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Unlock Success with the Meta Business Accelerator (MBA) Programme

Welcome to the Meta Business Accelerator (MBA)—where possibilities meet performance! 🌟

Wati Whatsapp Marketing Agency

Why Choose Meta’s MBA Programme?

Unlock ROI

Dive into a world of high-quality leads and watch your return on investment soar. Wati, an official Meta Business Partner, is ready to supercharge your success.

Expertise and Services

Access a galaxy of services and expertise to fuel your marketing objectives. From creative campaigns to strategic insights, they’ve got you covered.

Ads that Click to Messaging (CTX):

This year, Meta has turbocharged the program with CTX solutions. Reach your Business Messaging goals faster than a rocket launch!

Why Wati?

At Wati, we’re more than just ones and zeros. We’re the warp drive for your WhatsApp journey. Here’s why SMBs across the globe choose us:

  • Broadcast Communication

    Business Messaging Made Simple

    Trusted by the fastest-growing brands in over 100+ countries, Wati is the #1 end-to-end WhatsApp API solution. Real results. Real stories.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Flexible and Friendly

    Unlike other WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs), Wati bends like a contortionist. Seamlessly manage customer interactions at a very reasonable cost.
  • Broadcast Communication

    Stellar Support

    Share the Wati Team Inbox across your team and provide stellar support on WhatsApp. We’re like the concierge of the digital universe.
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    Integrations Galore

    Native integration lets you connect your favourite cloud apps. We’re the bridge between galaxies.

Frequently Asked Questions.

questionWhat is a Meta Business Partner (MBP)?

Meta Business Partners are companies Meta has selected based on their expertise. They have the experience to help your business grow — from running ads to selling products to engaging with your customers. Code3, Meta’s featured MBP, provides free creative and media services for their SMB accelerator programme. You can learn more about MBPs here.

questionIs there a cost for this service?

The Meta Business Partner team subsidises this programme. As such, there's no cost to your business during the MBP SMB Accelerator engagement. https://www.facebook.com/business/marketing-partners/mbp-smb-accelerator#

questionWho do I contact if I have issues with my campaign?

Please contact the Code3 team (smbsupport@code3.com)

questionWho do I contact if I have issues with my ad account?

Please contact the Meta team (MBP_SMBAccelerator@fb.com)

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