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Guide to WhatsApp API for Hospitality Sector (2024)

Ashwin    1/10/24

Are you a hotel owner looking to streamline communication and enhance the guest experience? Look no further than WhatsApp API. It’s a powerful tool that connects hotels, guests, vendors, and other groups. With over 2.7 billion users, WhatsApp is the perfect channel to engage with customers & maximize guest satisfaction.

WhatsApp has features that make it really good for hotels to use to talk to people. It has a high open rate of 98%, meaning almost everyone reads the messages. It also lets you send pictures, videos, audio, and files, making chats fun and lively. Plus, it saves all the chats, so hotels can easily keep track of conversations better than they can with emails or text messages.

Key Takeaways from this blog:

  • WhatsApp Business helps hotels talk with guests, suppliers, and others, making communicating easier during a guest’s stay.
  • With a massive user base of 2 billion people, WhatsApp is a popular and effective channel for engaging with customers and maximizing guest engagement.
  • WhatsApp supports multimedia messages, making interactions feel natural and lively. The conversations can be easily saved for record-keeping purposes.
  • Hotels can leverage WhatsApp Business to offer convenience and personalized services. You can attract more customers through travel agents and enhance communication among staff and guests.
  • Hotels usually add WhatsApp to their work systems through a service provider. The cost WhatsApp charges for messages changes based on the country where the person getting the message is.

How to use WhatsApp for Hotels?

Using WhatsApp for Hotels!

When guests consider booking a room until they leave, hotels can use WhatsApp Business to make things easier and more personal. Hotels can send messages on WhatsApp for different things like:

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Coordinate services during the stay
  • Gather feedback after check-out

WhatsApp for Hotels isn’t just for talking to guests. It’s also great for planning events and shows and working with travel agents to get more customers. When hotels use the WhatsApp Business API, they can really improve how they talk to people and make their work smoother.

One platform that can enhance the capabilities of WhatsApp Business API is . Our platform offers features like

  • Managing conversations with multiple guests
  • Sending promotional messages
  • Automation
  • CRM integration
  • Performance monitoring

With Wati, hotels can take their WhatsApp communication to the next level. and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

WhatsApp makes it easier for the hotel staff to talk to each other and guests. This helps the hotel run smoother and makes the guests happier. Studies have found that almost all guests, about 9 out of every 10, would rather talk to the hotel using WhatsApp. This shows how important it is for hotels to use modern communication methods.

WhatsApp helps hotels tell their guests things immediately, like when their room is booked or details about their stay. By using fast replies and automatic messages (like chatbots), hotels can ensure their guests have a smooth and easy experience.

How Else Can You Use WhatsApp for Hotels?

WhatsApp for Business offers a catalog feature that allows guests to easily access and book hotel services. This convenient feature simplifies the booking process and enhances customer satisfaction. It has verified accounts and keeps messages private and secure, which helps hotels earn the trust of their guests.

WhatsApp is also great for making guests feel special. Hotels can send messages and services just for them, making them feel important and improving their stay. This personal touch can make guests come back again.

Another cool thing about WhatsApp is that it’s good for selling more stuff. It gets opened more often than emails, so hotels can use it to tell guests about extra services and things they can buy, generating more money and making the guest’s stay even better.

Hotels usually add WhatsApp to their systems through the Property Management System (PMS) provider. This lets them send all kinds of updates and special deals to guests on WhatsApp. It’s important to remember that WhatsApp’s costs for messages change depending on where the guest is from. Hotels need to consider these costs when deciding how to talk to guests.

When hotels tell guests they can use WhatsApp to chat with them, they should make it easy. They can do this by putting a WhatsApp link on their website, using QR codes, and giving guests a card with the WhatsApp number when they check-in.

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Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Hotels

Benefits of WhatsApp for Hotels

Maximizing Engagement

A big plus of WhatsApp for hotels is how it can engage guests and others. It has a 98% open rate, which means most messages get read. This makes WhatsApp great for sending important info, deals, and special offers to guests. Using WhatsApp can make the guest experience more interactive and fun, which can make guests happier and more loyal.

Supporting Multimedia Messages

WhatsApp isn’t just for text. It lets hotels send photos, videos, audio, and other types of media to guests. This makes chats more real and exciting and lets hotels show off what they offer and what’s around them. Using multimedia in their messages, hotels can leave a strong impression on guests and be different from other hotels.

Easy Record Tracking

For hotels, keeping track of chats is key to giving good and personal service. WhatsApp saves chats better than emails or texts, so it’s easier for hotels to look back at important info. This is really handy for managing bookings, guest needs, and other things they need to run smoothly. With WhatsApp, hotels can make sure they don’t miss anything and give consistent, great service to their guests.

Utilizing WhatsApp throughout the Guest Journey

In today’s world, where everyone is online, good communication is important for hotels to ensure their guests have a great time. With so many people using smartphones and messaging apps, hotels are using WhatsApp as a strong way to connect with guests, suppliers, and others involved. WhatsApp Business for hotels has many features and benefits that make guests more involved and make talking to people easier.

Pre-arrival to Check-out

Using WhatsApp for Hotels to check in and check out guests

WhatsApp can be used for every part of a guest’s stay, from before they arrive to when they leave. Even before guests arrive at the hotel, WhatsApp can send them personalized booking confirmation info about the hotel and answer any questions they have before getting there. Hotels can make their experience easy and nice right from the start by talking to guests on their favourite messaging apps.

While guests stay, WhatsApp can be the main way to chat with the hotel staff. Guests can ask for room service special things they need or tell the staff if there’s a problem, all through WhatsApp. The staff can answer quickly, ensuring guests are happy and quickly sorting out any problems. This kind of personal and quick chat makes guests have a good time and trust the hotel more.

Convenience and Personalized Services

A big plus of WhatsApp Business for hotels is that it makes things easy and personal for guests. With WhatsApp, hotels can send photos, videos, audio, and files, making chats more real. This lets hotels show off what they have, give virtual tours, or suggest things to do and places to eat nearby. This makes guests feel more at home and adds a special touch to their stay.

Best Practices for Promotion

To really benefit from WhatsApp in hotels, it’s important to let people know about it. Hotels should ensure guests know they can use WhatsApp to talk to them. Here are some good ways to do this:

  1. Share the WhatsApp Link Online: Put the WhatsApp link on the hotel’s website, social media pages, and online booking sites. This way, people who might stay at the hotel can easily start talking to the hotel on WhatsApp. (Create your free WhatsApp Links here)
  2. Use QR Codes: Make QR codes that go to the hotel’s WhatsApp number. Put these codes where people can see them, like in the hotel lobby, guest rooms, and advertising. Guests can scan the code with their phone to start chatting with the hotel.
  3. Give Out a Card at Check-In: When guests check in, the hotel can give them a card with the WhatsApp number. This is a handy way for guests to remember they can use WhatsApp to ask questions or get help during their stay.

By doing these things, hotels can really get the word out about using WhatsApp and encourage guests to use this easy way to talk to them.

Enhancing WhatsApp with Wati

WhatsApp Broadcasts for Marketing

Managing Conversations

Managing chats with WhatsApp API helps hotels care for guests from when they think about booking to when they leave. The platform is handy and lets hotels offer personal services, plan events, work with travel agents, and get more customers. It’s easier to keep track of WhatsApp chats than emails or texts. Hotel teams can handle chats well, giving fast answers and help with automatic replies and chatbots.

Promotional Messages

Another great thing about WhatsApp API for hotels is sending promotional messages. With the ability to send photos, videos, audio, and files, hotels can have real and fun chats with guests. This lets hotels send instant updates about bookings, details about the stay, and special offers. The catalog feature on WhatsApp for business also makes it easy for guests to see and book hotel services.


Automation is important for making WhatsApp more efficient for hotels. Using automation tools, hotels can send messages automatically, handle bookings, and include WhatsApp in a bigger communication strategy. This saves time, works better, and gives guests a smooth and personal experience.

CRM Integration

Linking WhatsApp API to a hotel’s customer relationship management (CRM) system is key for good communication and managing data. Platforms like, which boosts the power of WhatsApp Business API, offer CRM integration. This lets hotels put all customer data in one place and handle chats from different messaging apps. This linking helps hotels talk to guests in a more personal and focused way, making guests happier and more loyal.

Performance Monitoring

Hotels need to check how well their WhatsApp communication is working. WhatsApp API can allow hotels to see important things like how many messages get delivered, how fast they reply, and how happy customers are. By looking at these things, hotels can see what they need to do and improve their communication.

In the end, WhatsApp API is really important for hotels. It helps them talk better, improve guests’ experiences, and make more money. With things like handling chats, sending promotional messages, using automation, linking to CRM systems, and checking performance, hotels can use WhatsApp to give great service and stay ahead in the competitive hotel market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp Business for hotels?

WhatsApp Business for hotels is a communication tool that connects hotels, guests, vendors, and other groups, allowing them to interact and engage with each other.

Why is WhatsApp a popular channel for businesses?

WhatsApp has a massive user base of 2 billion people, making it a popular channel for businesses to engage with customers. It also has a high open rate of 98%, maximizing engagement with guests and stakeholders.

What multimedia messages does WhatsApp support?

WhatsApp supports multimedia messages, including images, videos, audio, and files, making interactions natural and lively.

How does WhatsApp help in tracking records?

WhatsApp conversations are easily saved, making tracking records easier than email and SMS.

How can hotels use WhatsApp Business?

Hotels can use WhatsApp Business to serve guests throughout their journey, from pre-arrival to check-out, offering convenience and personalized services. It can also be leveraged for organizing events, liaising with travel agents, and attracting more customers.

What is, and how does it enhance WhatsApp Business? is a platform that enhances the capabilities of WhatsApp Business API. It offers features like managing conversations with multiple customers, sending promotional messages, automation, CRM integration, and performance monitoring.

Why is the hotel industry adopting WhatsApp?

The hotel industry is adopting WhatsApp to streamline communications with guests and staff. It simplifies communication among hotel staff and with guests, and 9 out of 10 guests prefer to communicate with hotels through WhatsApp.

What benefits does WhatsApp offer to hotels?

WhatsApp allows hotels to offer instant notifications to guests, such as booking confirmations and stay details. It also provides quick responses and support through auto-response and chatbots. Additionally, hotels can offer a catalog for easy access and booking of hotel services.

How does WhatsApp help gain guests’ trust?

WhatsApp helps hotels gain guests’ trust through verified identities and end-to-end message encryption. This ensures secure and reliable communication.

How can WhatsApp help in upselling?

WhatsApp is an effective channel for upselling, with higher open rates compared to emails. Hotels can use personalized messages and services to upsell to guests.

What results has WhatsApp delivered for hotels?

WhatsApp has delivered significant results for hotels, improving efficiency and driving revenue.

How is WhatsApp integrated into a hotel’s operational infrastructure?

Integration of WhatsApp into a hotel’s operational infrastructure is usually done through the PMS provider.

How are WhatsApp charges for messages determined?

WhatsApp charges for messages depend on the recipient’s country.

How many numbers can be added to a WhatsApp business account for a hotel?

Only one number can be added to a WhatsApp business account for a hotel.

What types of notifications can be sent through integrated WhatsApp?

Integrated WhatsApp allows hotels to send various types of notifications, such as reservation notifications and offers.

How are WhatsApp conversations initiated and managed?

WhatsApp conversations are initiated by the customer and are mainly used before arrival or during the stay. These conversations can be easily managed by hotel teams.

How can hotels promote their WhatsApp number?

Hotels should promote their WhatsApp number to make it easy for guests to contact them. Best practices for promotion include using the WhatsApp link on digital platforms, using QR codes, and giving a card at check-in.

What are the uses of WhatsApp for hotels?

WhatsApp can be used to keep guests updated on order status, inform them about special deals, communicate quickly, automate messaging, manage reservations, and integrate into an omnichannel approach.

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