How Terpel ran the LARGEST WHATSAPP PROMOTION IN COLOMBIA with 9 million interactions on WhatsApp & 35 million USD in sales with WATI



Terpel is the biggest oil and gas retailer in Colombia. It has more than 1,600 gas stations and serves more than 14 million clients. In addition, Terpel also offers complementary services such as food and beverages through convenience stores at the stations.
The company was established in 1968. Its goal is to continue being the #1 brand, also develop its category by incorporating new technologies such as electric charging stations.



NODO, the execution partner for this project has been an ally of Terpel for the last 5 years, helping them create a better experience for their customers and all stakeholders. They have characterized themselves by providing quick implementation and flexible solutions with partners like WATI. They are a team that works with agile methodologies and with the goal of improving customer service around the world.


Unique Users Reached

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Client Obtained

0 million USD

Client Obtained


Economic reactivation after the lockdown due to the pandemic

For this promotion, NODO’s main objective for Terpel was to promote economic reactivation after the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They wanted to provide an incentive that would help stimulate mobility and the Colombian economy.

NODO also wanted to do this while maintaining fast, friendly and efficient contact with their clients, which would allow them to obtain data in real-time to direct the business strateg


Jaime Chaves

NODO Founder & CEO
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“Regalos en el Camino Terpel” was historic. We were able to capitalize on the large WhatsApp's penetration (more than 90% in Colombia) as a fast participation channel in which in less than 2 minutes people were able to register and send their purchase invoices to participate using OCR and AI to capture and analyze all data that we collected in real-time.”

The solution using WATI

NODO ran a promotion for Terpel called “Regalos en el Camino Terpel”. It was a simple promotion where anytime a customer shopped at a Terpel station, they had to take a picture of the bill and send it to their official WhatsApp number. Once they accumulated spending worth a certain limit, the customers were eligible for a lucky draw. This lucky draw happened every Monday between December 6th, 2021, and January 31st, 2022.

There were 509 prizes given away to customers who won in these lucky draws
(new cars and motorcycles, smartphones, Xbox, headphones, and cash prizes among others).

This simple promotion was publicized heavily all across the country through billboards, advertisements, and social media campaigns. Since Terpel is one of the leading brands in Colombia, the participation in this campaign was overwhelmingly positive.

NODO employed over 130 agents to ensure that every bill that was being uploaded on WhatsApp was evaluated correctly. WATI helped all of these agents work together in a seamless manner without any of the submissions falling through the cracks.

“WhatsApp gave us between 50% and 70% effectiveness in communications versus a maximum of 5% for email and 3% for SMS.”

Jaime Chaves | NODO Founder & CEO

Terpel & Nodo’s success

35 million

USD in sales

9 million



clients obtained


unique users reached

130 agents



invoices processed through WhatsApp


as stations participating

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