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How to apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

Thawnee Soares    7/28/22

As WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps, businesses of all sizes can benefit from using it for marketing purposes. The green tick next to your WhatsApp display name symbolises trust and authenticity for your brand.

In this article, you will discover how to obtain a green tick badge next to your WhatsApp display name and understand the advantages it can bring to your business. 

First, let’s understand what a WhatsApp green tick badge is and figure out whether you need it.

What is a WhatsApp green tick badge?

The green tick badge on WhatsApp allows users to identify official brand accounts on the platform quickly. It signifies that it’s a WhatsApp-verified account and belongs to the company it claims to be.

With this badge, users can be confident that they’re communicating with a genuine brand, not a fake one. This feature not only increases the authenticity of your account but also contributes to building trust and reputation for the brand. 

WhatsApp takes verification and validation of business accounts seriously to safeguard its users from spam and fake accounts.

Now that you know about the WhatsApp green tick badge, let’s look at how to get started with the verification process.

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification

Prerequisites to meet before applying for a WhatsApp Green Tick badge.

Here are the procedures to follow before you even get started with the process of applying for a WhatsApp green tick badge.

1. Sign up for WhatsApp API Access

You must first register for the WhatsApp Business API and set up a business account through a Business Solution Provider (BSP) like Wati. This will allow you to begin utilising WhatsApp for your business needs.

However, it is essential to note that the green tick badge is not available on the free WhatsApp business app.

Once you’ve received your WhatsApp API access and before moving to the next step, start sending out WhatsApp Campaigns as soon as possible. 

If you want to increase the chance of getting a WhatsApp green tick badge, reach out to a minimum of 1,000 people daily through business-initiated messages. Through these messages, you will demonstrate to WhatsApp that you are actively and seriously utilising the platform for your business efforts. We also recommended that you reach Tier 2 or higher messaging levels.

2. Verify your business on the META business manager

If you aren’t aware, Facebook Business Manager is now Meta Business Manager. So there’s no need to get confused whenever you come across Facebook/META business manager. Both are the same thing. 🙂

Verifying your Facebook Business Manager account through Meta Business Manager is to ensure that the account belongs to a reputable organisation. To be eligible for verification, your business must be legally registered with local authorities and have a valid phone number and physical address.

Here’s a video from one of our Wati experts on how to complete your META business manager verification.

3. Build Brand Value

Only some businesses out there can get its WhatsApp green tick badge. This is because meta recognises a frequently searched-for company as a notable or prominent brand or entity.

Therefore, to increase the chance of being recognized as an official business account, it is beneficial to have 3-5 media coverage links from reputable news outlets or magazines. It’s important to note that Meta doesn’t consider paid or promotional content as valid sources for evaluation. Meta also gives green tick badges only for businesses and not for individuals or influencers.

4. Enable 2-step verification

You must enable a 2-step verification process to provide additional security to your WhatsApp Business API account. This feature requires registration of your phone number on WhatsApp to be accompanied by a unique six-digit PIN that you create, adding an extra layer of protection. Here’s a detailed article by Facebook on this topic.

Now, let’s move on to the next part of the article.

Ways to apply for a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

You can either apply for a WhatsApp green tick verification on your META Business Manager or with the help of a Business Service Provider (BSPs) like Wati.

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: Meta Business Manager

1. In your META Business Manager, go to Business Settings -> WhatsApp Accounts -> WhatsApp Manager.

2. Under Account tools, select ‘phone number’.

3. On the next page, you’ll find your WhatsApp account details. Click the ‘Settings’ icon to proceed.

4. Click ‘Profile’, fill in all the details and click the ‘Submit Request’ button.

5. Once the request is submitted, you can see that your request is in review status.

If you apply for a green tick independently, it usually takes 2-4 business days to know if your application was accepted.

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification: Business Service Provider

Suppose you are currently utilising WhatsApp Business API or On-premises API. In that case, you can obtain assistance with the application process from a Business Solution Provider (BSP). However, it’s worth noting that BSPs typically charge businesses for this service. 

The procedure for WhatsApp Business verification may vary depending on the WhatsApp Partner. So, contact your BSP directly for information on the application process and any associated fees.

Here’s a video on how the WhatsApp Green Tick process works with Wati.

Based on your Business Solution Provider (BSP), they may either submit an application for an Official Business Account on your behalf or provide instructions on how to do it independently through their dashboards. If the BSP applies on your behalf, the entire process from application to approval can take up to three weeks.

To obtain this badge, you must first complete WhatsApp’s verification process. Here’s how you can get Green Tick Verification On WhatsApp Business.

It’s important to note that the decision to award the green badge to a business is made solely by META. The responsibility of the WhatsApp Business API provider/vendor is to submit the business’s green tick application to META. So, they are not responsible if your application gets rejected.

What if your application gets rejected?

You can reapply for green tick badge verification after 30 days if your application gets denied. However, META suggests that businesses take the time to establish their presence in news articles before reapplying.

Here’s what you can do

1. Increase media coverage (3-4 organic articles about your brand)

2. Initiate more WhatsApp Conversations to reach tier 2 or above messaging level.

3. Add WhatsApp Widget to your website & WhatsApp link to your social handles to increase interaction.

Businesses that can’t apply for Green Tick verification

WhatsApp disallows specific business categories for WhatsApp API and hence for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification. Businesses dealing in the following products/services cannot get approval for using WhatsApp Business APIs:

  • Drugs
  • Tobacco Items
  • Gambling Businesses
  • Alcohol Brands
  • Weapons & Ammunition Businesses
  • Live Animals
  • Adult Product/Services
  • Medical & Healthcare Products
  • Dating Services
  • Cryptocurrencies

You can refer to WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy for the complete list and updated details about the prohibited category of products and services.

Benefits of a WhatsApp Green Tick Badge

A green tick badge indicates that your brand is genuine, one-of-a-kind, and trustworthy.

1. Your brand name will be displayed instead of your phone number.

2. Shows users that the account is genuine and safe to interact with, resulting in more engagement and fewer adverse reactions like blocking the WhatsApp phone number.

Using WhatsApp APIs without Green Tick

Not having a Green Tick on your account does not limit you from using WhatsApp Business APIs. You can continue to use WhatsApp Business APIs without a Green Tick. You will have access to WhatsApp API features like

  • Broadcasting marketing campaigns & promotional messages on WhatsApp
  • How to Run Click-to-WhatsApp Ads
  • Scheduling WhatsApp messages at scale

The WhatsApp Green Tick Verification can make your brand look more trustworthy and put you in a group of successful businesses. So now that we’ve gone through all the steps involved, let’s hope you can get your business WhatsApp Green Tick verified to start moving up.

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