WhatsApp Business Integration with Zapier by Wati

Supercharge your business with Wati’s Zapier integration

Connect Wati to 5,000+ apps and automate your workflows with the power of Zapier.


Smoothly integrate WhatsApp Business
with your preferred apps

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    Hassle-Free Integration

    Link Wati to Zapier and automate your business processes with ease.
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    Event-Driven Actions

    Set up triggers in Zapier to send WhatsApp messages based on specific events.
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    No-Code Setup

    Quickly and easily integrate Wati with Zapier without any coding knowledge.
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    Multi-App Connection

    Connect Wati with a variety of apps in the Zapier ecosystem to optimize your workflows.
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    Data-Informed Decisions

    Utilize data from your integrated apps to make informed business choices.
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    Customizable Workflows

    Create personalized automation workflows to match your specific business demands.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

question Do I need coding skills to use Wati and Zapier?

No, Wati and Zapier integration is designed for ease of use and doesn’t require any coding skills. You can conveniently create custom workflows using the user-friendly interface provided by Zapier.

questionWhat types of apps can I connect Wati to using Zapier?

Zapier offers an extensive range of app integrations, including popular CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, and project management tools. Explore the list of supported apps on the Zapier website to find the ones that fulfill your business needs.

questionIs Wati and Zapier integration secure?

Absolutely, both Wati and Zapier prioritize data security and ensure that your information is protected. They employ encryption and security protocols and adhere to industry best practices to safeguard your data during transfer and storage.

questionCan I customize the automation workflows in Zapier?

Yes, Zapier allows you to develop custom automation workflows tailored to your specific business needs. Set up triggers and actions between Wati and other integrated apps to automate tasks and boost efficiency.

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