WhatsApp Business API for Marketing and Customer Service

Whatsapp Business API for Marketing and Customer Service

Statistics say, more than 2 billion daily active users send 100 billion messages daily (Source). Isn’t that exciting? It’s not surprising that you’ll receive new WhatsApp notifications before you finish reading this. So, if your company isn’t already on WhatsApp, you’re missing out.


While many brands started using regular WhatsApp for their professional usage, WhatsApp recognised this need and launched WhatsApp Business with features like quick and automated replies and segregated business from personal space.


Before we get into tips for leveraging WhatsApp Business and Business API’s features to help your business grow, you should understand why your company needs a WhatsApp Business account.


Why a WhatsApp business account?

Because most consumers are already on WhatsApp, it has the highest Click-Through Rate compared to any other marketing platform. It is an omnipresent platform and an excellent medium for conversational commerce.

WhatsApp CTR over eMail and SMS

A WhatsApp business account makes your appearance more professional, ensuring that your messages do not end up in spam. WhatsApp messages have an unprecedented 98% Open Rate, which is five times that of emails and SMS. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption and privacy feature limit conversation for businesses, forcing them to focus more on their marketing strategy to elicit an urge for conversation (the first message should be from the customer side).

There are additional features of the WhatsApp Business app that businesses should take into consideration, which are as follows:

  • Business Profile– A business profile allows customers to view critical information such as email, website, address, business hours, and about the brand. It also makes businesses appear more authentic.
  • Quick Replies– One can save and provide pre-written responses such as answers to typical questions. There are numerous similar use cases based on company requirements and customizations.
  • Catalogs– Catalogs allow businesses to promote their offerings, while customers can make a shopping list by adding several goods to their cart and submitting it to the company.

Other features that make WhatsApp business valuable to businesses include labelling contacts, automatic greetings, and message analytics.

How to set up a WhatsApp Business account?


To set up a WhatsApp business account, all you need is an active SIM card or eSim and an Android or iOS device. Now that you have all of the requirements, let’s get started on the setup process.


  •  Install the WhatsApp Business app from Google Play for Android or the App Store for iPhone.
  • After installing the app, input your phone number for verification, and after being verified, you can enter more information about your business
  •  If you want to convert your previous WhatsApp number to a WhatsApp business account, you can do so, but you can’t go back to a regular WhatsApp account. You can also back up your previous chats and contacts before migrating.


WhatsApp Business API


So far, our discussions have focused on small businesses with limited capacities. But WhatsApp Business API is a capable tool for all sizes of businesses. With WhatsApp Business API, organisations can leverage WhatsApp’s full potential to handle multiple communications at once with the assistance of multiple user access.

Why Whatsapp API is better for businesses than WhatsApp Business and Regular WhatsApp

Using the WhatsApp Business API is equivalent to using WhatsApp Business on steroids. WhatsApp Business API allows access to WhatsApp functionalities that were previously unavailable to the platform, such as bot integration for automated chats, chat agent dashboard, and CRM to automate sales and support.

Click here to discover more about the differences between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp Business API.



WhatsApp business is as free as the air we breathe. However, if you use Business API, it has some fixed charges.


  • The first 1,000 conversations per month are free for all Whatsapp Business API registered accounts.
  • Conversations initiated via Facebook and Instagram advertisements with a CTA button that sends clients to your Whatsapp business accounts are free.

With its new pricing model, WhatsApp encourages business accounts to respond faster and spam less to save money, because each 24-hour session from the start of a chat (Clients or businesses initiated) counts as a session with your client.


What if you are a medium to large-sized business with a vast clientele to manage? WhatsApp Business API, with its shared team inbox, offers significant advantages over the WhatsApp business app. You must use a third-party WhatsApp-verified Business service provider (BSP), as WhatsApp API access is still limited.


WATI is a top-rated premium META WhatsApp BSP specialising in unique WhatsApp Business marketing strategies. WATI is all your organisation needs to handle sales and support while enhancing productivity. With zero setup fee, a 7-day free trial, and an affordable price plan. Check out its pricing and plans here.


Here’s how WATI is helping SMBs with WhatsApp marketing and support:


Tips for marketing and customer service:

Always respond within 24 hours:

Quick Reply chat Sample


Faster responses demonstrate a brand’s professionalism and responsibility. It promotes connection while encouraging the client’s desire to come back. Because the timeframe for a session is 24 hours from the first initiated message, brands will save costs as well.

Use chatbots:


 If you use WhatsApp Business API, using a chatbot can help you save a lot of time and energy. You can construct many predetermined templates to answer typical queries while still having human assistance available if a less common inquiry arises. Those who do not use API can use away messages to reach out to their consumers promptly.


Rich messaging support capabilities:


whatsapp multi-format file support in chat


WhatsApp offers multi-format support in its chat functions for customers and businesses, allowing users to send location, gifs, pdfs, images, and voice recordings. For example, if a complex problem arrives, you can send a relevant pdf document, links related to the customer query, or a video tutorial.


Use CTW ads to get your client on WhatsApp:


As a business becomes more focused on providing better customer service, it must announce and publicise its presence on WhatsApp. There are various methods for integrating WhatsApp links on various social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram offer ad support with a click-to-WhatsApp button.


Utilise benefits of WhatsApp cross-platform compatibility:

WhatsApp Cross Platform Capability


Because of WhatsApp’s cross-platform compatibility, you can use it both on your phone and in your browser via WhatsApp Web. For WhatsApp business users and those who use its Business API function, relying solely on smartphones would be unsustainable and impractical.


Now that you are here….


WhatsApp is adding more features and increasing capped limits to its app regularly. Now is the time to strengthen your WhatsApp marketing strategy because there is less competition and more opportunities to grow quickly. If you’re thinking about leveraging the benefits of WhatsApp API to improve your customer service and productivity, consider WATI as a partner to take your performance to new heights.


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