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Mastering the Art of WhatsApp Message Template Compliance

Ashwin    1/12/21

WhatsApp has become a powerhouse of communication, connecting over 2 billion people worldwide. For businesses, this platform provides a unique opportunity to connect with customers on a more personal and immediate level. However, to maintain a high-quality user experience, WhatsApp has established strict Message Template Guidelines. In this blog, we will break down these guidelines, helping you to craft perfect, compliant messages every time. So, buckle up and let’s dive in!

Understanding the Basics of WhatsApp Message Template Guidelines

WhatsApp’s Message Templates are pre-approved messages that businesses can send to customers. These messages need to adhere to certain guidelines set by WhatsApp to ensure a user-friendly and spam-free environment. Here, we’ll decipher these guidelines, transforming them from daunting rules into easy-to-follow steps.

Crafting Compliant Content

The content of your messages is crucial when following the WhatsApp Message Template Guidelines. To maintain compliance:

1. Ensure your messages are transactional or provide necessary information.

2. Avoid promotional content as these messages are intended for notifications, reminders, and updates.

3. Make sure your message is clear and informative, avoiding any ambiguous language.

4. Remember to use proper grammar and punctuation to ensure your message is professional.

Incorporating Interactivity

WhatsApp encourages businesses to make their messages interactive by including buttons. There are three types of buttons you can add: Call To Action, Quick Reply, and URL. Remember to:

1. Include the button label clearly indicating the action.

2. Limit the number of buttons to a maximum of three.

Using Language Localization 🌍

WhatsApp allows businesses to send Message Templates in different languages. This can be a boon when communicating with customers globally. Always:

1. Use the correct language template for the recipient.

2. Avoid mixing languages within a single message template.

Message Template Rejection Reasons 😵‍💫

Understanding the common reasons for message template rejection can help avoid any hiccups in your communication process. Here are a few to keep in mind:

1. Using ambiguous or unclear language.

2. Including promotional or marketing content.

3. Violating WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines.

The Approval Process ⏳

Once you’ve crafted your message template, it’s time for approval. This process usually takes around 1-2 business days. Remember:

1. To keep the waiting time in mind when planning your communication strategy.

2. WhatsApp reserves the right to reject any templates that violate their guidelines.

Six Effective WhatsApp Message Template Examples for Your Business

Explore five impactful examples of WhatsApp message templates, each designed to enhance customer communication while adhering to WhatsApp’s stringent guidelines. From appointment reminders to order confirmations, these templates will streamline your customer interactions, ensuring efficient and engaging communication at every touchpoint.

1. Flight confirmation


Template Name: Flight_confirmation

Hello {{1}}, 
This is to confirm your flight booking. 
Flight Number: {{2}} 
Departure: {{3}} 
Arrival: {{4}} 
Date: {{5}} 
Thank you for choosing us for your travel needs. Safe travels!


In this template:

  • {{1}} is the variable for the customer’s name.
  • {{2}} is the variable for the flight number.
  • {{3}} is the variable for the departure city.
  • {{4}} is the variable for the arrival city.
  • {{5}} is the variable for the date of the flight.

This template adheres to WhatsApp Message Template Guidelines. It is transactional in nature, provides necessary information, uses clear language, and does not include any promotional content. It’s a simple, yet effective way to communicate important information to customers.

2. Appointment Reminder

Template Name: Dental_Appointment_Reminder


Hi {{1}},
Just a reminder about your dental appointment tomorrow at {{2}}.
Address: {{3}}
Please let us know if you need to reschedule. Stay healthy!

Explanation: This template is used to remind clients of their upcoming appointments. In this context:

  • {{1}} refers to the client’s name.
  • {{2}} is the time of the appointment.
  • {{3}} is the location of the appointment.

3. Order Confirmation

Template Name: Order_Confirmation


Hello {{1}},
Your order ({{2}}) has been received and is now being processed.
Estimated delivery: {{3}}
Thank you for shopping with us!

This template confirms that a customer’s order has been received and is being processed. Here:

  • {{1}} is the customer’s name.
  • {{2}} refers to the order number or order details.
  • {{3}} is the estimated delivery date.

4. Bank Account Update

Template Name: Account_Update_Notification


Dear {{1}},
Your account {{2}} has been updated successfully.
If this wasn't you, please contact our customer service immediately.

This template notifies customers when changes have been made to their bank account. In this instance:

  • {{1}} refers to the customer’s name.
  • {{2}} is the account number or name of the account that has been updated.

5. Event Registration Confirmation

Template Name: Event_Registration_Confirmation


Hi {{1}},
Thank you for registering for {{2}}!
Date: {{3}}
We look forward to seeing you there!

This template is sent to customers when they successfully register for an event. In this case:

  • {{1}} is the customer’s name.
  • {{2}} refers to the name or details of the event.
  • {{3}} is the date of the event.

6. Hotel Booking Confirmation

Template Name: Hotel_Booking_Confirmation


Hello {{1}},
Your booking is confirmed!
Hotel: {{2}}
Check-in date: {{3}}
Check-out date: {{4}}
Enjoy your stay!

This template confirms a customer’s hotel reservation. In this context:

  • {{1}} is the customer’s name.
  • {{2}} refers to the name or location of the hotel.
  • {{3}} is the check-in date.
  • {{4}} is the check-out date.

Remember, these templates provide transactional or necessary information, do not contain promotional content, and use clear and concise language, thus adhering to WhatsApp’s Message Template Guidelines.

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