WhatsApp Message Sender for Google Sheets by Wati

Automate WhatsApp campaigns from Google Sheets

Send bulk WhatsApp messages
by broadcasting from Google Sheets.


Simplify contact engagement
using WhatsApp and Google Sheets

  • Broadcast Communication

    Easy Setup & No Extra Fee

    Simple setup of Google Sheets in your Google account with no additional fees.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Personalize in all Languages

    Send dynamic messages by personalizing fields in all supported languages.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Shared Team Inbox

    Allow multiple agents to handle customer inquiries, use quick replies and do more.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Broadcast Notifications

    Send bulk messages on WhatsApp using our broadcast manager.
  • Broadcast Communication

    No-Code Integration

    Use Wati’s WhatsApp chatbot builder to integrate a WhatsApp chatbot seamlessl
  • Broadcast Communication

    WhatsApp Verified badge

    Work with Wati to apply for the official WhatsApp’s verified green badge.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

questionWhat is the Wati-Google Sheets Integration?

The Wati-Google Sheets Integration allows businesses to connect their WhatsApp Business API with Google Sheets, enabling the automation of data management and communication processes.

questionWhat types of tasks can be automated with the Wati-Google Sheets Integration?

Automate tasks like updating contact information, managing orders, tracking inventory, and more, enhancing overall efficiency and data organization.

question How do I set up the Wati-Google Sheets Integration?

Sign up for a Wati.io account, connect your WhatsApp Business API number, and follow the provided instructions to link your Google Sheets and create custom workflows.

questionWhat are the benefits of using the Wati-Google Sheets Integration?

It enables seamless data management, real-time updates, improved customer communication, and reduced manual work, ultimately saving time and resources for your business.

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