How to Craft Attractive Messages for Customers on WhatsApp Business?

How to Craft Attractive Messages for Customers on WhatsApp Business?

There’s no denying WhatsApp’s the platform to be on if you want to reach your customers quicker and more effectively.


When crafting WhatsApp marketing messages, there are some tricks to help to ensure you hook them in and get your message across to them in a clear and impactful way.


If you’ve read any of our previous posts on WhatsApp message templates, you’ll see that there are recurring characteristics in the text messages we’ve crafted.


In this post, we’ll bring them all together. Instead of providing you with a new set of templates, we’re going to go deeper and hand you the tools and knowledge you need to do them yourself. 


In other words, we’re going to explain how you can create attractive messages for customers when communicating with them via WhatsApp.


From thank you notes and discount offers to birthday texts and away messages, these writing tips are applicable to all types of WhatsApp messages.


What’s more, they can also be automated regardless of whether you’re using the free WhatsApp Business app or the WhatsApp API. 


Without further ado, let’s get started.


Be Conversational

Do you start your texts to close friends and family members with “dear”? 

Probably not.


It’s way too formal, which immediately erects a barrier between you and the message recipient.


For this same reason, you should avoid using formal language when texting your buyers on WhatsApp – regardless of whether it’s a sale, thank you, greeting message to customers, or others.


Around the world, WhatsApp is used primarily to keep in touch with friends and family. And this, by nature, constitutes informal and casual communication on the chat app.


In using informal language, you encourage your customers to engage in a conversation with you, which helps with relationship and trust-building. All this, in turn, creates a positive customer experience.

Here are some WhatsApp text tricks to keep your messages conversational:

  • Use slang
  • Include emojis
  • Use contractions (don’t vs do not)
  • Avoid jargon
  • Ask questions
  • Incorporate puns

Note: This is our recommendation on how to craft attractive messages for customers on WhatsApp. That said, how informal or formal your messages are should ultimately depend on your brand’s tone of voice. 


Craft Short Sentences

We can’t be the only ones to feel overwhelmed by looooong WhatsApp messages (you know, the ones that fill the entire length of the screen and more).


These messages make you want to take deep breaths – maybe even meditate a little – before reading them.


That’s not what you want your customers to feel when receiving your marketing messages on WhatsApp.


When crafting WhatsApp messages, keep them short.


Short sentences are clearer, which makes them more readable and easy to digest. This increases the chances of them being read and engaged.


Because they’re shorter, they’re also more direct and help you get to your point and call-to-action quicker.


Include Media Files

One of WhatsApp’s best features is the possibility to send more than just text-based messages – an evolutionary adaptation from the classic SMS. 


From gifs to images and videos, WhatsApp allows brands to include so much more variety in their marketing efforts.


This makes messages a lot more attractive for two reasons.


First off, you don’t have to be a professional digital copywriter to know that massive walls of texts are a massive turnoff. 


Sending over media files in between text messages can help to break them up into bite-sized, more manageable pieces of content.


Secondly, as the old saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. 


Say you’re running an ecommerce business and want to send new stock arrival messages to customers.


As creative and descriptive as you may be with words, a simple text message won’t be as effective as images of the item itself. 


The latter allows your customers to actually see what the new product looks like. 


If you want to go the extra mile, consider shooting a 360-product video so they can view the product from all angles.


Use WhatsApp Text Formatting

Media files aside, there’s another way to format your WhatsApp marketing messages to make them more legible.


It’s perhaps one of the lesser-known and lesser-used WhatsApp features, especially among private users.


Within WhatsApp itself, it’s actually possible to format your text messages. From italicizing to bolding, all it takes is some simple coding. If you’re familiar with HTML, this will be a piece of cake.


Here’s how you can create italics and bold text in WhatsApp:

  • Italics: Place an underscore before and after the text you want to be italicized.
    • _Hello_ → Hello
  • Bold: Place an asterisk before and after the text you want to be bolded.
    • *Hello* → Hello

For more (strikethroughs and monospace), hop on over to WhatsApp’s short guide to message formatting.


Text formatting plays a big role in creating attractive messages for customers because it helps to draw attention to important parts of the message and emphasize key details.


All this, in turn, breaks up your text and makes your marketing messages a lot easier to read and digest.


Add Links

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of crafting short sentences.


In addition to making your sentences sweet and concise, your message itself – whether it’s thank you or discount messages to customers – should also be short. 


Now, this doesn’t mean leaving out details of your message. It simply means being selective about your initial message by highlighting the main information in it while providing guiding paths to your customers so they can find out more should they need/want to.


For instance, if you’re sending out a thank you message for a customer purchase, you may want to promote relevant products to encourage upselling and cross-selling.


Instead of sending over image after image (or even long descriptions) of these products, you can simply include links to them.


Should a customer be interested, they can simply tap on the link and be taken to the product page on your website.


This helps to keep your message clean, clear, and direct – exactly what great WhatsApp advertising messages are made of.


WhatsApp marketing messages tip: If the link you’re adding is long, consider using link shorteners like or Bitly. Don’t forget to also add UTM tracking codes to your links to help you measure the success of your WhatsApp marketing messages.

If you’re thinking about automating your WhatsApp marketing messages, WATI can help you get set up. We’re an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider and can get you access to its Business API, which allows you to customize your WhatsApp marketing efforts according to your business goals.

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