WhatsApp Shop by Wati

Online shopping made easy with a WhatsApp store

Create a WhatsApp Shop in minutes using a
premade Google Sheets template.


Share your very own
customized WhatsApp Shop

  • Broadcast Communication

    Shop on WhatsApp

    No need for customers to leave WhatsApp to shop online.
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    Premade template

    Get started fast with a premade Google Sheets template.
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    Scalable Shopping

    Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 items, sell them on your WhatsApp Shop.
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    No Coding Required

    Build your codeless WhatsApp Shop in minutes!
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    Delivery & Pickup Options

    Flexibly offer shipping and instore collection options.
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    Beautiful Looking Stores

    Create a good looking, fully functional WhatsApp Shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

questionWhat is Wati-WhatsApp Shop integration?

It's an e-commerce solution enabling businesses to create online stores within WhatsApp for easy browsing and ordering.

questionCan customers communicate with businesses through WhatsApp Shop?

Yes, customers can directly ask questions or request support, enhancing customer service and engagement via the messaging app.

questionCan I integrate my existing e-commerce platform with WhatsApp Shop?

Yes, Wati.io offers integration options for popular e-commerce platforms for seamless syncing and management.

question Is WhatsApp Shop secure for customers and businesses?

Built on the WhatsApp Business API, it ensures a secure and encrypted environment for communication and transactions.

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