Backup WhatsApp Chats by Wati

Back up all WhatsApp
Business API messages

Export and download to keep a complete record
of all contact communications.


Export, download and restore your
WhatsApp conversations

  • Broadcast Communication

    Backup Chats

    Backup every chat so that you have a copy of every conversation.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Flexible Data Options

    Download as CSVs with options to choose columns and delimiters.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Download Media

    Included is the option to download embedded media attached to each chat.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Audit Trail

    Practice good governance by keeping an audit trail of WhatsApp business communications.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Complete Record

    Get a complete record of all chats to help with queries, dispute resolution and more.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Restore to Team Inbox

    Restore previous chats and entire conversations to your Team Inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

questionWhat is the Wati-WhatsApp Chat Backup feature?

The Wati-WhatsApp Chat Backup feature allows businesses to securely store and manage their WhatsApp chat history, ensuring valuable customer data and interactions are preserved and accessible.

question Can I retrieve and search for specific messages within the chat backup?

Yes, the Wati-WhatsApp Chat Backup provides a user-friendly interface for searching and filtering messages, enabling you to quickly locate specific conversations or information.

questionHow secure is the Wati-WhatsApp Chat Backup?

The chat backup is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring the privacy and protection of your customer data and conversations.

questionCan I export or download my WhatsApp chat history using the Wati-WhatsApp Chat Backup feature?

Yes, the chat backup feature allows you to export and download your chat history in various formats, making it convenient for data analysis, reporting, or archiving purposes.

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