Choosing a WhatsApp Display Name for your WhatsApp account

Choosing a Display Name for Your WhatsApp Business Account

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Customers initially see your WhatsApp Display Name on your WhatsApp Business Profile, which helps them distinguish your Brand.


If you choose a Display Name for your WhatsApp Business API Account that your clients are not acquainted with, this may cause them to become confused and block you on WhatsApp.


According to WhatsApp, “All Display names must be pertinent to your business and adhere to WhatsApp’s policy for commerce and business. For the display name to be eligible for the WhatsApp Official Business Account, it must also adhere to formatting and display name rules.


Therefore a proper WhatsApp Business Display name must be in line with your brand identity and adhere to WhatsApp’s Display Name Guidelines.


In the guide, I’ll explain how to select the ideal WhatsApp Business Display name for your WhatsApp Business Account.

What is a WhatsApp Display name?

According to Facebook, A WhatsApp display name appears on your WhatsApp business profile and what the customer sees. The display name creates the certificate needed to establish a WhatsApp Business Platform account.


A Business Service Provider (BSP), such as WATI, will set up your company’s WhatsApp Business display name if you’re working with them.

How to choose a WhatsApp business name that WhatsApp can approve

Regardless of which process of creating a WhatsApp Business account you choose, you will need to set up a display name when adding a new phone number to your WhatsApp account. 


Once you’ve entered your desired display name, the WhatsApp team will review it from your Business Manager. Unfortunately, sometimes WhatsApp rejects the proposed display name if it isn’t in line with the Display Name Guidelines. 


Before we get into the guidelines of a display name, the first thing you should do is to get verified by WhatsApp.


Once you’re verified on WhatsApp, follow the below guidelines for your display name.

Guidelines for WhatsApp Display Name

1. Comply with the policies

These include WhatsApp’s Commerce and Business policies, such as not infringing or violating the trademark or copyright of any third party. For instance, a good example of an acceptable display name for a business selling wine glasses would be “Jolanda’s Wine Glasses”, not “Jolanda’s Wine”.


If you have different subdivisions within your business, they can all have their own WhatsApp business accounts, as long as they comply with the policies.

2. Accurately represent your business

Your display name must represent your business, product, service, or department. Even if it’s a test or demo account, it needs to be associated with your business, reflected in the display name (for example, “Jolanda’s Beer Mugs Test”).


WhatsApp will probably reject a display name if it’s a generic term (such as “Beer”), a generic geographic location (like “Washington”), a slogan, or a long description. Also, note that an organisation affiliated with a government must get the WhatsApp team’s specific approval.

3. Be consistent with the external branding

Your business’ display name should be the same everywhere, from external sources, such as on a company’s website or any other marketing sources. 


In other words, you should use the same wording in your WhatsApp Business display name as you used in the title on your official website.


For example, an accepted display name would be “Jolanda Jo’s Beer Mugs” (if it’s branded like that on your website). “JJ’s Beer Mugs” (you abbreviated the company name inconsistently with the branding) or “Jolanda Jo’s Mugs” (you removed “Beer” from the branding) will not be accepted by WhatsApp.

4. Establish a clear relationship between display name and business

Similarly, your display name must have an obvious relationship with your business. In other words, it must be referred to on the business’ website or external media references. This means, for instance, that a name of a charity mentioned on a non-profit organisation’s website will be accepted. Still, a name of a charity that isn’t mentioned on any external websites will be rejected.


If the relationship between the business and the brand isn’t clear, you should indicate it using “by [business name]”, such as “Accessories by Jolanda Fashion”.


You also should use the name of a management agency or any other third party in your business’ display name. For example, you can’t use “Sunlight Agency for Jolanda’s Beer Mugs” as a display name.

5. Correctly formatted, in compliance with the defined rules

There are clearly defined formatting rules you should adhere to when picking out your business’ display name (unless the business is already branded in a specific way that may not be in line with the default rules). These include:


  • Using a minimum of three characters (e.g. “Jo S”, not “Jo”, if the company’s name is “Jo S”)


  • Never use all caps (e.g. use “Jolanda’s Beer Mugs” instead of “JOLANDA’S BEER MUGS”)


  • Avoid using the URL format (no display names like “”)


  • Not adding extra characters, symbols, punctuation, or emojis (so no “@Jolanda’s Beer Mugs” or “Jolanda’s Beer Mugs™”)


  • Failing to use spacing different than in your original business name (if the business’ original name is “JoJoBeerMugs”, a display name like “JoJo Beer Mugs” will be rejected – only “JoJoBeerMugs” is correct)


  • Not adding extra words to your brand name unless they indicate: country/region, department/function, or Demo/Test accounts (e.g. “Jolanda’s Beer Mugs Customer Support” and “Jolanda’s Beer Mugs Iceland” is fine, but “Jolanda’s Beer Mugs Official Account” isn’t)


  • Capitalised the first letter of the added permitted words (e.g. “Jolanda’s Beer Mugs Demo” instead of “Jolanda’s Beer Mugs demo”)

How to change your WhatsApp Business display name

When you send messages to your clients, your business name will appear as your WhatsApp Business display name. You can modify your display name after it has been authorised.


The process for changing the display name differs depending on whether you have an official business account (OBA):


A green verification tick next to the display name indicates that you have an Official Business Account. To change your display name, contact WhatsApp direct support and provide the following information:


  • Question topic: Request an official business account
  • Request type: Update OBA display name

If you don’t have an OBA, use the steps below to change your display name

Steps to change WhatsApp business display name without Official Business Account

Before you start, ensure you’ve done the following.

  1. Sign up for Meta Business Manager
  2. Depending on how you plan to get started on the WhatsApp Business platform:
    1. Create a WhatsApp Business account with the help of a business solution provider like WATI or
    2. Create a WhatsApp Business account as a business solution provider.
  3. Connect your WhatsApp Business account to your phone number.


Now here are the steps to change the business display name.

  1. Go to Business Manager and select your business.
  2. Click the hamburger icon (3 stacked horizontal lines).
  3. Select WhatsApp Manager
  4. Select the account for which you want to change the display name.
  5. Go to the left-side menu and select Phone numbers.
  6. Hover over your current display name in the Name column and click the pencil icon.
  7. Enter a new display name in the Edit display name section.
  8. Click Next

Your display name has now been changed. Before an updated certificate is available, WhatsApp must approve your display name. When the review is finished, you will be notified.


Your phone number’s certificate will be generated based on your current account status:


If your company is not verified, you will receive confirmation that your display name has been created, and the certificate is immediately available for download.


If your company is verified, your phone number will have a pending review label beneath the Certificate in the Phone numbers section. You’ll see a View button once it’s been approved. You can click it to view the available phone number certificates.

Note: You can change the display name up to three times in the first 30 days. After that period, you’ll have to wait 30 days before changing it again. Also, note that once you’ve registered your business’ contact name on WhatsApp under the official Business account, changing it might not be possible without losing the verified status.


Please keep in mind that the certificate for the new display name is only valid for 14 days. If the certificate expires, you must repeat the steps above to resubmit the display name for review.

To sum it up

Having the messaging giant reject your business’ display name surely doesn’t feel good. However, we hope you’ll avoid that happening to you by following the simple steps we described in this post. Make sure also to read our article about the other steps on how to create a Business account on WhatsApp, as well as how to verify it.


If you opt for WATI to assist you in this endeavour, we will not only help you create and manage your own official WhatsApp Business account and link it with the WhatsApp Business API but more.


With WATI, you also get a unified collaboration dashboard and team inbox for all your team members. From there, you can all work together and effectively communicate with your customers and other interested parties. You’ll also be able to receive actionable data-driven insights about the effectiveness of your communication strategies. 


You’ll also be able to communicate with your customers on the go via the WATI app. Thanks to our WhatsApp bot, you’ll even be able to automate customer communication. Does this sound like something you’d like to have for your business? Then, sign up to the platform or join our demo session to learn more.


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