Wati helped Zellbury achieve an impressive 87% customer satisfaction rate on support!

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About Zellbury

Zellbury is a fashion brand from Pakistan that offers trendy clothes at affordable prices throughout the year. They have both online and physical stores, catering to customers in 36 cities in Pakistan as well as international clients.

The Challenge

Zellbury tried various chat apps and communication methods to address customer pain points, but none of them was the right fit. Some platforms had issues like not retaining chat history after sessions were closed, making it difficult to reach customers again. Zellbury wanted to keep up with the high demand for communication from customers and prospects.

The Solution

Zellbury found a perfect match with Wati’s WhatsApp Business API to streamline their customer service operations. They found the platform efficient and loved the automated replies via chatbot. With Wati, multiple agents could use the platform simultaneously, and they had access to straightforward and efficient dashboard reporting and analytics. Moreover, they didn’t need a smartphone to be connected to the internet all the time, which was crucial for providing 24/7 customer support.


Here’s how Wati helped Zellbury achieve remarkable results:


Conversations via WhatsApp


Customer satisfaction rate


Sales via WhatsApp


Increase in chats per agent


Syed Waqas Pervez

Head of eCommerce & Customer Care, Zellbury


We wanted to have open-line communication with our customers, and using Wati’s WhatsApp API, we were able to achieve that. Every brand envisions providing exceptional customer experience, Wati’s quick implementation has helped us achieve this Vision because vision without execution is merely a hallucination.


WatiI’s platform was user-friendly and provided multiple benefits, including automated replies, analytics, and the ability for multiple agents to use the platform at the same time. With Wati’s help, Zellbury accomplished goals that seemed unattainable before.