How Ekatra improved their attendance to online learning by 5x using WhatsApp



Ekatra is a Unified Learning Platform that can help instructors to teach students in a low data or no data environment, combining the power of Text (SMS & Whatsapp), Audio & Video communication. They are solving for accessible and equitable education, especially addressing the Digital Divide that has surfaced since the pandemic has started. The solution we built was initially to solve their own problem, but they soon realized that it’s a much larger issue not just in India but across the globe.
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Ekatra GOAL

Accessible and equitable education for all

There is a huge digital divide between urban and rural schools in India. In a recent survey, over 75% of students said they found it hard to study online during the lockdown. Over 80% students said they needed hand-holding to shift from offline to online education and over 25% said they needed proper training to pursue education online.

Ekatra started using video conferencing solutions when the COVID lockdown hit India. However, only 5% of the students could attend classes. Ekatra wanted to definitely change that.


Founder, Ekatra

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As a non-profit, we wanted to reach several of our beneficiaries. WATI allows us to have multiple agents to respond to a large influx of queries in real time. We are able to design automated flows, provide key-word detection led flows and automate several tasks saving manual effort of our volunteers. All of this with no-coding knowledge required. The best part was the phenomenal support provided by the team in record times.

The solution using WATI

Over the past 2 years, Ekatra has worked with almost 5000 students to provide them with skills to become entrepreneurs through learning programs. Between December 2019 to March 2020, the program was running offline. When the pandemic hit, they were not able to get students to continue learning online. Some of the problems they faced were:

Students wanted to learn but their data pack would expire and they didn’t have the money to recharge their plan.

They only had access to the phones late at night when the parents came back from work.

Only the boys got access to smartphones. Girls had to make do with basic phones.

This motivated them to find solutions to provide access to these students. When they moved from video to WhatsApp, they saw a 10x increase to 50% attendance. They also included SMS and audio channels and they were able to reach over 80% of the students.

They pivoted to WhatsApp as it is the most widely used communication channel. They used broadcast lists and groups to begin with, but it raised privacy concerns. To overcome that, they shifted to WhatsApp Business APIs, and after exploring several providers, found WATI to be the best match. It warrants mentioning that they were supported through WhatsApp’s initiative which covered our subscription costs for a year!

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Improvement in attendance to online classes


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Students served on WhatsApp

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