How to import WhatsApp Chats?

How to import WhatsApp Chats?

There might be numerous reasons why you would have to back up and import WhatsApp Chats. Moreover, backing up chats is always a safer way to go.

You might need to backup chats because:

  1. You have decided to change your WhatsApp number to another number.
  2. You are changing your cellular device.
  3. You need a copy of all the chats of a particular time period or date.

How to backup WhatsApp Chats

It is merely simple to backup WhatsApp chats, and to make it simpler WATI has a plugin to do that. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

There is a detailed step by step blog also related to this which tells you how to easily and without coding backup WhatsApp Chats for free. CLICK TO VIEW

How to Import WhatsApp Chats to WATI

So after you have downloaded your WhatsApp Chats and now would like to import it to your WATI Team Inbox, you would have to:

Step 1: Login to WATI and navigate to “Settings”

Step 2: Then in settings, navigate to “Import Chats”

Step 3: After that you may see two options either to install the plugin and do the required steps or to import the zip file after you backup your WhatsApp Chats.

You can then see your uploaded files

Step 4: Click on the blue button which says “START IMPORT”

Step 5: After that you can go navigate back to Team Inbox and find all your chats.

Final result after import WhatsApp chats

All Chats Imported

About WATI

Also for a detailed explanation on how to build a proper WhatsApp Chatbot by WATI dashboard, you may view this video here.

WATI is a product of Clare.AI and is WhatsApp’s Official API Partner. The WATI Platform currently allows you to create a WhatsApp Chatbot without coding. You can use the drag and drop chatbot builder or create a chatbot using keywords through WATI. To know more about WATI, visit the official website.

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