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WhatsApp Business for Restaurants: A Complete Guide (2024)

Ashwin    12/04/23

Hey there, restaurant owner! Want to make your restaurant better with WhatsApp Business? You’re in the right place! This guide is super easy to understand, and it’s just for you. We’ll show you how to use WhatsApp to reach your customers and get more orders. Ready to make your restaurant awesome? Let’s get started!

What is WhatsApp Business for Restaurants?

WhatsApp Business is helpful for restaurants. It’s popular, with over 2 billion users, and lets restaurants talk to customers directly. This means they can offer better support, share deals, and sort out any issues quickly. Plus, it’s cheaper than other ways of reaching customers, making ordering food easier and faster. This can help restaurants sell more.

Why is WhatsApp Business for Restaurants Important?

Imagine WhatsApp, the messaging app you already use, with cool features for businesses like yours.

WhatsApp Business lets you chat with your customers directly. They can message you just like a friend, and you can reply immediately. It’s super easy. You can tell them about today’s special dish through message broadcasts, answer their questions, or help them with their orders, all in real time.

The best part? You don’t need to be a tech expert to use it. It’s just like using regular WhatsApp, but you get to have a special profile for your restaurant. This profile can show your menu, opening hours, and location. It’s like having a mini-website right inside WhatsApp.

What are the Benefits of using WhatsApp Business for Restaurants?

Personalized Customer Support

Here’s a cool thing about using WhatsApp Business for your restaurant: You get to chat with your customers just like you would with a friend. When they have a question, a problem, or just want to say something about your food, they can message you, and you can reply right away.

This is awesome because your customers will feel like they’re really being listened to and taken care of. It’s like giving them a VIP experience. They’ll trust you more and want to keep coming back to your restaurant. So, in short, using WhatsApp Business means you can make your customers happy by just having a quick chat with them.

Table Reservations using WhatsApp for Business

Simplifying Food Ordering

Here’s another great reason to use WhatsApp Business in your restaurant: It makes ordering food a breeze. Think about it. People can just send a message to order their meal, just like texting a friend. It’s fast and easy for them and for you too.

And guess what? Most people, like 70% of them, actually prefer to order their food online these days. So, by letting your customers order through WhatsApp, you’re making them happy. Plus, when ordering is this easy, more people are likely to do it, which means more sales for your restaurant. It’s a win-win!

Seamless Integration and Payments

You can get paid for food orders right in the chat. This means customers can order and pay without any hassle. It’s super easy for them, and it makes everything smoother.

Also, using WhatsApp Business API like Wati. You can send messages to a bunch of your customers all at once, like if you have a special deal or a new menu item. Plus, you can find new customers too. It’s a great way to spread the word about your restaurant and keep your customers coming back for more.

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Gathering Valuable Data

Another handy thing about WhatsApp Business for your restaurant is how it helps you learn from your customers. You can easily send them a quick survey or a message to get their thoughts on your food and service. This feedback is like gold – it tells you what’s great and what you might need to change.

And there’s more: You can link WhatsApp with your customer management system (a CRM database). This is a smart move because it helps you track orders better and remember your regulars’ favourite dishes. It’s all about ensuring your customers feel special and want to return. So, by using WhatsApp Business, you’re not just chatting with customers but also gathering valuable insights to help your restaurant grow and thrive.

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Personalization and Customer Segmentation

By segmentation, you can group your customers based on their liking. Some love your spicy dishes, while others are about your vegan options.

Once you know who likes what, you can make your messages just for them. You can message your spicy food lovers when you have a new hot dish or tell your vegan customers about your latest plant-based creation. 

This makes your customers feel like you know them, making them happier and more likely to return. So, by using WhatsApp Business to understand and cater to different customer tastes, you’re not just sending messages – you’re creating a better experience for everyone.

Promotions and Offers

WhatsApp Business can really help your restaurant get the word out about your great deals. You can send promotions and special offers right to your customers’ phones. It’s like having a direct line to let them know about your daily specials, happy hour deals, or even seasonal discounts.

Because you’re sending these messages directly, you can reach more people and get them excited about what you’re offering. With WhatsApp’s features, you can tell all your customers at once about the latest and greatest things happening at your restaurant. This doesn’t just boost your sales; it also creates a buzz. People start talking about your place, and before you know it, more customers are walking through your door.

Resolving Issues

Sometimes, customers might have a problem or something they’re not happy about. WhatsApp Business makes it easy for them to tell you what’s up. They can just send a message to your restaurant, like they would to a friend, and you get to sort things out fast.

This is great because you can fix problems quickly and keep your customers happy. When you respond fast and fix things, your customers see that you really care. This not only makes them feel good but also helps your restaurant look good.

By taking care of issues right away, you can turn a not-so-great situation into a chance to show your customers how much you value them. This can make them want to come back and can even turn them into loyal fans of your restaurant. So, using WhatsApp Business isn’t just about chatting; it’s a way to keep your customers satisfied and make them feel special.

Reaching Customers Without Incurring High Commission Rates

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many restaurants like yours had to focus on delivering food or having customers pick it up themselves. But here’s the thing: the usual food delivery apps can take a big chunk of your earnings because of their high fees.

That’s where WhatsApp Business comes in as a great option for your restaurant. It lets you connect directly with your customers to take orders. No middleman, no big commissions. This means you save money and have more control over how you talk to your customers and present your restaurant.

Using WhatsApp Business, you can handle orders your way, keeping things personal and in your own style. It’s a smarter, cost-effective way to manage your deliveries and pick-ups, and it helps you keep a strong connection with your customers

Integration with CRM Databases

Pairing up WhatsApp Business with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, like HubSpot or Salesforce, is another smart move for your restaurant. This combo lets you really get to know your customers. You can keep track of what they like, what they’ve ordered before, and how often they order.

By having all this info, you can make your marketing really specific. For example, you can send special deals to customers who love a certain dish, or let your regulars know about a new item they might like. This makes your customers feel special because you’re paying attention to what they enjoy.

This isn’t just about sending out cool messages. It helps with managing orders more efficiently and keeps your customers coming back. In the long run, this means your restaurant can earn more and keep growing, all because you’re using WhatsApp Business and CRM together to better understand and serve your customers.

Marketing Strategies with WhatsApp Business for Restaurants

Broadcast Messages and Lead Generation with WhatsApp Business API

Imagine being able to send a message about your restaurant’s latest deal or new menu item to lots of customers at once. With WhatsApp Business API, you can do just that. It’s like making an announcement to a crowd, but through their phones. You can tell everyone about your special offers or what’s new in your menu, and this can really get people interested and boost your sales.

There’s more. WhatsApp Business API can also help you find new customers. You can set up messages that automatically reply to people when they first contact you. These messages can ask them for their details, like their name or email, and in return, you can offer them something special, like a discount. This is a smart way to grow your customer list and keep people coming back for more of your tasty food.

Upload Your Food Menu with the Catalog Feature

Check this out: you can put your whole food menu right on WhatsApp. It’s like having a digital menu that your customers can look at on their phones. You can add the names of your dishes, descriptions, how much they cost, and even pictures.

This is super handy for your customers. They can see what you offer and pick what they want to eat, all without leaving the app. And when they’re ready, they can just message you their order. It’s easy for them, and it’s great for you because it makes ordering a breeze.

Here’s a YouTube Playlist if you’d like to set up the WhatsApp Catalog feature using Wati.

Automated Messages, Chatbots, and FAQs

Using automation in WhatsApp Business can really make things easier for your restaurant. You can set up messages that automatically say hi to customers, tell them about their order status, or answer common questions they might have. It’s like having a helper who’s always there to talk to your customers.

Then, there are chatbots. They can take orders, suggest dishes based on what customers like, and answer questions. This means your customers get help fast and your team has less work to do.

You can also make a list of answers to questions that lots of people ask (that’s an FAQ section). This way, customers can get the info they need right away. It saves time for everyone and makes the whole ordering process smoother.


In summary, WhatsApp Business is a super helpful tool for restaurants in 2024. It lets you talk to your customers easily, keep your orders organized, and do a lot more. You can chat with customers, automatically answer their questions, and even show them your menu on their phones. This is great for any restaurant, big or small, because it makes things simpler and helps you sell more. 

The bottom line is, using WhatsApp Business means better service for your customers and a better-run restaurant for you. So give it a try, and see how it can help your restaurant keep up with the times and keep your customers happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a popular communication tool for businesses in the food and beverages industry. It allows restaurants to offer personalized customer support, send promotions, and resolve issues.

How can WhatsApp Business benefit restaurants?

WhatsApp Business for restaurants is designed to help food merchants market, sell, and support through messaging. It allows restaurant owners to reach out to customers without incurring high commissions and can increase the speed and convenience of ordering food, boosting sales.

Can payments be collected through WhatsApp Business?

Yes, integration services can be used to collect payments for food orders directly in the chat.

How can customer service be improved using WhatsApp Business?

Automated messages, chatbots, and FAQs can be used to improve customer service and streamline the food ordering process. Customer feedback and surveys can also be conducted through WhatsApp to gather valuable data.

How can WhatsApp be integrated with CRM databases?

Integrating WhatsApp with CRM databases like HubSpot can improve order management and customer retention.

How can customer segmentation help restaurants?

Customer segmentation can help manage and prioritize customers based on their preferences, allowing restaurants to provide personalized and targeted offers and services.

How can small businesses benefit from using WhatsApp Business?

Small businesses can benefit from using WhatsApp Business as an inexpensive channel to sell products, conduct service deliveries, engage with customers, and broadcast availability and offers. It offers features such as automated customer support, lead generation, engagement with customers, and quick and personalized customer support.

How can WhatsApp Business help restaurants expand their business?

WhatsApp Business can help restaurants gain customers, improve service, and expand their business by providing features such as lead generation, answering queries, accepting and confirming orders, accepting payments, order tracking, returns and refunds, repeat orders, collecting feedback, referrals, and gathering customer information.

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