How Zellbury achieved an 87% satisfaction rate on customer support with WATI



Zellbury is an innovative retail fashion brand from Pakistan.
The brand specializes in selling retail fashion at reasonable prices all-year-round and has a presence in 36 cities in Pakistan, in addition to an online store catering to both domestic and international clientele.
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Of all sales carried
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Zellbury’s GOAL

Provide support communication in an organized and timely fashion

For this, the brand tried a myriad of different chat apps and communication methods, but it just couldn’t find the right match. While some of them could address certain pain points, many of those platforms had issues like not being designed to retain customer chat history once the session was closed and the only way to reach the customer back was via email.

The brand also wanted to keep up with the large demand for communication coming from all of their customers and prospects.


Syed Waqas Pervez

Head of Ecommerce & Customer Care, Zellbury.

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We wanted to have an open-line communication with our customers, using Business WhatsApp API & WATI’s solution we were able to achieve that. Every brand envisions providing exceptional customer experience, WATI’s quick implementation has helped us achieve this Vision because Vision without execution is merely a hallucination.”

The solution using WATI

Zellbury signed up with WATI to connect them with WhatsApp Business API. This helped the team improve and streamline their customer service operations in a multitude of ways. In particular, the company found our platform, quote: “amazingly efficient” and the deployment of fuzzy logic on automated replies a “game-changer”.

Not only was WATI straightforward for the entire team to understand and use, but it also helped the company overcome the challenges it had before and gain some new features, including multiple agents being able to use the platform at the same time, automated replies via chatbot, simple and efficient dashboard reporting and analytics, no need for a smartphone to be connected to the Internet at all times (especially important since Zellbury provides 24/7 customer support).

multiple agents being able to use the platform at the same time

automated replies via chatbot

simple and efficient dashboard reporting and analytics

no need for a smartphone to be connected to the Internet at all times

All these advantages, in turn, helped Zellbury accomplish goals that seemed unreachable before applying WATI.

Zellburry’s Success


Chat abandonment rate


satisfaction rate


of all sales carried out via WhatsApp


of all conversations were
carried out through WhatsApp


increase in the number of
chats per agent

Be where your customers are

WATI is a comprehensive customer communication platform for WhatsApp. An official WhatsApp API partner, WATI enables sales, customer support and marketing teams to use a single platform to send bulk messages, broadcasts, template messages, build chatbots with a no-code builder and manage customer queries with a single team inbox.

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