WhatsApp Chatbot For Business: Build A WhatsApp Bot In 5 Minutes

What Is A WhatsApp Bot?

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I’ve been building WhatsApp chatbots for almost a year. I’ve built various engaging WhatsApp chatbots in the industries like insurance, real estate, and e-commerce. 

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot/WhatsApp Bot?

It’s easy to understand when people say that a Chatbot is a program that communicates with users with pre-filled messages. This communication could be in the form of texts or even voice.

But for a WhatsApp Chatbot, its definition comes with its application. A WhatsApp Chatbot basically allows you to automate your sales and customer support on your WhatsApp Business Account.

For example, if you run an eCommerce store using WhatsApp Business, a WhatsApp bot will show products and categories to your users when asked.

What is WhatsApp Business?


WhatsApp Business is a solution developed by Facebook to help businesses build their presence on WhatsApp. Being the best alternative to old SMS services, WhatsApp for businesses enables businesses to interact with their customers with chats, reminders, confirmation texts on WhatsApp Itself.

There are two WhatsApp Business Solutions:
1. WhatsApp Business App
2. WhatsApp Business API

Read The Differences Between WhatsApp Business APP & WhatsApp API.

Do you really need a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Are you a business that wants to be on WhatsApp? If yes, why? Definitely because either you:

  1. want to boost your business using WhatsApp Business solution or 
  2. want to bring your customer support on WhatsApp.

If you are looking to scale your business on WhatsApp, you need to provide the experience of your website or store on WhatsApp. You’ll be recommending all the products, showing categories, sending reminders and you’ll definitely need to talk to your customers. 

How can you do that 24*7? 

How many sales/support live chat agents can you hire to handle even say 1000 customers’ chats per day?

That’s why WhatsApp Automation is necessary. It is not only efficient and faster but also saves a lot of your costs.

A WhatsApp automation with an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot: 

1. Will assist your users even in non-working hours.

2. It saves the cost of hiring multiple agents.

3. It can handle multiple chats at a single time, unlike humans.

4. It is fast and highly efficient.

Get WhatsApp Chatbot with WhatsApp Business API

How To Build A WhatsApp Chatbot?

No ordinary WhatsApp Number can have a chatbot enabled on it. WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to do that. The concept of the WhatsApp bot came into existence when Facebook launched WhatsApp Business API for businesses in 2018.

WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to have their presence on WhatsApp and they also get a verified WhatsApp Business account.

With WhatsApp APIs, you can integrate your own systems like WhatsApp bot, CRM, chat agents dashboard, e.t.c to automate sales and customer support.

If you want a WhatsApp Chatbot, you’ll need WhatsApp Business API.

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WhatsApp Chatbot and Conversation Design

When you build a WhatsApp bot for your WhatsApp Business account, it works as the first interactive face of your business. So, it is very important to consider the most critical aspect i.e. conversation design.

Conversation Design: Conversation design is a process where you’ll build all the possible conversations that your customer can have with your WhatsApp Bot. It is the core of your WhatsApp automation.

Conversation design will help you identify the need of your customers, their ways of asking a single question.

It is important to know that users get frustrated when a Chatbot fails to deliver the right answer. The conversational design will help you boost UX and increase the percentage of the queries that your WhatsApp bot can answer successfully.

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a. Build Multiple Chatbot Flows: You’ve to consider that there will be multiple conversational flows to get the users to your end goals which would probably be some purchase or form. With multiple flows, you can make your Conversational Design highly efficient.

b. Add Useful Fallbacks: No chatbot can answer 100% of the queries. There would be some moments when your WhatsApp chatbot will fail to resolve a query. This is called a Chatbot failure or Fallback.

While designing a conversation, avoid using a very common fallback reply like ‘sorry! I can’t answer this for now. Please rephrase that.’ Try to make it more interactive. You can also show the main menu or sub-menu so that the users can navigate to the desired thing from there.

c. Be The Support, Not A Salesperson: While designing the conversation make sure that the chatbot should be polite and must sound like an assistant. Please don’t over-market or brag too much about your products. Show only useful things to your customers when asked.

d. Avoid Long texts: How many times would you read a long text on WhatsApp? The same things happen with your users. Keep your chatbot’s responses short and effective. If you wish to explain something in detail attach a document or a media along with your short message.

e. Add Call To Action In The Closing Messages: Now, we’ve been building a WhatsApp Chatbot for What? To get more business to be precise. It is important to note that at the end of a conversation, the chatbot must ask the user to take an action such as ‘purchase now!’ or ‘Fill the details’.

The goal of conversation design is to improve the UX with your WhatsApp Chatbot. A good UX will also help you to build your brand value on WhatsApp. 

Things to know before building a WhatsApp Chatbot for your business:

1. There are so many platforms that can help you build a Chatbot but that won’t necessarily work on your WhatsApp Number. You need to buy WhatsApp API from a platform like WATI that also supports WhatsApp Chatbot Integration.

2. Your WhatsApp Chatbot would not be the same as your web chatbot (if you have one). You’ll be following the rules and guidelines from Facebook.

3. When you get the WhatsApp APIs either you’ll be building your own CRM and dashboard systems to monitor your chats and analytics or you would be using the pre-built WATI platform for the same.

WhatsApp Chatbot: Guidelines To Comply With

Before we dive into using WhatsApp bots for your business, there are a few guidelines you need to be aware of and comply with.


If you’re already using WhatsApp for your business, you may be familiar with these. But it’s never a bad idea to rehash it as the repercussions of non-compliance can be as severe as being banned from using WhatsApp’s services.


  1. WhatsApp Business messages are via opt-in. This means that messages sent can only be to people who have agreed to receive messages from you.
  2. You may respond to messages freely (in terms of content and cost) within the first 24 hours after receiving them. After this, you may only send out pre-approved message templates and will be charged a fee to do so.
  3. Chatbots and messaging automation can be used in this 24-hour window. But the messaging needs to explicitly provide alternative ways for users to reach a live human agent.

We advise you to give the WhatsApp Business policy a thorough read before proceeding. 


How To Create A WhatsApp Chatbot For Free?

How to get a WhatsApp chatbot up and running will depend on whether you’re using the free WhatsApp Business app or the WhatsApp Business API


The app, while free and rather easy to configure, has its limitations. Building a WhatsApp bot with the business API opens up plenty more customer service, sales, and marketing opportunities, not to mention the possibility to customize your bots. 


It will, however, require a certain amount of coding knowledge. And this may be challenging to maneuver if you don’t have an in-house developer. 


At WATI, we allow you to build a no-code WhatsApp chatbot that you can customize according to your messaging and business needs in under 5 minutes.

hero screens 1

Till now, we’ve covered the basics of conversation design. Now, you’ll learn how to build a perfect WhatsApp Chatbot for your business.

Assuming that you already have WhatsApp API enabled Business Number on WATI. Because you can not install a WhatsApp Chatbot without WhatsApp APIs.

Get WhatsApp Business API Now!

When you get a WhatsApp API-enabled business number with WATI you get an entire dashboard with cool features like Contact Management, Chatbot Builder, API integrations, and much more.

With WATI’s no-code chatbot builder, you can easily build a chatbot to automate your support. You can also attach rich media and documents with your chatbot’s WhatsApp messages. Here is The Complete Guide for WhatsApp Automation Using WATI.

or you can Watch The Video Here.

Advantages Of Building A WhatsApp Chatbot with WATI:

pasted image 0

1. The main advantage of WATI is that you don’t need to be a programmer to build a WhatsApp Chatbot. You can directly create conversational blocks.

2. You get important features like Default Action, Pre-made conversational flows to choose from.

3. WATI is an official WhatsApp APIs provider so you’ll get all the latest features as early as possible. 

WhatsApp Chatbot in 2022: The conclusion

Your competition is in the race against you to be on WhatsApp to interact and acquire more and more customers. Every one of them will be using a WhatsApp Business solution.

A good WhatsApp Chatbot on your Business number will be a huge advantage for you. Your customers need not wait hours to get their questions answered. On WhatsApp, you’ll be more efficient, friendly, interactive, and build your brand value.

When it comes to the WhatsApp Chatbot, User experience matters the most. With the right conversation design, you can build the complete experience that your customers want.

WATI is the platform committed to providing all the features that combine to build a perfect no-code chatbot. So What are you waiting for? Get Your WhatsApp API Now!

How To Make A WhatsApp Bot?

You can use WATI’s Automation platform to build a highly engaging no-code chatbot that’ll drive sales and support to your WhatsApp Business Number.

How To Integrate Chatbot With WhatsApp?

To integrate a chatbot on your WhatsApp, you must have a WhatsApp API enabled on your WhatsApp Business Number. You can’t install a chatbot on a normal WhatsApp Number.

How To Create A WhatsApp Chatbot For Free?

You can use WATI’s WhatsApp solution that’ll help you build a no-code chatbot for free. But you need to pay for WhatsApp Business API. You can not build a chatbot for WhatsApp without using WhatsApp APIs.

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