Success story: How WATI helped Zellbury upgrade its customer support

Success story: How WATI helped Zellbury upgrade its customer support

We wanted to have an open-line communication with our customers, using Business WhatsApp API & WATI’s solution we were able to achieve that. Every brand envisions to provide exceptional customer experience, WATI’s quick implementation has helped us achieve this Vision because Vision without execution is merely a hallucination. ~ Syed Waqas Pervez, Head of Ecommerce & Customer Care Zellbury.

The list of our satisfied partners keeps growing and we’ve recently had the pleasure to welcome Zellbury, an innovative Retail Fashion Brand from Pakistan, into the fold.

Established in 2016, Zellbury specializes in selling retail fashion at reasonable prices all-year-round and has a presence in 36 cities in Pakistan, in addition to an online store catering to both domestic and international clientele.

The company officially launched its WhatsApp Business API support in June 2020, announcing the launch on its website, Facebook page, and in its newsletter. It was introduced in an effort to increase awareness of the brand among its customers, showcase the offering, facilitate the purchase process, and provide access to customer care.

Zellbury is a popular retail store that offers affordable clothing all-year-round


Before WATI

As their business grew and their website started to receive from 350,000 to 500,000 visits per month, the guys and gals at Zellbury faced a considerable problem. They just couldn’t keep up with the large demand for communication coming from all of their customers and prospects. In other words, they found themselves unable to handle all this communication in an organized and timely fashion.

Specifically, they were forced to juggle as many as 100-150 whatsapp chats per day using one phone number and having only two customer support agents (one on the web WhatsApp and one on a smartphone) available.

Zellbury used a variety of platforms, including personal and business WhatsApp app, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google Business, CallBell, and Hubspot, but with limited success as certain problems persisted. These problems included:

  • missing multiple agent login capacity,
  • lack of automated replies,
  • no personalization options,
  • absence of reporting and chat tracking,
  • mobile device having to be connected to the Internet at all times,
  • incoming calls from customers disrupting WhatsApp web connectivity, and more.

Looking for a solution, the company tried a myriad of different chat apps and communication methods, but it just couldn’t find the right match. While some of them could address certain pain points, many of those platforms had issues like not being designed to retain customer chat history once the session was closed and the only way to reach the customer back was via email.

While email was one idea, many of the buyers were in the demographics group that had its first contact with a personal computer in the form of a smartphone. In other words, most of them haven’t been used to email as a method of communication, to begin with, and certainly not as their preferred one in the age of social media and chat apps.

Speaking of which, Facebook Messenger was a decent enough option, but unfortunately, it wasn’t as popular in the region as opposed to WhatsApp and it often encountered problems with poor speed. This meant the majority of communication would have to take place through the latter instead. However, regular WhatsApp apps still wouldn’t cut it due to the above-mentioned problems.

After WATI

Following many trial and error situations, Zellbury partnered up with us to connect them with WhatsApp Business API. This helped the team improve and streamline their customer service operations in a multitude of ways. In particular, the company found our platform, quote: “amazingly efficient” and the deployment of fuzzy logic on automated replies a “game-changer”.

Not only was WATI very straightforward and easy for the entire team to understand and use, but it also helped the company overcome the challenges it had before and gain some new features, including:

  • multiple agents being able to use the platform at the same time,

  • automated replies via chatbot,

  • loads of personalization options,

  • simple and efficient dashboard reporting and analytics,

  • no need for a smartphone to be connected to the Internet at all times (especially important since Zellbury provides 24/7 customer support),

  • option to tag chats to understand the nature and issues at hand (in turn helping the company address matters such as product availability, as well as automate replies to queries related to order status, store locations, and so on).

All these advantages in turn helped Zellbury accomplish goals that seemed unreachable before applying WATI and its WhatsApp Business API.

Elimination of chat abandonment rates

|The company especially emphasized the usefulness of the automated reply feature and the deployment of fuzzy logic in particular, which helped it automate responses to general queries and allow agents to dedicate themselves to other types of messages.

As a matter of fact, the percentage of queries resolved by a bot in the period of 30 days was as high as 10-12%. This meant that no messages were left unanswered and that Zellbury’s chat abandon rate dropped to 0% after implementing WhatsApp Business API.

Improved speed and efficiency

WATI also helped Zellbury’s customer service improve workflow and productivity thanks primarily to the automated reply capability. Specifically, communication via chat has increased three-fold and the response times are now reportedly faster than ever.

The WhatsApp support is now available to customers during all checkout steps and they can even ask the customer support to place an order on their behalf. In fact, Zellbury recorded 8% of all sales carried out via WhatsApp after the implementation of its API.

Thanks to this implementation, many of the company’s customer service staff were converted to Customer Success Managers, specializing in making sure a customer converts. After it introduced WhatsApp Business API, Zellbury trained seven agents to work on it and the company recorded a 75% increase in the number of chats per agent.

Further outreach

Thanks to WhatsApp’s popularity among Zellbury’s target audience (as opposed to other messaging platforms), introducing WhatsApp Business API via WATI meant that this retail company could now spread its influence and reach more people. It now receives more than 8,000 chats during the peak season and over 250 in the off-peak season.

Keeping up with the increased volume of customer interactions

After introducing WATI into its operations, the company also reported increased customer satisfaction, with a survey citing an 87% customer satisfaction rate. Customer satisfaction has especially come into the limelight due to the Covid-19 pandemic which increased the scale of online ordering and with it, the number of customer queries, putting a lot of burden on the support team.

Within the first three months after the launch of the WhatsApp Business API via WATI, Zellbury served as many as 19,400 customers via its messaging platform, 15,160 customers via WhatsApp. Approximately 78% of all conversations were carried out through WhatsApp, as compared to other forms of communication.

Continuing work even in the most extreme situations

Many agents were previously unable to use the web WhatsApp when working from home because the local information portal was configured on the local intranet and therefore inaccessible in agents’ homes. Thanks to WATI, the force majeure situations are no longer a problem as the agents can now be available 24/7 without the need to even connect to the Internet.

Our friends at Zellbury described one especially positive experience with WATI that helped the company’s customer support operations remain unimpeded even in the most extreme circumstances. Specifically, the city where Zellbury is headquartered suffered one of the worst floods in its modern history so its employees couldn’t get to work.

Luckily, they had the WATI platform and WhatsApp API in place, which meant the customer support agents were able to log in using the app and gain access to its quick reply feature and settings.

Let us help you improve your customer support

Thanks to our implementation of WhatsApp Business API, Zellbury fulfilled its customer communication goals and brought its customer care to a whole new level, which reflected massively on its entire operation.

If you’re ready to become our next success story and bring your customer support to the top level, then apply for your very own WhatsApp Business API. Not sure yet if our platform is the right fit for your business? No worries. Just sign up for a free trial to take our platform for a spin and see if it’s meant to be. We’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

WATI is the product of
Clare.AI, the AI digital assistant start-up and online tool combining machine learning and proprietary natural language processing technology to create leading customer communication experiences.

Clare.AI is already trusted by multinational enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, including PolyU University HK, Cigna, SPCC Online, Birdie, AXA, AIG, Bupa, Tatayab, Fly Taxi HK,
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