Whatsapp Business API: Top Features you must know

WhatsApp Business API features worth knowing

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is among the world’s top five most downloaded apps. It would not be an understatement to claim that it will top the list soon. There are 195 countries in the globe, and over 180 of them use WhatsApp. It dominates the communication market in over 25 nations. In a recent conference, META’s CEO pointed out that WhatsApp and Business Messaging via WhatsApp is the future. (Source)


The above remark demonstrates how essential business communications will be. Businesses must realize the importance of the conversations, and WhatsApp API may assist them to do so. It could be keeping a large clientele, resolving concerns with automated responses, or dealing with critical issues with human interaction. 

Let’s learn more about WhatsApp Business API here before plunging into its unique features. Features that can elevate your Business Communication to a new level.


1. Verified Business Profiles:

WATI verified business profile on WhatsApp


Customers are no longer just buyers; they are partners in the entire value chain. Branding creates trust, which is essential for every organisation.

WhatsApp Business API authenticates your business account with a verified badge. This badge is more than simply a visual addition. A verified account assures both businesses and users that they have arrived at the right place.

Interested in having your WhatsApp Business account verified? With a META BSP like WATI learn How to Request WhatsApp Green Tick Verification


2. Chatbot:

WATI Chatboat dashboard


Imagine having over 10k consumers responding to them individually is an impossible feat; this is where our chatbot function comes in to help businesses handle several communications at the same time. WATI provides organizations with a no-code chatbot with a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating chatbots without the need for technical assistance.

WhatsApp API allows you to respond within 24 hours, who likes late replies? Nobody… 

The faster your brand replies, the more likely it is to engage customers and generate sales.

WhatsApp Business API automatic replies are a blessing in disguise for businesses looking to increase revenue and customer experience. learn how to build a WhatsApp chatbot in 5 minutes for your business.


3. Shared Team Inbox:

WATI Shared Team


A Team Inbox is a collaborative feature that allows businesses to improve customer service by allowing multiple agents to log in and manage customer chats from a unified dashboard.

Live agents can rapidly fix unusual issues and improve client resolution time and confidence in the business.

Whatsapp Business API helps your business to leverage great features like a shared team inbox with a dashboard, here are some of the useful features that WATI Team Inbox offer:

  • Start and end live chats
  • Send messages
  • Assign tickets to the operators
  • Add contacts to favourites
  • Change topic name
  • Add quick replies
  • Add custom parameters (personal contact information) to the contacts
  • Search and filter the contacts
  • Add Notes
  • Download Chats
  • Trigger Flows
  • Send Template Messages (Source)

4. Session & Template Messaging:

A WhatsApp session message is any message sent or received within 24 hours in response to a user-initiated chat with your business.

If your business needs to restart the chat after the 24-hour period has ended, it must send a template message to the user and wait for them to respond before initiating the conversation. (Source)

WATI Chat Sample


With WATI dashboard, businesses receive a session timer at the top of the chat interface, allowing them to keep track of time and behave properly while dealing with consumers.

5. Interactive messaging:

Whatsapp Interactive messages


Interactive messages are a significant advance over text templates that allow customers to engage, as users only need to click on options that are displayed to them, and it aids in receiving responses quickly and noticeably.

As shown in the images above, you can send a text message with options to receive a response from the customer with a number, but with interactive messaging, you can give the client the convenience of selecting required alternatives directly with a single tap. With interactive messages, you can do much more than just present tap-to-select alternatives; to learn more, visit here.

6. Broadcast & Bulk messaging:

Wati Broadcast messages performance


Your business can use the WhatsApp API to send up to 100k business-initiated conversations in a single click. You can also send pre-approved template messages to customers who have not saved your Business to their contact list but have a WhatsApp account. (Source)


Businesses that are using bulk messaging to boost promotions or deals can also use rich media and interactive messages. Wati Broadcast Dashboard provides data insight into your broadcast performance. So that businesses can analyse their progress and implement appropriate measures.


After the pandemic, digital business communications have grown at a rapid pace, and there is no question that it will continue to expand, with WhatsApp API offering numerous valuable features that benefit businesses, recognising that business communication is the future.


Considering the right WhatsApp BSP is a critical first step in making your WhatsApp marketing efforts count. With WATI as your WhatsApp marketing partner, you can increase sales, improve customer service, and provide value to your organisation. Click here to sign up for our 7-day free trial.

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