Send WhatsApp Message from Zoho CRM – A Step by Step Guide

Send WhatsApp Message from Zoho CRM - A Step by Step Guide

Zoho is a powerful Sales CRM that allows you to capture leads from various sources such as website, social media, cold calling and many other sources. You can nurture your leads and drive the maximum conversion by making use of powerful features on the Zoho CRM Platform.

Automation of tasks makes ZOHO a really powerful CRM.

To support Automation on Zoho, you can send emails, SMS from Zoho.

WhatsApp is emerging as a powerful and much competitive communication channel and with WhatsApp making their Business APIs available for use for businesses, WhatsApp Integration with Zoho is gathering more demand.

Email Open rates at about 20%, SMS open rates are at about 30%, while WhatsApp has an open rate of around 95%

In this guide, we will talk about how you can send WhatsApp messages from Zoho CRM.

  • ‘Send WhatsApp’ button can be added on the Leads/Contact page. You can even send WhatsApp message to multiple leads/contacts at once by adding it to the Lead/Contact list

  • You can also send WhatsApp messages and add it to the Zoho Workflow. For example, when a new lead is created, send them a WhatsApp message after 7 days if they are not converted to a contact, etc.

This integration is based on WhatsApp Business API and does not require you to have an active WhatsApp phone to send such messages.

How to apply for WhatsApp Business API?

To apply for WhatsApp Business API, you need the below details:

  1. Verified Facebook Business Manager ID
    (a) Don’t have a Facebook Business Manager?  Create Now
    (b) Facebook Business Manager not verified?  Verify Now
  2. Phone Number
    (a) Phone number must not have an active WhatsApp account
    (b) Want to delete the WhatsApp account with the number?  Learn how to delete
  3. Display Name
    (a) Display Name must have a clear relation with the business.
    (b) Display Name must adhere to WhatsApp Display Name Guidelines.  Read Guidelines

Once you have these details, you can sign up with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) such as WATI to get access to WhatsApp API. The approval time is normally about 2-5 days.


Once you have access to WhatsApp Business APIs, you can integrate with Zapier or other tools such as Hubspot, Google Sheets, Zoho, Salesforce and more.

How to integrate Zoho CRM with WhatsApp Business API?

  1. On the Zoho ‘Settings’ section on top-right corner, choose ‘Actions

  2. On the next page, choose the ‘Functions’ tab.

  1. On the next page, click on ‘Configure Function’ button.

  1. On the next page, choose ‘Write your own function’.

  1. Fill in details for creating new function.

  1. Edit Arguments of the function as follows.


  • Type # to choose the param value.
  • template_name will be the WATI template name.

  1. Copy the below in the function body.

headerValue = Map();
headerValue.put("Authorization","Bearer {{your-api-token}}");
raw_data = {"template_name":"" + template_name + "","broadcast_name":"zoho_auto_" + template_name + "","parameters":"[{'name':'name', 'value': '" + name + "'}]"};
resp = invokeurl [ url :"{{your-wati-api-endpoint}}/api/v1/sendTemplateMessage/91" + number + "?SourceType=ZOHO" type :POST parameters:raw_data.toText() headers:headerValue detailed:true content-type:"application/json" ];

– You must replace these values in the above script – {{your-wati-api-endpoint}} and {{your-api-token}}

– Please ensure updating the country code in the above example after /api/v1/sendTemplateMessage/


8. Save the function.

  1. Navigate to the Leads details page and click on three dots on the top-right corner and select ‘Create Button’.

  1. Fill in details and select ‘Existing Actions’.

  1. Select the send_whatsapp function and configure it as follows

You’re done. You will start seeing a button on the Leads page to send WhatsApp messages to your leads.

Use Zoho Functions for Automated Workflows and Drip Campaigns

The same function to send WhatsApp Message can be used on Automated Workflows in Zoho CRM to send automatic messages that can be triggered from the Zoho Workflow module.

This is really useful in situations when you want to send automatic messages such as

  • when a new lead signs up
  • a lead does not convert after 7 days, etc.
  • when a quote is generated, but client does not pay

You can define your own flow and send messages accordingly.

WATI is the proud product of parent company, Clare.AI. Clare.AI is a digital assistant startup offering an innovative online tool that combines the best of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver the best award-winning customer communication experiences to its clients. Multinational enterprises and Fortune 500 companies including Cigna, Birdie, AXA, AIG, Bupa, Fidelity, and Everbright Sun Hung Kai have placed their trust in Clare.AI.

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