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WATI is a product by Clare.AI

(Official Global Business Partner for WhatsApp Business APIs)


We power 500+ global clients that serve millions of customers. Our products have been used by some of the biggest brands worldwide.


Our Case Studies with our clients have been featured by WhatsApp on their Official Blog for WhatsApp API


We run the largest and most thriving 'WhatsApp Business API' community on Facebook with 5k+ active members


We're recognised as one of the Top Customer Support Platforms running on WhatsApp by Capterra, ProductHunt.

Our story


Clare.AI was founded by ex-bankers Bianca Ho and Ken Yeung in 2016 to provide clarity in communication, thus the name Clare.


Clare.AI specialises in AI digital assistants that empower enterprises to conduct natural, reliable, and personalized customer communication at scale.Thanks to its proprietary Natural Language Processing engines and its comprehensive AI technologies, the company’s digital assistants support 11 Asian languages including Cantonese.  The solutions can be deployed on-premise and cross platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat, and are perfect for the growing needs of omni-channel customer support. As a case study, a financial institution attained an eight-fold increase in customer engagement with Clare.AI’s chatbot that now handles 80% of customer enquiries automatically.


Clare.AI also has an enterprise admin panel for companies to manage their knowledge with ease.


WATI was started with a vision to help brands improve customer support via WhatsApp. WATI is one of the top Customer Support Tools that is built on WhatsApp Business APIs.


Currently, WATI offerings are unique and we take pride in solving problems of 500+ businesses worldwide. Our clients are in different industries that include e-commerce, finance, technology, travel and more.


Clients have been able to achieve some amazing results such as zero abandonment rate of customer support chats, improve lead generation. We also allow brands to create a WhatsApp chatbot without coding using our Automation Feature.


We also offer WhatsApp API Gateway that allows developers to build more advanced chatbots integrated to their system.

Recognition & Awards

Global Clients

WATI by Clare.ai - No-code chatbot builder for WhatsApp Business | Product Hunt Embed      WATI was featured by ProductHunt and is still among the most loved Products by the PH Community.

Recognised by WhatsApp

The global health service leader used a WhatsApp-powered virtual assistant to significantly improve customer service, achieving a 3X faster response time for customer enquiries.


Featured by Join.Chat

WATI was featured as a preferred partner for Join.Chat – A Top WordPress Plugin for WhatsApp being used by over 500k businesses

Case Study

Customer Success

How WATI helped Zellbury Team elevate their Customer Experience

Case Study

Customer Success

WATI is a trusted service provider for Pretty Eyes Laboratory to help them run their customer support on WhatsApp.


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