InvestAI got 30x more response than tradition emails using Wati

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InvestAI is a fintech company based in São Paulo that was founded in 2020. The company’s primary objective is to revolutionize the way Brazilians invest using Artificial Intelligence. By monitoring and selecting the best Fixed Income investments from several brokers without having any affiliation or association with banks or brokers, the company is helping all Brazilians invest better.

Broadcast Communication

About InvestAI

InvestAI is a company that is at the forefront of digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence in Brazil. The company’s main goal is to democratize access to sophisticated investments and make them more accessible and transparent to everyone. The company has already invested over 200 million reais in investments and continues to grow.

The Challenge

InvestAI realized that using WhatsApp as the primary communication channel with customers would be the most effective way to engage with them. However, as the number of customers grew, the company had trouble keeping up with the demands of customer support, which led to lower customer satisfaction rates. InvestAI needed a solution that could centralize service, manage teams, and bring order to support processes.

The Solution

InvestAI migrated its WhatsApp number to the API and integrated the Wati platform - WhatsApp Team Inbox. The platform provided faster and more convenient customer support, and customer loyalty and satisfaction increased as a result. One of the key features that helped InvestAI during customer service was the Quick Response feature, which allowed service operators to configure personalized content to be used during the service, so they didn’t have to type the same texts frequently. By using Quick Reply templates, InvestAI could respond to customers quickly and avoid having to type the same questions and answers repeatedly.


Here’s how Wati helped InvestAI achieve remarkable results:


Improved Response Rates


Enhanced customer satisfaction


Lucas Pedroso

InvestAI Sales Head


“The platform has been useful for customer service, which makes us closer and more professional. We like the broadcasts and templates feature, which makes creating campaigns through WhatsApp super easy. We had a much higher response rate with WhatsApp than with email.”


InvestAI’s decision to integrate Wati into its customer service operations has proven to be an effective solution to its customer support challenges. By providing faster and more convenient customer support, InvestAI has been able to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Wati has been crucial to the company’s mission to democratize access to sophisticated investments and make them more accessible and transparent. With the continued use of Wati, InvestAI will be able to streamline its operations further and continue to provide excellent customer service.