WhatsApp Marketing Tutorial: A Quick Guide for Businesses Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp Marketing Tutorial: A Quick Guide for Businesses Using WhatsApp

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post, that means that you’ve decided to jump into the world of WhatsApp marketing and join the more than five million companies around the world who are already doing so through WhatsApp business.

So, you’ve set up your WhatsApp business account. The next step is to build your storefront, get your automated WhatsApp marketing messages processes going, and create a seamless WhatsApp marketing and customer service experience for your customers.

In this WhatsApp marketing tutorial, we’ll run you through how to use the communication’s features for business marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing Business Tools

There are a variety of WhatsApp marketing tools at your disposal that you should be taking full advantage of as part of your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

We’ll be looking at the following in detail and explain how you can leverage them for WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp Business Profile

First up is your WhatsApp company profile. This is pretty similar to a personal WhatsApp profile in that it helps others understand who you are in a single glance. 

It allows you to include an image, a display name, an “about” section, and of course, a phone number.

But while that’s all that the personal WhatsApp accounts offer, you can and should do more with your business account.


Think of it as a condensed version of your business homepage on WhatsApp. You should provide a business description, address, category, business hours, and contact details like an email and a website and fill these sections as accurately and informatively as possible. 

Quick WhatsApp marketing tip: Fill in your description as you would the value proposition section of your website and the “about” section with a short, punchy, and catchy title. Note that the description gets cut off after ~180 characters so you’ll want to have all the powerful and impactful keywords in this space.

Product Catalog

The product catalog is where visuals really matter. Marketing is, after all, about promoting and selling your products so you want your product photos to convey trust and confidence. 

That means getting your WhatsApp product photos taken by a professional photographer, ideally one with experience in product photography, and from different angles.

Attractive product images make customers feel as if they were holding the products in their hands—which is particularly important for WhatsApp marketing. They’re a very powerful marketing conversion tool and can guide them one step closer to purchase.

For each product, you can add multiple images (which we recommend), an image name, a price, product description, a link to the product page on your website, and an item code.

One of the best features of the product catalog is that it comes with a link that you can send to your customers. This is great with WhatsApp marketing campaigns or promotions as you can take customers directly to the relevant products and have them browse on WhatsApp itself.

Away Message

The “away message” feature may be a basic WhatsApp marketing tool, but it’s extremely important for the purposes of communicating with customers outside of your business hours.

Instead of leaving customers in the lurch and their messages unanswered while you’re not working, a simple message can do wonders for customer relations.

Your message doesn’t need to be too complicated—even the default one WhatsApp has created will suffice: 

Thank you for your message. We’re unavailable right now, but will respond as soon as possible. 

However, we would advise you to customize your WhatsApp marketing message to at least include when your store will open again and when they can expect a response from you.

You can also select if you want the message to always be sent, which is useful for when you need to close your store for longer periods of time, only at specific hours, or outside of business hours.

You can also select to whom you’d like the away message to be sent: 

  • Everyone
  • Everyone not in address book
  • Everyone except…
  • Only send to…

Greeting Message

The next WhatsApp marketing tool on the WhatsApp business account is the greeting message. Just like the away message we’ve covered in the previous point, it’s an automated messaging feature. 

You can set it up to automatically send a welcome message to first-time customers and a greeting message to customers who have been inactive for 14 days.

Do not underestimate the marketing prowess of the greeting message. It’s a great way to lower your response time and guide customers towards the information they need and/or further down the sales funnel.

 Ways to do this include:

  • Send them to the help section of your store
  • Encourage them to browse your product catalog
  • Promote any sale items 
  • Offer discount codes

Quick Replies

Quick replies are essentially message templates you can create and send to allow you to respond to customers’ messages promptly.

Instead of having to type out an entire message every single time you want to respond, this feature allows you to simply customize selected parts.

You can also create a shortcut, which works like a header or a tag, to allow you to easily identify the message template you’d like to send. 


The “labels” feature is an amazing WhatsApp marketing tool to help you get organized as it allows you to sort and categorize your communication.

By default, WhatsApp has created and color-coded some label categories.

But you’re free to edit existing labels, change their colors, and even create new labels for other needs, including urgent queries, WhatsApp promotions, and more.

The best part about these labels is that you’re able to send out a broadcast message to customers under a single label instead of messaging them individually, which is time-consuming and tedious.

This works in a similar way to the BCC feature for emails; the message you send is received separately by each customer in a private chat.

That means:

  • There’s no telling that it’s a message being sent out to the masses
  • They cannot view the contact details of recipients you have sent the message to
  • Replies to your broadcast message will come through the private chat

Using Labels for WhatsApp Promotions

This feature comes in particularly handy when running WhatsApp promotions. 

For example, let’s say your WhatsApp marketing strategy involves rewarding high-spending customers with discounts. 

You could tag on a label to customers who have spent, say, $1000 on your products. 

When the time comes to run a WhatsApp promotion targeting just them, you can broadcast a message with a special discount code and a link to your product catalog to them without having to trawl through your entire customer list. 

Short Link

The “short link” feature provides you with both a truncated URL and a QR code that you can send to other customers to invite them to start a WhatsApp chat with you.

You can share them via WhatsApp itself, or other communication apps including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, email, and more.

Opening the link or QR code will start a chat with you either via their personal WhatsApp accounts on their mobile phones or via WhatsApp web.

You can even set it up such that a default message is typed and ready for your customer to customize and/or send it upon starting the chat.

Marketing on WhatsApp Business API

The above-mentioned features in this WhatsApp marketing tutorial cover everything you need to know about the basic WhatsApp business app.

As a small ecommerce company or solopreneur, these should be enough for your business needs.

But if you’re a growing enterprise and require more advanced features such as a shared team inbox, the ability to integrate WhatsApp business to third-party software, more automated WhatsApp marketing services, analytics and reporting, and more, WhatsApp Business API is your answer.

WhatsApp Business API has plenty more features and provides more benefits for larger companies and can only be accessed through official WhatsApp Business Service Providers (BSP) such as WATI

For more on the different WhatsApp business products, do give a read to our post on the differences between WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business app, and WhatsApp Business API

WATI is proudly owned by digital assistant startup, Clare.AI, which creates synergies from the newest technologies made possible by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The state-of-the-art tools created help to provide advanced customer communication to improve the customer experience. Fortune 500 companies such as AXA, Fidelity, Bupa, Birdie, Cigna, and more have all put their trust in Clare.AI’s solutions.

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