Wati for Customer Support

Answer support queries faster with WhatsApp

Be more responsive and enhance your reputation for
great customer support

Wati Whatsapp For Customer Support
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    Instant Access

    Deal with customer queries that require instant responses and collect all the right information to solve customer problems 24x7 through WhatsApp.
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    Chatbot Support

    Automate support using Wati’s no-code drag and drop chatbot builder to create simple flows that answer common queries and escalate to your support team when needed.
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    Quality Management

    Drive the quality management process that helps improve your support function by collecting timely feedback from customers after every interaction.
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    Timely Updates

    Send timely WhatsApp updates to let customers know their queries, appointments or orders are all being taken care off.
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    Integrate Support

    Integrate Wati with your CRM and Helpdesk, or Google Sheets, to ensure that you don’t lose the context of conversations.
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    Scale Support

    Wati automation enables you to scale your support through WhatsApp as you grow, without having to invest more in your support team.

Provide customer winning support with WhatsApp

Stronger Customer Relationships

Faster positive support via WhatsApp builds stronger relationships.

Improve your customer satisfaction score and gather feedback for quality management. Provide positive support outcomes that quickly enhance your brand reputation.
Instant Customer Support
Customer Support Tools

Grow Future Sales

High-quality service and support drive future sales growth.

Increase the chances of new and repeat purchases by happy customers by providing a high level of satisfaction. Reduce customer churn, improve retention and increase the Lifetime Value of customers to your business.

Automate, Collaborate, Escalate

Automate tasks for better collaboration across teams.

Unify and better organize responses to customer pre-sales and support enquiries. Answer common support queries with automated chatbots and escalate more complex questions to your support team.
Scale Customer Support

Over 8,000 customers

What some of our 8,000+ customers across 100+ countries think of Wati.

  • “Easy to create chatbot”

    What I liked the most was the possibility of creating teams and adding attendants to each team, so the WhatsApp service provided by the Sales team and the Customer Service team do not mix. Another point that I really liked was the ease of creating chatbots.

    Marco Aurélio
    Sales manager - Agência Coati
  • “Good customer engagement tool on WhatsApp”

    We have a complete WA iteration of our product on Wati. Love the application. It is easily integrable with no code-based backend products like Xano.

    Arjun D
    Programs Head

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