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WhatsApp顧客服務科技 助醫療機構提升...

在新冠肺炎的推使下,業務網絡化成為大趨勢,越來越多企業和商戶把顧客服務移師至WhatsApp,醫療機構更是先行者。元朗眼科中心集團選用 WhatsApp 與客戶/病人保持溝通後,大幅提升營運及與病人溝通效率 早在新冠肺炎在年初爆發之前,業務網絡化已是一個全球營商的大趨勢。除了傳統的客戶服務電郵、網站、Facebook和電話熱線之外,越來越多機構以即時訊息與客戶直接溝通。另邊廂,越來越多人希望以平日最常使用的應用程式得到即時回覆,而且可以有通訊記錄,方便雙方跟進

【新冠肺炎】 PolyU HKCC 放榜日只設網...

新冠肺炎第三波疫情嚴峻,城中所有重要活動紛紛另謀對策,當中包括應屆DSE考⽣最關注的自資專上院校副學士及高級文憑課程放榜日報名安排。理⼤香港專上學院(PolyU HKCC)為儘快解答入學查詢,決定選⽤WhatsApp 官⽅夥伴的客服 CRM 系統 WATI,即時⾃動解答申請人的問題。

WhatsApp Messenger,WhatsApp Business App和 What...

WhatsApp Messenger,WhatsApp Business App和 WhatsApp API 之間的區別

Difference between WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Bu...

Difference between WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business App, and Business API WhatsApp is a popular, reliable, and secure cross-platform communication service that prides itself with over two billion monthly active users across the world. All these users have picked its apps as the go-to method for interacting with their friends, family, colleagues, and customers.  It isn’t

Migration of WhatsApp Business Number to WhatsApp ...

Migration of WhatsApp Business Number to WhatsApp Business API Lots of businesses are using WhatsApp’s Business platform to help them communicate with their customers because it facilitates easy and fast interaction and gives them access to a large audience of WhatsApp users. The smaller and local businesses start with the basic, regular WhatsApp Business account

WATI Featured by – Top WooCommerce...

What could be better than one great platform? TWO great platforms working together! This is exactly what the newest collaboration is bringing to the table. Namely, WATI, the ultimate partner and WhatsApp web CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for businesses, has partnered with, the top WooCommerce WordPress plugin for WhatsApp, to provide an even

WhatsApp Business Use Cases for Ecommerce

WhatsApp has been recognized as one of the leading messaging platforms in the world, thanks to its simplicity, efficiency, and handy conversation tools at its users’ disposal. These traits have led to a rising interest from businesses as well, which is why the company has created its Business platform.  The platform comes in two forms:


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