From 200 to 80,000+ Subscribers: How Wati Empowered Habuild's Remarkable Growth

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About Habuild

Habuild is a rapidly growing wellness platform in India, encouraging people to commit to regular exercise. Over 20 lakh people have been a part of their yoga sessions, and they have 80,000+ subscribers. Their programs include yoga, Zumba sessions, and juice cleanses, promoting healthy habits for improved metabolism, health, and fitness levels.

The Challenge

Habuild started hosting yoga classes during the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on habit-building and instilling discipline in users to achieve results. However, manually tracking and sending reminders to users daily became overwhelming as the platform grew. The need for an automated messaging system arose to motivate users to join the class consistently. So, Habuild sought a solution to ensure their customers stay engaged and committed to daily yoga practice through automated and effective communication.

The Solution

Habuild leveraged WhatsApp to enhance its user experience and engagement. They set up chatbots and sent message broadcasts to ensure their users don’t miss out on attending online classes. Additionally, they used WhatsApp flows to promote and sell their masterclass programs effectively.

In a remarkable feat, Habuild also utilised WhatsApp as one of their communication channels & created a world record by hosting the world's largest virtual Yoga session on International Yoga Day, June 21, 2023, with 1,34,057 attendees.


Here’s how Wati helped Habuild achieve some incredible results:


New users acquired

1.3 Million

Registrations for a virtual session


WhatsApp Messages sent daily


Users attend classes more than three times/week


Users receive reminders via WhatsApp every day


Anshul Agrawal

Co-founder of Habuild


We’ve scaled with Wati, and our experience has been great. We’ve been able to set up and automate messages to our user base to ensure they don’t miss out on their classes. Now we send WhatsApp messages to 80,000 users using Wati.


By choosing Wati, Habuild achieved several benefits. They sent regular reminders to users through WhatsApp, fostering healthy exercise habits and expanding their user base. The messaging automation reduced their workload, enabling them to concentrate on crucial aspects of business and provide better service to their users.