54 countries

We’ve raised $10 millions in the last 6 months. We can’t thank our team, our investors and our customers enough for having our back through this journey. WATI is now a 41-member team. We are very excited to use these funds to expand our team and to add our product integration suite. We are looking to increase our presence in Latin America as well
“Magic like efficiency awaits”