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About Wati

Stronger customer relationships are built through conversations, one message at a time.

  • Our vision is to enable small to medium companies to grow business smarter. Wati is a strategic solution that helps businesses meet their customers where they are - on the messaging platform with incredible market penetration - WhatsApp. Its big presence means many customers and prospects are accessible and ready to engage in real-time.

    We help companies have personalized conversations with customers at scale with easy-to-use customer engagement software that’s built on WhatsApp Business API. For example, our customers often automate sending personalized notifications via WhatsApp from their systems through Wati.

    SMEs also support their customers through seamless WhatsApp communications management using Wati’s Team Inbox, smart routing, automated responses, data tagging, and analytics features.

    Many of these interactions may be automated through no or low-code workflow builders and chatbots. Automation continues to be a huge driver for our ambition of providing an end-to-end solution for WhatsApp. Allowing companies to have more engaging conversations with their customers in a smart way is efficient, and means they get more time to do what they love - focusing on business growth.

    Headquartered in Hong Kong, Wati is a global business that reaches 100+ countries, serving 8000+ customers and counting. We are a small and energetic team with a diverse and inclusive culture, working from the comfort of our homes.

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break engagemnt barriers break engagemnt barriers
break engagemnt barriers break engagemnt barriers

Over 8,000 customers

What some of our 8,000+ customers across 100+ countries think of Wati.

  • “Highly customisable and friendly”

    We work in the hotel business, so keeping in touch with people travelling is very easy using WhatsApp. Wati help us to have multiple people answering guests. It also allows us to automate basic replies such as the address

    Eduardo Zeballos

    Marketing Manager, Hotel Rosario

  • “Great product for early-stage startups”

    Wati is flexible, unlike a lot of other WhatsApp business solutions out there. As an early startup, we work on Google sheets and website forms. We do not have phone support. WhatsApp is our only support channel. Wati helps us manage customer interactions on WhatsApp seamlessly at a very reasonable cost.

    Pradeep Dodle

    Co-founder, Superfone

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