WhatsApp Templates: Automated Messages For Businesses [The Ultimate 2022 Guide]

WhatsApp Templates: Automated Messages For Businesses

WhatsApp Templates: Automated Messages For Businesses [The Ultimate 2021 Guide]

WhatsApp templates can help you save time and effort and ensure you keep up your communication with your customers. In this in-depth guide, we’ll take you through setting it up and provide you with a library of WhatsApp Business message templates you can use.

Ecommerce business owners have lots to take care of. From stock inventory and marketing to fulfillment and customer service, the list is just endless.

That said, many may prefer to focus their efforts on other seemingly more important business aspects. 

However, if you want your business to grow, WhatsApp communication needs to be a part of your growth strategy. And one key feature that brands should be leveraging is the ability to automate replies on WhatsApp. 

That’s exactly what we’re here to do today. 

In this in-depth guide to WhatsApp Business automated messages, we’ll dive into their benefits, how to set them up, the different types of messages you can automate, and even provide you with WhatsApp templates you can use.

Let’s get started.

What Are The Advantages of WhatsApp Templates?

If you’re thinking about whether you really need to have automated WhatsApp Business messages and are wondering what’s so great about them, the better question to ask yourself is – what’s not great about them?

Programming automated WhatsApp Business messages offers two key (read: important) benefits:

  • It streamlines communications with your customers and is an excellent way to attend to your customers, even when you’re away
  • It saves you time and effort

If you’re new to WhatsApp Business, this may appear time-consuming to set up. But as you’ll see in this guide, it actually takes a few quick steps.

There’s also the added benefit of this being a one-time effort. Once you have this up and running, you’ll hardly need to return to it again other than to carry out slight tweaks and adjustments.

Plus, if you’re already familiar with WhatsApp Messenger (and chances are you probably are), this won’t take but a jiffy as you already know your way around its features and interface. 

And to help you save even more time, we have also created for you WhatsApp templates that you can simply copy, adapt, and paste into your automatic replies.

If you’re ready, let’s get straight to setting this up!

Automated WhatsApp Templates: Getting Set Up

The first step to automating your WhatsApp Business messages is to make sure you have everything set up properly.

There are two main ways to do so – via the free WhatsApp Business app or the WhatsApp Business API

(For more information about the two, check out our in-depth post on the differences between WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business App, and Business API.)

In this post, we’ll go over briefly how to set up automated messages with the free WhatsApp Business app. That’s because there’s no fixed way to do this via the WhatsApp Business API as the interface, features, and capabilities will differ from provider to provider.

If you’re keen to find out more about how you can set up automated replies using WATI’s WhatsApp API interface, you’ll find more details in this post on using WhatsApp automation on the WhatsApp Business API.

The WhatsApp templates that we will be providing for businesses below, however, will apply to both the WhatsApp Business app and the API.

If that’s what you’ve come to this post for, feel free to skip this next section and jump to the section on WhatsApp templates immediately. Otherwise, read on as we’ll be guiding you through how to set up your WhatsApp Business message automation on the app.

How To Automate Away and Greeting WhatsApp Business Messages?

In this section, we’ll talk about how to set auto-reply for WhatsApp Business.

There are two types of automated messages that the WhatsApp Business app allows you to set: away messages and greeting messages.

Here’s how you can access them. 

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business app and tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner. 

WhatsApp Templates Messages on WhatsApp Business App

  1. Select Business tools. 

  1. Under Messaging, you’ll see the options: Away message and Greeting message

Away and Greetings WhatsApp Templates on App

Setting Up WhatsApp Business Away Messages

Tap on Away message to set up an automated message to be sent while you’re away. This should take you to this next screen with four main message options:

  • Send away message
  • Away message
  • Schedule
  • Recipients

Send Away Message

Tap on the slider on the top right to turn on automation for away messages.

Away Message

WhatsApp already has a default message in place. It’s short, simple, and does the job. But you’re more than welcome to customize it to suit your brand tone.

To do so, simply tap on the pencil icon and you’ll be able to edit the message. You can even include emoticons in your message if you wish. 

Note that there’s a limit of around 512 characters. 


You can set up your away message such that it’s always turned on. I.e., it will get sent out to all incoming messages until you turn it off.

Alternatively, you can also customize a schedule for it. With this option, your away message will only be sent during a specified period, which you will have to set.

This comes in especially handy when you’re away from your business for a few days (or weeks) and can’t get to your messages.

Scheduling away messages during “out of business” hours is by and far the most popular way companies automate their WhatsApp communication. You will need to set up your business hours in your business profile first as these will be triggered according to the hours you set. 


When automating your WhatsApp Business messages for when you’re away, you can also select who you want to send them to.

Under Recipients, you can choose from the following options:

  • Everyone: Your message will be sent out to everyone who sends you a message during the away period you’ve set
  • Everyone not in address book: Your message will be sent out only to messages from numbers that aren’t saved as a contact in your phone’s address book
  • Everyone except: Your message will be sent out to everyone who sends you a message except to those selected in this option
  • Only send to: Your message will only be sent out to people you select in this option

Once you’re done, don’t forget to hit the save button!

Setting Up WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages

To set up an automated welcome WhatsApp Business message, tap on the Greeting message option.

You’ll then be taken to this next screen with three main options:

  • Send greeting message
  • Greeting message
  • Recipients

This screen should look very similar to the Away messages options screen.

Send Greeting Message

Turn this on by tapping on the slider. 

Greeting Message

Just like the automated away message, WhatsApp has a default greeting message in place that you can edit by tapping on the pencil icon.

Again, this is a basic, straightforward message, so feel free to edit it according to your brand’s tone. The same 512-character limit applies.


Your options here are exactly the same as under the Away message settings.

Important note: You will need to be connected to the internet for your automated WhatsApp Business messages to be sent out. In other words, if you’re away on holiday, say, camping in the mountains where there’s no internet access and you have your WhatsApp Business phone/number with you, the automated messages you have set up will not be sent.

This does not apply if you’re sending automated WhatsApp Business messages via the WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp Business Messages: What To Look Out For?

Before we get to our WhatsApp Business message templates, we’d like to highlight a few things to take note of when sending out these messages.

We’ve mentioned these time and time again in many of our blog posts, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we’ll be repeating them again here. That’s because these are usage guidelines set by WhatsApp themselves and non-compliance could lead to a permanent ban.

  • Messages can only be sent to customers who send you a message first or have given their explicit permission to receive WhatsApp messages from you.
  • Advertising, marketing, and promotional messages can only be sent within 24 hours of receiving a message from a customer.
  • When using automated messages within this 24-hour period, you must also provide alternative ways for the customer to reach you (eg. chatting with a human agent, phone number, email address, physical store address).

For more information, check out WhatsApp’s business policy page. Unlike most policies, WhatsApp has actually taken the time to rid its policy of jargon and spell things out very clearly in layman terms, so it will be an effortless (and important) read.

WhatsApp Templates For Businesses

Now that you’ve got your WhatsApp Business messages set up and know what you can and shouldn’t do with your WhatsApp Business automated messages, it’s time for the fun part – crafting your messages!

In this section, you’ll find WhatsApp templates for messages that you can use and adapt for your business.

These WhatsApp templates will cover more than just greetings and away messages, which are the only two types of automated messages that the free WhatsApp Business app offers.

We also have for you templates that you can use for other occasions that you can use and program using the WhatsApp Business API. 

Specifically, we’ll be offering WhatsApp templates for the following types of messages:

  • Welcome/greetings
  • Promotional
  • Away from business
  • Notifications
  • Advertising messages
  • Reminders

There may be several template options available for each of these messages so you can adapt them accordingly by simply inserting specific business details or changing their tone to fit yours.

WhatsApp Business Greeting Message Templates

Automated welcome messages are sent out to customers who are texting you for the very first time. 

These may be existing customers who have previously purchased from you but are only getting in touch via WhatsApp now or new potential customers who want to learn more about your business/product.

To craft the best greeting message for WhatsApp Business, your tone needs to be receptive, friendly, and eager to help.

Here are two auto-reply message templates you can use.

WhatsApp Template Message #1 (informal)

Hey there, glad to see you here!

You probably have questions about [name of product/service/business] so fire away and we’ll do our best to answer them! 😊

WhatsApp Template Message #2 (formal)

Hello, thank you for reaching out to [business name].

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our business or product, please do not hesitate to ask them. We’ll be more than happy to attend to your queries.

WhatsApp Promotion Message Templates

WhatsApp promotion messages are sent out to inform customers of (as its name suggests) any store promotions that you may be running. This can be anything from event-related storewide discounts like Black Friday and Christmas specials to limited-time flash deals.

WhatsApp Template Message #1 (event-related promotions)


Hello! To celebrate the upcoming [event/holiday], we’ll be launching a special limited-time promotion from [start date] to [end date]. 🎉

Enjoy [percentage] off all products purchased during this period. 

🕑 The clock’s ticking so hop on over to our website to shop now! 

WhatsApp Template Message #2 (flash deals)


Hello there! Looking to perk up your day? We’re here for you! 🌞

Catch our flash deal going on from [start time] to [end time] today and enjoy up to [percentage] off our products storewide! 

Don’t forget – sharing is caring. So feel free to spread the word to your friends and family! 

WhatsApp Away Message Templates

Auto-reply away WhatsApp Business messages need not be too long. The best away message for WhatsApp Business should:

  • Inform customers you’re unreachable
  • Specify when you’ll return
  • Direct them to another information source (like your website, for example)

Here are three away message templates for WhatsApp Business catering to different scenarios.

WhatsApp Template Message #1 (beyond business hours)

Hi there! We’ve closed for the day and will respond to your message as soon as we’ve had our first coffee our next business day on [date]. ☕

In the meantime, do check out our website at [website URL]. If you have any questions about our business or products, you may be able to find the answers you need in our FAQ section: [link]

WhatsApp Template Message #2 (closed for the holidays)

Hi there! We’re closed for [insert holiday] but will respond to your message as soon as we’re back on [date]. 

In the meantime, do check out our website at [website URL]. If you have any questions about our business or products, you may be able to find the answers you need in our FAQ section: [link]

[Insert holiday greeting: Wishing you a Merry Christmas!]

WhatsApp Template Message #3 (last-minute, urgent closure)

This template is for small business owners who have no one else to take over handling customer queries that come through via WhatsApp while they take care of other urgent matters.

Hello, thank you for your message. I’ve had to step away for [duration] to attend to an urgent matter and will respond as soon as I’m back. 

In the meantime, do check out my business website at [website URL]. If you have any questions about my business or products, you may be able to find the answers you need on the FAQ page: [link]

WhatsApp Notification Templates

These automated notifications can be used for many different reasons. 

 They’re great to send out because not only do they serve to keep your customers informed, they also help to increase the number of touchpoints with your customers, which keeps you at the top of their minds.

WhatsApp Template Message #1 (order status confirmation)

Hello, thank you for your purchase at [business/store name]! Here’s a copy of your receipt/invoice, which we have also sent to your email.

Your order will be dispatched within [time] and we will also keep you updated on its status.

If you’d like to track or make any changes to your order, you may do so here: [link].

WhatsApp Template Message #2 (shipping update)

Hi there, we’ve got exciting news for you. Your order [insert order number] has been shipped and should arrive within [time]. 

Excited and want to stalk its process? Track your shipment here: [tracking link – if available]

WhatsApp Advertising/Marketing Message Templates

Advertising and/or marketing messages are another way to increase top-of-mind awareness for your brand. You can use them to offer a limited-time and personalized discount, or simply promote a different, related product to one that they’ve purchased from you previously.

WhatsApp Template Message #1 (to encourage repeat purchases)

It’s been a while… 

And we miss you. 

That’s why we’re offering you a [insert discount/free gift] on your next purchase with us! 🎉

Simply copy and paste this special discount code [code] to any of your checkouts before [cut-off date]. 📅 Easy peasy!

Hope to see you back at our store soon!

WhatsApp Template Message #2 (to spur related purchases)

Hi there! 👋 Did you enjoy our [name of product they purchased from you]?

Why not complement it with [name of related product]?

Just for you, we’re offering you a special [percentage] discount off [name of related product] if you purchase it before [date].

All you have to do is copy and paste this code [code] when checking out!

WhatsApp Reminders

Reminders work best when applied to a discount code (like the one above) that was sent out and left unused. 

Sometimes, your customers just need a gentle poke to carry out their purchase. And since you’ve already done that in your previous message, you want to make this reminder as straight-to-the-point as possible.

Hi there! 

We know you’re busy and may have missed our message about your special discount. It’d be remiss of us to just let it slide, so here’s a gentle reminder for you to use it before it expires! 🛎️

Discount: [percentage] off

Code: [date]

Use by: [date]

Start Using WhatsApp Templates For Business Automation Now

There’s no question that WhatsApp Business has become the go-to tool today to build brand loyalty and stay in touch with your customers.

Keeping your customers satisfied is what all businesses should strive to do because repeat purchases aside, they can also act as brand ambassadors and promote your products. 

But as your business grows, keeping all your customers happy and informed can become even more challenging. 

And that’s exactly why you should start leveraging the many benefits that come with automating your WhatsApp Business messages as soon as possible. 

We hope that you’ve found these WhatsApp templates for businesses helpful and we highly encourage you to use and apply them immediately to your brand’s communication strategy. 

If you want to learn more about WhatsApp Business and explore how it can help you, visit our website.

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