2024 E-Commerce Trends: Insights from Wati & Shopify

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Featured Speakers

Ananth Jayarajan

Technical & Partnerships Lead Shopify

Madhavan Radhakrishnan

Product Manager Wati

Arthitha Ravindran

Growth Lead Tacheon

Topics Include

Social E-Commerce Trends

Discover how social media platforms are transforming the e-commerce experience and learn how to capitalize on this trend.

Leveraging WhatsApp as a Sales Channel

Unlock the potential of WhatsApp as a powerful sales and customer engagement tool.

Operational Best Practices

Gain practical insights into optimizing your e-commerce operations for efficiency and growth.

Who should watch this webinar?

Individuals interested in staying ahead with e-commerce trends

E-commerce Business Owners

Shopify Merchants

Gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape!

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