Send WhatsApp Message from Integromat

Send WhatsApp Message from Integromat

Every business requires automation and there is no doubt that Zapier is among a really popular business process automation platforms.


Integromat is also a really powerful automation tool that allows no-code integration between apps. It is a much more affordable yet user-friendly alternative to Zapier. It is really easy to send WhatsApp Message from Integromat using this step by step guide.


In an earlier blog, we have spoken about sending a WhatsApp Message from Zapier. In this article, we talk about how you can send WhatsApp Message from Integromat.


Integromat does not have a native app to send WhatsApp Messages, however it can invoke HTTPS requests. WhatsApp API endpoints are really easy to use and can be integrated with Integromat within minutes.



  1. Integromat Account (Free account works too)
  2. Endpoints to send WhatsApp Message

Note: You must be approved to use WhatsApp Business API and you can apply for the same through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider such as


Step 1: On the Integromat Dashboard, click on “Create a new scenario”

image 1


Step 2: On the services to integrate choose “HTTPS”

Also, add the other services that you want to use as “Trigger”. For example, Google Sheet/ActiveCampaign, etc.


image 3


Step 3: Define your trigger condition. Example, “Watch a new row on Google Sheet”.

You can create any trigger based on your needs. It could be “When a form is filled on website”, “When a new event occurs on a Calendar”.


image 4


Step 4: Add another module “HTTP”

image 5


Step 5: Choose the option “Make a request”

image 6


Step 6: Add the below details



Note: This shall be available under “API Docs” on the WATI Portal

Method: POST

Name: Authorization
Value: {{Bearer-Token}}
Note: This shall be available under “API Docs” on the WATI Portal

Body Type: Raw

Content Type: JSON (application/json)

image 7

Request Content:

"template_name": "appointment_reminder",
"broadcast_name": "appointment_reminder",
"parameters": "[{'name':'name','value':'John'}]"


Note: The above shall change based on your needs. You can pass your own approve template_name and parameters for the template.


Step 7: Click on ‘Run Once’ to test it

image 8


The message shall be triggered on WhatsApp.


image 9


WhatsApp Message triggered from Integromat

How to apply for WhatsApp Business API?

To apply for WhatsApp Business API, you need the below details:

  1. Verified Facebook Business Manager ID
    (a) Don’t have a Facebook Business Manager?  Create Now
    (b) Facebook Business Manager not verified?  Verify Now
  2. Phone Number
    (a) Phone number must not have an active WhatsApp account
    (b) Want to delete the WhatsApp account with the number?  Learn how to delete
  3. Display Name
    (a) Display Name must have a clear relation with the business.
    (b) Display Name must adhere to WhatsApp Display Name Guidelines.  Read Guidelines

To apply for WhatsApp APIs, you can use this link

The approval time is normally about 2-5 days.

Other Possible Integrations

WATI for WhatsApp Business API can also be integrated easily with other third party softwares such as Hubspot, Zoho, Zoho Flow, Google Sheet (using App Script), Zendesk. If you’re interested in know more about these, feel free to let us know.


If you have any questions, reach us on [email protected]

WhatsApp API can only be obtained through an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP) like WATI. If you’re looking to implement it for your business, we’d be more than happy to help you out. You can sign up for a free trial with us today or check out our help center to learn more. 


WATI is proudly owned by Clare.AI. Clare.AI is a digital assistant startup that uses the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to create innovative tools for its clients so they can provide top-notch customer communication experiences. Multinational firms and Fortune 500 companies including Cigna, AXA, Birdie, Everbright Sun Hung Kai, Fidelity, and Bupa have adopted Clare.AI’s solutions.

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