Custom Notifications

Build relationships and
grow sales

Use customized message alerts to drive your
business forward.

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  • Broadcast Communication

    Alert Users

    Notify team users assigned to contacts of incoming messages.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Inform Contacts

    Alert contacts of offers, tracking info, abandoned carts and more.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Build Relationships

    Enable 1-2-1 continuity between users and contacts.

Timely information for users, teams and contacts

Update customers and prospects

Drive more website traffic and improve conversion rates.

Alert customers when products are in stock or services are scheduled. Cross-sell products and services suggested by previous purchasing or interests.
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Wati teams

Offers and promotions

Alert customers and contacts of relevant deals.

Notify customers of special offers and discounted prices. Offer specific customers or prospects tailored deals to help maximize conversion.

Stronger relationships

Promote continuity of communication between specific users, teams and contacts.

Customize notifications based on messages to assigned teams. Customize notifications to Alert users and teams to messages from specific contacts.
Wati customer

Over 8,000 customers

What some of our 8,000+ customers across 100+ countries think of Wati.

  • “Highly customisable and friendly”

    We work in the hotel business, so keeping in touch with people travelling is very easy using WhatsApp. Wati help us to have multiple people answering guests. It also allows us to automate basic replies such as the address

    Eduardo Zeballos
    Marketing Manager, Hotel Rosario
  • “Great product for early-stage startups”

    Wati is flexible, unlike a lot of other WhatsApp business solutions out there. As an early startup, we work on Google sheets and website forms. We do not have phone support. WhatsApp is our only support channel. Wati helps us manage customer interactions on WhatsApp seamlessly at a very reasonable cost.

    Pradeep Dodle
    Co-founder, Superfone

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