WhatsApp Bot – How to Use Automation for WhatsApp Business Accounts?

WhatsApp Bot - How to Use Automation for WhatsApp Business Accounts?

The most important part of the relationship with your customers is communication. When there is no satisfactory communication, your sales and reputation suffer. This is why it is important to have a reliable way to get your messages across and involve all your team members in the effort.

WhatsApp Business is one of those ways. Thanks to its large and active user base counting over 2 billion people, WhatsApp has proven to be an excellent platform for businesses to foster the majority of their communication with the customers. 

This was first established through the free WhatsApp Business app that allowed small business owners to spread their outreach. However, for medium and large businesses, WhatsApp envisioned something bigger –  the WhatsApp Business API.

While the WhatsApp Business app limits you to one person being signed in at a time to one phone number/business profile, the WhatsApp Business API removes this limitation, allowing multiple agents to use this messaging platform at the same time. On top of that, acquiring access to the API will also get you an official WhatsApp Business account with the recognizable green checkmark, proving your business is legitimate and trusted by the messaging giant.

You can get access to the WhatsApp Business API by signing up for the services of a business solution provider (BSP) such as WATI. This way, not only are you getting all the benefits of the API, but also other advantages provided by the BSP itself.

WATI, for instance, also offers a team collaboration platform with all the tools to make your agents’ communication with customers as seamless and productive as possible (even on-the-go).

WATI’s WhatsApp Business Automation

One of these tools is WhatsApp Automation. WATI Automation allows the WhatsApp business bot (WhatsApp Business Chatbot) to automate responses to customers’ inquiries under certain conditions. A WhatsApp bot for business helps you to quickly respond to a user’s query without the need of a human agent. These conditions include when customers ask questions:

  • That match certain keywords
  • During working hours but not reply after some time
  • During out-of-office hours.

When you sign into WATI’s platform, it will provide you with the WhatsApp bot that can take over conversations if no agent is assigned to the chat and/or certain other conditions are met. The WhatsApp chatbot is assigned in WATI’s Automation area.

wati automation dashboard, whatsapp bot

WATI’s WhatsApp automation bot automatically replies for you

The WhatsApp automation bot area consists of three sections:

Keyword Action

In the keyword action area, you can set up the specific responses by the WhatsApp bot that will be elicited by the certain keywords that you can also define yourself. The keywords do not need to match the customer’s exact message (this is called the Fuzzy match mode).

For instance, if you enter the phrase “opening hours” as the keyword, the AI will trigger the same response (your actual opening hours) for when the customer asks “What are your opening hours?”.

This way, instead of wasting time on coming up with every possible sentence (which can be a time-consuming and exhausting procedure), you only need to enter about 5-10 words or phrases per response to get the best possible matching. 

You can also define how the WhatsApp auto reply bot will respond to individual emojis or stickers. For example, if the customer sends the thumbs-up sticker, your WhatsApp bot can reply with an answer that includes the corresponding sticker (like the thumbs-up sticker or whatever else you think is appropriate).

wati automation dashboard

Here you can define automatic responses to specific keywords and emojis

Default Action

The default action area is the place where you define the default behavior of the WhatsApp bot in specific situations, such as when customers:

  • Ask questions during working hours but not reply after some time
  • Ask questions during out-of-office hours
  • Do not respond after an operator or bot replied and it draws near the 24-hour limit for the WhatsApp session message.

After setting your working hours, you can enable the option of whether or not you want the specific customer message to receive a response outside of those working hours and/or when the customer service is offline. Here you also choose the keyword or phrase that will trigger the automatic response.

The next option, should you choose to activate it, is to set how many minutes the user will wait without a reply before an automatic response is sent and to which specific keywords or phrases.

Finally, you can choose whether an automatic response will be issued just before the 24 hours since the last message was sent expires, as well as which specific response it will be.

wati automation dashboard

Choose the default behavior of the chatbot for specific conditions

Reply Material

The reply material is the section where you create all the automatic content which will be sent under specific conditions. In other words, here you can define the responses for specific situations and conditions met in the Keyword Action and Default Action sections. The reply material can be:

  • Text – keywords, phrases, and sentences
  • Images
  • Documents (e.g. PDF)
  • Combination of multiple reply material types.

Adding new material is simple and can be done by one click on the Add Text/Document/Image button. You can edit or remove these as needed. This section also has a search box for easier finding of specific responses.

wati automation dashboard

All the automatic responses you created can be found in the Reply Material section

Get your own WhatsApp bot

WATI does not only offer access to the globally popular messaging platform with billions of users. WATI’s WhatsApp chat bot helps businesses automate their communication when no agent is available or in other situations that require it. The WhatsApp bot is fully customizable and you can teach it to reply in various situations and in whichever way you see fit, including with stickers and emojis.

The best part about this tool is that you don’t have to worry about lost customers or missed sale opportunities just because at some point you or your customer support agents were unavailable. Automatic responses help you stay in touch with your customers at all times.

Our platform also allows members of large teams to cooperate on tasks of customer communication and interaction through the unified team inbox and accompanying tools. Thanks to WATI’s WhatsApp Business app, the communication tool is available on-the-go, even when agents don’t have access to a desktop device.

Want to experience the benefits of our platform and the WhatsApp bot firsthand? Just fill out the form for early access and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

WATI is the product of Clare.AI, the AI digital assistant start-up and online tool combining machine learning with proprietary natural language processing technology to create award-winning customer communication experiences. Clare.AI has been in the messaging business for years and is trusted by multinational enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

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What is WhatsApp chat bot?

A WhatsApp Chatbot is an intelligent program that takes WhatsApp user’s input and replies to them to resolve their queries.
WhatsApp bots are used for customer support, sales, and marketing automation purposes.

How do I create a free chatbot on WhatsApp?

You can build a no-code WhatsApp chatbot that you can customize according to your messaging and business needs in under ten minutes.
You can integrate the chatbot with your WhatsApp Business Number only if you have a WhatsApp Business API-approved number.

How do you make a WhatsApp chat bot?

You can use WATI platform to build a no code WhatsApp Chatbot under 10 minutes for your brand.

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