WhatsApp Business Web: How To Use It For Your Business?

WhatsApp Business Web is a great way for businesses to establish business communication on WhatsApp while operating from a desktop or laptop. As a business, you may not want to reply to every message from the WhatApp Business Mobile app.

WhatsApp Business on Web & desktop is a great add-on to the WhatsApp Business app as it helps you operate all your WhatsApp Business operations directly from a PC or desktop.

Let’s now understand all about WhatsApp Web for business.

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What is WhatsApp Web & how to use it?

WhatsApp Business Web is a web application to use WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business App on a PC or desktop. You can send/receive WhatsApp messages directly from your web browser.

This app works as an extension of your current smartphone WhatsApp Messenger app. It syncs all your WhatsApp messages & media across the devices so that you can stay connected from each device.

How to use WhatsApp Web?

You can use WhatsApp Web with these simple steps:

Step 1: Go To the WhatsApp Web website.
Step 2: Open WhatsApp Messenger/WhatsApp Business app on your phone.
Step 3: Tap three dots on the top right corner & tap ‘Linked Devices’.
Step 4: Scan the QR code available on the WhatsApp Web Website.

Note: WhatsApp Business web login works on any WhatsApp web app.

Now, All your WhatsApp conversations are synced with WhatsApp Web. you can open WhatsApp web on your desktop browser whenever you want.

WhatsApp Business Web

Data safety on WhatsApp Web

Similar to the WhatsApp Messaging app, the WhatsApp web client supports end-to-end encryption for all your conversations.

While WhatsApp can’t control the security of your web browser’s code, back in March 2022, the WhatsApp Web browser version was upgraded with a Code Verify security feature.

Is there a WhatsApp Business app For desktops?

Though Meta didn’t launch a dedicated WhatsApp Business App for desktop/PC, you can use the WhatsApp web client for WhatsApp Business too.

​​Using WhatsApp Business on the Web browser makes it much easier for you to interact with a large number of customers.


The setup process for the desktop variant is the same as the regular WhatsApp app as mentioned above.

What are the features of the WhatsApp Business web app?

You can undoubtedly use WhatsApp Business on the web with almost all the features provided by WhatsApp Business App.

With WhatsApp Business client, you can-

1. Set ‘AWAY’ & Greeting messages on WhatsApp.
2. Set labels for your conversations on your Business account.

Note: With a recent update on WhatsApp Web, you can now log in from up to 4 devices on a single WhatsApp/Business account.

Why should you use WhatsApp Business web?

If you’re a business, running your communication via the WhatsApp Business app, you should consider using WhatsApp business Web or desktop app because-

1. It supports up to 4 logins means a single account can be operated from three more large-screen devices such as laptops or PCs.

2. WhatsApp Business web client is very useful if your business has shared devices for communications.

3. Multi-agent customer support can be provided directly from PCs.

4. All the functionalities & features of the WhatsApp Business app are present in the WhatsApp web for business. 

How To Download WhatsApp Business Web?

You can not only use WhatsApp Business on a web browser but also on a dedicated desktop application available on Windows & Mac.

You can download & start using the WhatsApp Desktop app by simply going to the app store on your laptop or PC.

How to use WhatsApp Business web on a Windows PC?

If you operate your business using a Windows device, you can download the WhatsApp desktop app. 


Step 1: Go to the Microsoft Store & search for ‘WhatsApp Desktop’.

Step 2: Click ‘Get’ to download & Install the app.
Step 3: Open the newly downloaded WhatsApp application on the PC.

Step 4: Use WhatsApp on your phone to scan the QR code on your desktop screen.

Now, you can use the WhatsApp Business desktop app on a Windows computer.

WhatsApp Desktop App For Windows

How to use WhatsApp Business using a dedicated app on Mac?

You can use WhatsApp Business on your Mac by using the native WhatsApp Desktop app. 


Step 1: Go to the App Store & search for ‘WhatsApp Desktop’.

Step 2: Click ‘Get’ to download & Install the app.

Step 3: Open the newly downloaded WhatsApp application on your Mac.

Step 4: Use WhatsApp on your phone to scan the QR code on your mac screen.


In this easy way, you can use the WhatsApp Business desktop app on your Mac devices.

WhatsApp Web for Business On MAC

What are the differences between WhatsApp Web and Desktop?

Though the interface is almost the same, the dedicated WhatsApp Business Web app on Mac & Windows provides functionalities for using keyboard shortcuts & making voice & video calls.

What are the limitations of the WhatsApp Business Web?

While WhatsApp Business on the web is a great tool for business communication, it has some limitations that prohibit it from being used by the business looking to scale.

All the below limitations are the same as those of the WhatsApp Business app.

a. Limitation in WhatsApp broadcast- Using the WhatsApp web, you can broadcast messages to only 256 recipients. For the majority of businesses, it’s a very low number as they are looking to launch promotions on WhatsApp on a large scale.

Solution: launch WhatsApp broadcast to up to 100K customers with A single click

b. Multi Login Functionality is limited- You can log in from only 4 devices. For a brand, it may require handling queries on multiple devices.

Solution: Set up multi-login on whatsApp using WhatsApp APIs


c. Message scheduling is limited- With WhatsApp Business App, you can only schedule Away & greeting messages. If you want to schedule messages based on specific conditions such as a new entry in the database, based on the events & seasonal festivals.

Solution: How to schedule WhatsApp messages at scale

d. Chat Automation is limited- With the business app on the web, you can only automate canned replies in a very small number. You can not integrate a chatbot to answer all FAQs, sales, and support queries on your WhatsApp Business account.

Solution 1: How to build a whatsApp chatbot for your business
Solution 2: Set up auto-replies for WhatsApp at scale

e. Integrations With CRMs & third-party apps- You can not integrate & operate business communication on WhatsApp Business app from your CRMs & chat automation apps.

Solution: You can set up all your business conversations, contact management, and chat automation using WhatsApp Business API access provided by WATI.

f. WhatsApp Business on the web does not support interactive messaging on WhatsApp that includes WhatsApp list messages & reply buttons.

How to use WhatsApp Business Web with WhatsApp APIs?

WATI dashboard for WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Business API access allows you to automate your business communication directly from your CRMs & database. API access helps you operate WhatsApp Business in a way that you can scale business communication once your business grows further.

You can apply for WhatsApp Business API access with WATI. WATI solves all the problems & limitations that the WhatsApp Business app has.

WATI helps you-
1. build & deploy a no-code WhatsApp chatbot

2. launch marketing & broadcast campaigns on WhatsApp

3. integrate your WhatsApp Business with CRMs & automation apps including Google Sheets, Zoho, HubSpot Zapier, etc

4. run sales & support using a multi-agent support dashboard

And much more.

If you have a specific question about WATI, you can directly ask our experts in a WATI Demo.

Get WhatsApp Business API Access

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