Abandoned cart recovery notifications on WhatsApp for WordPress

Use WhatsApp For Abandoned Cart Recovery in Wordpress Shopify, Woocommere

Send Notifications On WhatsApp for an Abandoned Cart on WordPress


Research states that in the year 2020, the average cart abandonment rate was 77.13%. This is a very big number and an annoying rate for your store, as there are so many people coming up to your store in fact putting up items into the cart, and just before checkout, they change their minds. Then how can you set up your abandoned cart recovery for your ecommerce?


Abandoned Cart Recovery


Recover Abandoned Carts

However, you do not have to worry, we have you covered. Now whenever people would visit your WordPress store and decide to leave items in the cart, you could easily remind them and try to recover all abandoned carts. Moreover, you can also send shipping updates and also see stats for all your messages sent and abandoned carts.


Not only this, it is all done on WhatsApp, which is the most recognised social conversational platform. Making it more efficient for you to recover abandoned carts.


Ways To Send Abandoned Cart Recovery Messages?

Traditional Method

There are several ways to send your abandoned cart recovery messages, but the most common and traditional method is through Email.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Through Email

Now, emails are boring to read, not used so frequently and most of all everyone uses email to promote. How can you make a difference then? Do you know, the average email rate is 15-20% which means when you send 5 recovery mails there is a chance that only 1 gets read. Most of the time, you tend to know this is a promotional email and skip it. 


It is cause everyone basically uses an email nowadays to send abandoned cart recovery messages, but how can you do it a bit out of the box?


The New Age

So, maybe you have options that you aren’t seeing properly? You use these apps every day and still don’t notice how you can make use of them? Sending abandoned cart recovery messages has become very simple in today’s world.


There are conversational tools like WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS which you could potentially use to boost your chances so that your abandoned cart recovery messages might just get read.


Do you know how WhatsApp can be the one stop solution for you?


WhatsApp Ecommerce

  • Much more open rate of 99%
  • Response rate of 40%
  • Message gets delivered in seconds unlike emails or other messaging apps
  • Used everywhere in the world
  • WhatsApp is on everyone’s phone.

Why should you get WATI’s WordPress Integration?

There are many reasons why you should have this integrated into your WordPress store and leave away the hassle.


  • No Hassle of tracking down clients and writing them emails for abandoned carts
  • Not only abandoned cart but shipping or purchase updates are also automated
  • Uses WhatsApp to Automate and send all messages
  • Easily track all messages in your WATI Team Inbox
  • Assign Agents according to the status of your client’s order
  • Get a WhatsApp Chat Widget Automated to your WordPress Store

How to get this integrated?

It is pretty simple to get this cool feature integrated to your store, just follow these steps down below.


1. Go to your WordPress Site Dashboard -> Go to Plugins -> Add new


2. Search “WATI” and you will see the plugin or you can simply click this link too https://wordpress.org/plugins/wati-chat-and-notification/#description


3. After that, you can press the install now button to install the plugin to your WooCommerce store.

WATI Chat Plugin

4. You can then activate this plugin and then you can simply see it under your WooCommerce Plugins

WATI WooCommerce Integration

5. Click on “WATI Chat & Notification”


6. You will see a settings page like this:


7. Now to fill in these details you will have to login into your WATI Team Inbox and navigate to Integration.

WATI Integrations

8. After That you need to click the WooCommerce Integration.


9. You will then see an API Key that you will have to copy

WooCommerce Plugin API Key

10. Go back to the plugin settings and fill everything including the API Key


11. Finally Press Save Settings and you will automatically see your WATI URL being updated in the plugin settings.


12. Now simply press “Go to WATI Settings” and a page should load up.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Live Chat

13. You can now see all the features and functions.


To Integrate WhatsApp Chat Button

Assuming that you have completed all the steps shown above as the following steps would not be possible without the completion of them.

1. To Enable your WhatsApp Chat Button on your store, simply press the Enable.


WATI's Chat Button

2. You will see these settings come up.


3. We already have a tutorial on how to set up your WhatsApp Chat Button simply look at this tutorial and come back to know how to set up your abandoned cart recovery.



4. You do not have to follow the whole tutorial only till you fill all details of your chat button and then you can simply press “Save Changes”


Set Up Your Cart Abandoned Recovery

Hoping that you have followed all steps to reach your WATI WooCommerce settings, these steps are to help you gain engagement now by sending all types of messages.


Click on “Automated Message”

Abandoned Cart Recovery page that shows the automated messages

There are several types of messages that you can automate to ease your work and gain engagement with your customers.


  • Abandoned Recovery Message
  • Order Completed/Confirmation
  • Order Fulfilled
  • Follow Up After Purchase
  • Return and Exchange Request

Abandoned Recovery Message

This is what you came here looking for, this automated message helps you to send a message to your potential clients who reached till your checkout page but did not purchase anything and still have things in their cart.


1. Enable the automated message and you will notice that a pre set template is already there for you but you can surely tweak some settings.

2. You can set the time for the message to be sent after this action occurs.


Order Completed

This automated message is sent as soon as someone places an order from your WooCommerce Store.


1. Enable the automated message and you will notice that a pre set template is already there for you but you can surely tweak some settings.

Order Completed Automated Message

2. You can set the time for the message to be sent after this action occurs.

Order Fulfilled

This automated message is sent when you fulfil the order or complete the order from your WooCommerce Admin Page, this message also takes the tracking number and puts it in the message.


1. Enable the automated message

Follow up after Purchase

This automated message is sent 1 day after the purchase of some product just to increase engagement between you and your clients.


1. Enable the automated message

Follow up after purchase automated message

Return and Exchange Request

If a client requests for a return or exchange this automated message will be sent.


1. Enable the automated message

Automated Message Request

After Everything is done do not forget to click on the save button.


A Similar Plugin for Shopify

We also have a similar plugin for Shopify, go check it out.



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