Wati's Impact: Oxwhite's Conversion Rates Soar by 20%

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About Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited

Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited, established by K Srinivasan in 1984, is one of Asia's largest jewelry manufacturers. Emerald is proud of its committed workforce of 7000+ employees, 11 exclusive retail JewelOne showrooms in South India, and 500+ distributors across India & overseas. The company has design centers in Coimbatore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. They’re one of the largest Display Centres set up in Coimbatore, India with over 1,00,000+ designs displayed for customers to see.

The Challenge

The company faced a significant challenge in its HR department: the high resource consumption in conducting physical assessment tests for recruitment, overseen by HR invigilators.

The Solution

To address this, Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited introduced the Wati Chatbot to conduct online assessment tests. This innovation streamlined the pre-interview process, allowing for the qualification of candidates remotely. They set a goal of 10 completed interviews per day, but with the new system, they managed to conduct up to 20 interviews daily.


Here’s how Wati helped Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited


Workload reduced on customer care agents


Increase in customer engagement


Increase in the number of customer queries


CSAT score


Increase in conversion rates

< 10 Minutes



Improvement in customer retention


Virgil Chung

Senior Marketing Data Analyst at Oxwhite


Wati helps us keep things organized by letting us group our customer chats. This makes it easy to find the conversations based on the group. If we need to follow up later, we can mark chats as pending so we can find them again easily.The automation and chatbot feature in Wati made our work smoother, helping us communicate with customers more effectively and quickly complete tasks. Wati not only allowed us to send out WhatsApp messages but also helped improve our overall customer support.


By teaming up with Wati, Oxwhite found an easier way to connect with customers. Work became more straightforward with a significant reduction in customer support efforts. Engagement levels rose noticeably, and they handled increased customer queries while maintaining high customer satisfaction.