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WhatsApp Business Greeting Message Examples & Best Practices

Ashwin    1/17/24

If you’re a business owner or marketer using WhatsApp Business to communicate with your customers, you know how important it is to make a good first impression.

A welcome message is often the first interaction a customer has with your business on WhatsApp, and it can set the tone for the entire conversation.

In this post, we’ll provide you with some excellent examples of welcome messages to inspire your own messaging strategy.

We’ll also share some best practices to help you craft effective and engaging welcome messages that will increase customer satisfaction and improve your communication.

Whether you’re a small business owner just starting with WhatsApp Business or a seasoned marketer looking to improve your messaging game, this post will provide you with valuable insights to help you succeed.

In this article, we’ll cover the best welcome greeting messages for:

  • New customers & subscribers
  • New prospects & leads
  • Customer Service
  • Remarketing for existing customers

Let’s dive in!

What Are WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages?

WhatsApp Business greeting messages are an essential part of any effective messaging strategy on the platform. These messages are automated responses that businesses can set up to greet customers who message their WhatsApp Business account for the first time. They serve as a way to introduce your business, welcome customers, and set expectations for future conversations.

For example, you could use a greeting message to let customers know your business hours, provide a link to your website, or offer a discount code for their first purchase. Additionally, greeting messages can help to manage customer expectations by letting them know when they can expect a response and what types of inquiries your business can help with.

By providing this information upfront, you can reduce frustration and increase customer satisfaction. Some scenarios where businesses send a greeting message on WhatsApp are:

  1. When a new user signs up for a service, a business sends its first welcome message with greetings on WhatsApp.
  2. When a business wants to greet customers with personalised seasonal promotions & offers.

In both cases, it is essential crafting a welcome message that makes customers feel a relationship with the business. It’s all about making the first impression great each time.

A well-crafted greeting message can help to create a positive first impression, establish credibility, and build trust with your customers. It can also help to improve the customer experience by providing information about your business and the services or products you offer.

What are the Benefits of WhatsApp Greeting Messages?

Using WhatsApp Business greeting messages can provide a number of benefits for businesses, including:

  1. Improved customer engagement: WhatsApp Business greeting messages can help businesses engage with customers in a personalized and interactive way. By providing useful information and options for interaction, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers and improve customer satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced customer service: Greeting messages can be used to provide customers with helpful information about the business, such as business hours, contact information, and product or service offerings. This can help customers get the information they need quickly and easily, improving their overall experience with the business.
  3. Increased efficiency: Automated greeting messages can save businesses time and resources by handling common customer inquiries and providing customers with self-service options for common requests. This can free up staff to focus on more complex customer issues and improve overall productivity.
  4. Consistent branding: By customizing greeting messages to include the business’s branding and messaging, businesses can ensure a consistent brand experience for customers across all channels, including WhatsApp.

Overall, using WhatsApp Business greeting messages can help businesses provide better customer service, improve customer engagement, and increase efficiency, leading to greater customer satisfaction and ultimately, increased sales and revenue.

WhatsApp Greeting Message Examples

The greeting messages examples added here can be tweaked & adjusted for any industry, goal & angle. With a large use case, you can use all these messages to greet & welcome customers on WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp Greeting Message For New Customers

Onboarding new customers with greeting messages on WhatsApp can help you upsell more. You can offer additional services & discounts in the same message.

WhatsApp Business Greeting Message  For New Customers

Hi Max. You’re talking to Jerry Chatbot.
Explore our services below or let me know what you’re looking for.

2. Welcome Message To Inform Discounts & Offers

Welcome Messages For A New Prospect

Hi Max,
Welcome to Jerry Services!
We have a special flat 5% discount on all plans for all new customers.
Would you like to get yours now?
Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

3. WhatsApp Welcome Message for Customer Service

Welcome Messages from Sales On WhatsApp

Hi Max,
Welcome to Planet Shopping’s customer service
I am Ben, How can I help you today?

4. Greeting Messages On WhatsApp During Festivals & Special Events

Hey Kat,
We wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.
On this special day, we’re offering 20% OFF on all plans.
Ask us any questions if you have and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

Utilizing personalized greeting messages through WhatsApp can be an effective approach to onboarding new customers and increasing sales revenue. With customized messaging, businesses can offer additional services and discounts to customers in the same message, leading to greater opportunities for upselling.

By welcoming new customers with personalized greeting messages, businesses can provide a positive customer experience and establish a connection with the customer. By offering additional services and discounts in the same message, businesses can increase the likelihood of customers exploring their full range of offerings and making additional purchases.

You can trigger these greeting messages on WhatsApp Business by setting up auto reply for WhatsApp on Business App & Wati.

Why use WhatsApp Greeting Messages?

As a business owner, imagine every time a customer walks into your store, they’re greeted with a friendly smile and a welcoming gesture. This immediate connection makes your visitors feel valued and fosters a sense of trust.

A greeting message on WhatsApp Business is that virtual smile and handshake, offering a warm welcome the moment a customer reaches out. Here’s why you’d want to incorporate one:

First Impressions Matter: Just as in-person interactions, first impressions set the tone in online communications. A greeting message ensures your business presents a friendly and responsive image.

Immediate Acknowledgment: Even if you’re not online 24/7, a greeting ensures customers aren’t met with silence. They know their message has been received, and someone will attend to them shortly.

Set Clear Expectations: With a greeting message, you can inform customers about expected response times or direct them to helpful resources while waiting.

Personalized Experience: Personalizing your greetings can make customers feel you’re attuned to their needs, elevating their experience with your brand.

Greeting vs. Away Message in WhatsApp Business

Imagine your business is a storefront:

Greeting Message: This is like a friendly staff member who greets customers as soon as they walk into the store. On WhatsApp Business, a greeting message welcomes users when they first message you, setting a positive tone from the start.

Away Message: Picture this as a sign you put up when you step out for a lunch break. On WhatsApp Business, if someone messages you outside your business hours or when you’re unavailable, the away message lets them know you’re currently not around but will get back to them soon.

In essence, the greeting message welcomes new customers, while the away message keeps customers informed when you’re not immediately available. Both help manage customer expectations and provide a seamless communication experience.

How To Craft A Perfect WhatsApp Business Greeting Message?

When you’re sending a WhatsApp Business message to someone, you should understand that you need to make them feel special & appreciated.

Unlike SMS, WhatsApp has an open rate of 98% so you need to leverage this advantage for your business.

WhatsApp Business provides multiple types of messages including-
1. List messages & reply buttons
2. CTA messages

So, building the right type of greeting message can help your business achieve:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Lower response time
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Collect valuable leads 
  • Sales & better conversion rate

Note: These types of messages can only be sent via WhatsApp Business API & Business app.

Best Practices for WhatsApp Greeting Messages 

An effective greeting message via WhatsApp Business should follow the best practices added below:

Don’t Use WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages For Regular Promotions

The job of a greeting message is to welcome your prospects or customers. You should not push a welcome message that looks like a direct promotion. The message should/can add further value to your offerings.

Give An Option To Opt Out From Business Messages

Always give an option to unsubscribe from your messaging list. This practice will help you maintain a healthy Quality Rating on your WhatsApp Business account.

Be Transparent & Set Clear Expectations

Set the right expectations from your first welcome message. Deliver what you have written in the message. This practice will help you maintain good communication during support & sales on WhatsApp.

Transparency is another practice that you should follow. If your support team is limited, say it clearly. Because nobody likes lame excuses for a slow response.

Give Your Messages A Human Touch

Don’t just follow some pre-made rules or templates while crafting a WhatsApp Business Greeting message. Your messages should be professional but not so formal because the recipient isn’t reading a mail. Build empathy & connection with your greeting messages.

Provide A Good Customer Experience On WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp for onboarding customers can also increase efficiency and save valuable time and resources. By automating greeting messages, businesses can handle common customer inquiries and provide self-service options for common requests, freeing up staff to focus on more complex customer issues.

It is necessary to enhance the customer experience in business communication. Fast & intuitive responses from businesses help achieve that. WATI helps 4000+ businesses like yours automate business communication on WhatsApp with features like:

  • Multi-Agent Support Dashboard on Single WhatsApp Number
  • WhatsApp CRM & Dashboard
  • Chat Automation using third-party integrations
  • WhatsApp Chatbot & Broadcast
  • and many more.

Overall, using WhatsApp Business greeting messages can provide a significant boost to a business’s bottom line. By leveraging this approach to onboarding new customers, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers, improve sales revenue, and drive business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a WhatsApp Business greeting message?

A WhatsApp Business greeting message is an automated message that businesses can set up to be sent to customers when they initiate a conversation or under specific conditions. It’s an opportunity to warmly welcome users and set the tone for the conversation.

2. Why should I use a greeting message for my business on WhatsApp?

A greeting message offers the first impression of your business to the customer. It ensures that customers receive an immediate response, even if you’re not online, and helps set expectations about your response time and service.

3. Can you provide some examples of effective greeting messages?

Certainly! Here are a few examples:

  • “Hello! Thanks for reaching out to [Business Name]. How can we assist you today?”
  • “Welcome to [Business Name]. We’re delighted to connect with you. Please let us know your query!”
  • “Hi there! Thank you for choosing [Business Name]. Our team will be with you shortly.”

4. Are there any length restrictions for the greeting message?

While WhatsApp doesn’t impose a strict character limit for greeting messages, it’s best to keep them concise and to the point. A length of around 150-200 characters is often recommended for optimal readability.

5. What are the best practices for crafting a greeting message on WhatsApp Business?

Some best practices include:

  • Keeping the message warm and welcoming.
  • Staying concise and clear.
  • Mentioning expected response times if applicable.
  • Including a call-to-action, like asking customers how you can help.
  • Personalizing the message when possible.

6. Can I personalize the greeting message based on the customer’s profile or previous interactions?

While the default greeting message is generic, you can use tools or integrate APIs that allow for more personalized messaging based on customer interactions or data. However, always ensure you’re complying with privacy regulations and WhatsApp’s terms of service.

7. How often should I update my greeting message?

It’s good to review your greeting message periodically, especially if there are changes in your business operations or if you’re running special promotions. However, frequent changes might confuse returning customers, so strike a balance.

8. Is it possible to set different greeting messages for different times of the day?

Yes, with the WhatsApp Business API and third-party tools, you can set up various conditions for sending specific greeting messages. This way, you can have a daytime greeting and a separate one for after-business hours.

9. Can I include promotional content in the greeting message?

While you can promote offers or new products, ensure the primary purpose of the greeting remains to welcome and assist the customer. Overly promotional messages might deter users from engaging further.

10. How do I measure the effectiveness of my greeting message?

Monitor customer responses and engagement following the greeting message. Positive reactions, questions about your services, or a general increase in interactions can be indicators of an effective greeting.

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