WhatsApp Business Account Benefits for SMBs

WhatsApp Business Account Advantages

Benefits Of A Whatsapp Business Account


Much has been said and written about the advantages of a WhatsApp business account… for businesses.


It allows you to use WhatsApp as a customer support channel. It facilitates cooperation among customer service agents by permitting installations across multiple devices. And more.


But what about the advantages of WhatsApp Business for customers? What can WhatsApp Business do for them? What gains do they receive from interacting with a business representative that uses WhatsApp Business?


Because while the advantages of WhatsApp Business for companies – both large and small – are clear, these also translate into wins for customers.


And since customer satisfaction is the root of business success, we need to also understand how buyers are benefiting from businesses’ usage of WhatsApp Business.


In this article, we’ll flip things around and explore a new vantage point: the advantages of WhatsApp Business for customers. Without further ado, here are the benefits & features of the WhatsApp Business account.


1. You (Business) Meet Them (Customers) in Familiar Territory

Ever been left wondering: Just what can WhatsApp Business do for my customers in terms of convenience? You need only to let the data tell the story.

First off, here are some general numbers.

  • Three out of every four customers get annoyed at not being able to respond or act on a text message they receive.
  • 43 percent of customers have taken it upon themselves to text a business.
  • Nearly six in ten customers prefer to not have to communicate with businesses via a separate app.

And here’s how that ties into WhatsApp.

  • Two billion people worldwide use WhatsApp every month.
  • Over 175 million people text a WhatsApp Business account daily.

The numbers say it all. 


The demand for increased communication with businesses via text messaging is there. And with WhatsApp as the leading messaging app globally, there’s really no better platform on which to be.


By reaching out to your customers on WhatsApp, a platform that they’re much more likely to be on than any other, you’re meeting them in a territory that they’re familiar with.

This makes things convenient for them as it keeps them from having to switch back and forth between different channels to communicate with your business.


WhatsApp Business

2. Instant Problem Solving with WhatsApp Business

Everyone’s a global consumer. Whether you’re a business owner or a marketing pro, we’ll bet a good dollar you’ve had a slow and inefficient problem-solving experience with a business before.


Frustrating, isn’t it?


Here’s another statistic that shows the benefits of WhatsApp Business: Three out of four customers think it takes too long to reach a live customer service agent.


Unlike emails and contact forms, which sometimes suffer from the unfortunate reputation of being “dead-end” channels, WhatsApp offers efficiency. 


For the customer, the advantages of WhatsApp Business – or at least communicating with a business that uses it – are two-way and swift communication and quick replies. 


That is, after all, the nature of chat apps.


Gone are the days of waiting to hear back about a complaint that was emailed or filled into a form. Gone are the days of listening to on-hold music while waiting for a customer service agent to pick up your call.


The benefits of using WhatsApp Business for customers are that their messages and concerns are attended to right away. Even if they have to wait for a little, their ears aren’t glued to the phone and they can go about their business until the WhatsApp message notification chimes in.


3. Shopping Experience From Start To Finish

There’s really no better way to paint the advantages of WhatsApp business for customers but with data so here’s another for you: Nearly three in four customers are likely to switch brands if the buying process is too troublesome.


Thanks to WhatsApp, the term “troublesome” will soon be redefined – if it hasn’t been already.

WhatsApp provides customers with an all-encompassing shopping experience. In one single app, customers can be guided down the different stages of the purchase funnel all the way through to checkout.


Here’s an example. If you’re running an ecommerce business, a typical purchase path for the customer browsing on his mobile device might look something like this: 

  • Facebook ads (Facebook app) → ecommerce website (browser app) → product page (browser app) → checkout page (browser app) → payment authentication (banking app) → purchase confirmation (email app)

But with WhatsApp and the beauty of Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp, one of the benefits of WhatsApp Business for customers is the in-app shopping experience. In other words, from product browsing and FAQs to adding items to the cart and checking out, everything from the second step onwards can take place within WhatsApp itself. 


4. Multimedia and Interactive Customer Support Keep Them in the Know

WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp Business Features

One of the benefits of WhatsApp Business for customers lies in the multimedia options the app offers.


Text aside, images, videos, attachments in various formats (.pdf, .docx, .apk, etc.) – even location and contact sharing – can be sent via WhatsApp.


This opens up a world of customer service possibilities as communication is no longer restricted to just text limitations.

Delivery en route? Share its location with your customer. Do they need a receipt? Send it over in .pdf. Want to browse the product from a different angle? Take a photo and send it through.


That’s all done on WhatsApp.


The availability of interactive messages on WhatsApp Business also helps to keep communication swift. 


For instance, with the tap of a call-to-action, which you can include in the interactive messages, customers can be informed of a product that’s been restocked and redirected to the product page itself. With deliveries, they can also open up a website on which they can track their purchased product.


5. Seamless Shopping Experience With WhatsApp Business API

The e-commerce boom over the past decade or two has triggered a massive shift in buying behavior.


One of the most significant changes of all is the possibility to shop internationally.


And when WhatsApp came onto the market, the ability to communicate across borders with no additional overseas call or texting charges provided an additional boost to international shopping.


Today, buyers can not only purchase products and/or services from overseas companies, but they can also be in contact with them conveniently and freely – as if they were buying from a local business two streets down.


With WhatsApp Business, the location of the product and company are no longer limiting factors for customers. In fact, cross-border shopping was estimated at a whopping $994 billion in 2020. If the numbers continue to grow, it won’t be long before it surpasses the $1 trillion mark.

So, What Can WhatsApp Business Do for Customers?

It all boils down to one word: convenience.

Its accessibility, efficiency, and functionality are the main benefits of WhatsApp Business for customers.


Plus, let’s not forget that the popularity of chat apps has been on the rise. The growing demand for better and faster customer service and business communication and WhatsApp’s efforts to introduce new features will only result in even more benefits for WhatsApp Business for both companies and customers.


If you’re not on WhatsApp Business yet, what are you waiting for?


WATI is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. We can help with acquiring and implementing the WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp Business API gives you all the Whatsapp Business Account Benefits. 

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