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WhatsApp Business Payment: Strategies for Small Businesses

Rohan Chaturvedi    7/09/24

With WhatsApp ruling the messaging world like a boss, there’s been a flurry of cool new features designed to help businesses cozy up to their customers. One of the most game-changing additions? Drumroll, please…WhatsApp business payment, AKA WhatsApp Pay!

The number of WhatsApp users is projected to reach 3.20 billion by 2025. And constant advancements like WhatsApp business payment will only make the beloved app grow further. 

But what exactly is the WhatsApp business payment option, and how can it help your business? This blog will cover all that and more. Let’s get talking! 

What is WhatsApp Payment? 

WhatsApp Payment (or WhatsApp Pay) is a feature that simplifies payments by letting businesses accept payments right within WhatsApp. As a result, it eliminates the hassle of external websites or separate gateways. Transactions are initiated and completed directly in the chat window, making payments a breeze.

whatsapp business payment examples

Businesses can collect payments directly through WhatsApp using UPI (like Gpay, Paytm, etc), debit cards, credit cards, and net banking.

How To Set Up WhatsApp Business Payment

Here’s how you can set up the WhatsApp payment feature for your business. 

1. Creating Your WhatsApp Business Account

If you don’t have a WhatsApp business account, the first step is to create one. This will give you access to all the business-specific features WhatsApp offers.

whatsapp business account information

2. Linking Your Payment Methods

Next, link your preferred payment methods to your WhatsApp Business account. This can be done by navigating to the payment settings and following the on-screen instructions to connect your bank account or card.

Here’s what you’d need to do. 

  • Tap the three vertical dots to open the menu.
  • Select “Settings” and navigate to “Payments.”
  • Tap on “Add payment method.”
  • Agree to WhatsApp’s Terms of Service.
  • Choose your bank from the provided list.
  • Allow SMS verification.
  • Select the bank account you want to add.
  • Tap “Done” to complete the setup.
payment options for WhatsApp pay

3. Configuring Payment Settings

Finally, configure your payment settings to match your business needs. This includes setting transaction limits, enabling notifications, and ensuring all security measures are in place to protect your transactions and customer information.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Payment for Small Businesses

Benefits of WhatsApp Business Payment

A. Real-Time Payment Notifications

For starters, you receive instant confirmation once a payment is made. This helps streamline record-keeping and order processing, allowing you to stay on top of your financial transactions without delays. 

whatsapp pay transaction examples

B. Enhanced Customer Support

WhatsApp Business Payment enables you to provide superior customer support. With integrated messaging and payment features, you can resolve customer inquiries and process payments within the same platform, leading to a seamless and efficient customer experience.

C. Expanding Your Customer Reach

WhatsApp is a globally recognized messaging app, and its payment features allow you to tap into a vast user base. This expands your business’s reach, allowing you to connect with potential customers from different regions and grow your market presence.

D. Direct and Secure Transactions

With WhatsApp Business Payment, transactions are direct and secure. The platform employs robust encryption and security measures to ensure that your customer’s financial information is protected, fostering trust and reliability in your business dealings.

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How WhatsApp Business Payment Works 

Businesses and customers need a WhatsApp account linked to their phone number to use WhatsApp Pay. Businesses send payment requests or links through chat. Customers then select a payment method and follow prompts to complete payment securely within WhatsApp. Both parties receive transaction details in the chat.

process of whatsapp business payment

Strategies to Boost Sales with WhatsApp Business Payment

Implement these strategies to maximize your sales using WhatsApp Business Payment. 

1. Personalized Messaging

Use personalized messaging to make your customers feel special. Address them by name, send tailored offers based on their purchase history, and celebrate special occasions with them. This personal touch can significantly enhance customer loyalty and increase sales.

sending customized messages on WhatsApp

2. Product Catalog Integration

Integrate your product catalog directly into WhatsApp. This allows customers to browse your products and make purchases without leaving the app. It’s convenient for them and can lead to quicker buying decisions. Plus, you can update your catalog in real time, ensuring customers always see your latest offerings.

catalog option in whatsapp business profile

3. Click-to-Chat for Easy Customer Interaction

Facilitate easy customer interaction with click-to-chat features. Place WhatsApp chat links on your website, social media, and email campaigns. 

oxwhite whatsapp chat option on website

This way, customers can instantly connect with you for inquiries or support, making the buying process smoother and more efficient.

Pro Tip 💡: You can utilize Wati’s WhatsApp Link Generator Tool to create WhatsApp chat links. All you have to do is enter your phone number, email address, and promotional message, the latter of which is optional. You can create a click-to-chat link by following these steps

4. Integrations with CRM and Marketing Tools

Integrating WhatsApp Business with your CRM and marketing tools can also enhance your sales strategy. This helps you manage customer relationships better and run targeted marketing campaigns. You can track interactions, follow up on leads, and analyze customer data to improve your sales tactics.

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5. Utilizing Rich Media

One of the best ways to make your messages more engaging is by using rich media like:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • GIFs 
transactional message from a baker with an image

Showcase your products in action, share customer testimonials, and create compelling visuals that grab attention. Rich media can make your communications more dynamic and persuasive, helping to boost conversions. 

Pro Tip 💡:  To send out eye-grabbing messages during the festivals, you can use our free WhatsApp template library. You can use various templates in numerous languages to save time, personalize your messages, and ensure consistent branding. 

Setting Up WhatsApp Business Pay with Wati 

Enabling WhatsApp Business Pay with Wati or WhatsApp API payment makes the payment process smooth and easy for your business. With just a few clicks, you can turn on Auto Checkout. This feature sends automatic transactional messages to collect address and payment details whenever you get a WhatsApp Catalog order. 

Your customers can reply to these messages whenever they want, without any time limits. You can also track all address and payment status information through your Wati Orders page. This makes it easy to see and manage your transactions. 

Using Wati not only simplifies the payment process but also improves the overall experience for your customers. Read on to learn about the process. 

WhatsApp API Payment with Wati 

1. Navigate to Commerce Settings: From your Wati account, find “Commerce” under the “More” option in the top navigation bar, then click “Checkout.”

auto checkout option in Wati

2. Activate Auto Checkout: Toggle on “Auto Checkout” to automatically send address collection messages to your Catalog customers, without needing to set up an address form.

3. Enable WhatsApp Pay: In the Checkout section of Wati, switch on “WhatsApp Pay” to establish a link between your payment gateway and WhatsApp.

4. Configure WhatsApp Pay Name: Within Wati’s Checkout page, toggle “WhatsApp Pay” to create a Direct Pay method name (WhatsApp payment configuration name). This facilitates the connection between your payment gateway account and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp pay configuration

5. Set Up Payment Gateway: Navigate to your WhatsApp Manager, log in as an admin, and select Razorpay. Click “Next” (PayU support coming soon).

selecting razorpay option in payment

6. Create Payment Configuration: Click “New configuration,” fill in your WABA ID, choose a configuration name, and select the relevant industry/purpose codes for your business. Click “Next.”

creating payment configuration

7. Complete Integration: Enter your Facebook account password to confirm. You’ll be redirected to your payment gateway’s website to log in and finalize the connection with WhatsApp.

8. Paste Configuration in Wati: Return to the Checkout page in Wati, paste the WhatsApp Payment Configuration you created, and customize the payment message text before saving.

copy and pasting configuration in WhatsApp pay

9. Test and Monitor: To ensure everything works smoothly, place a Catalog order via your personal WhatsApp account. Check the Orders page in Wati to monitor past orders and their statuses.

Best Practices for Maximizing Sales

Implementing best practices can significantly enhance the effectiveness of WhatsApp Business Payment and drive your sales. Here’s how to ensure you get the most out of this feature. 

Prompt Customer Responses

Respond to customer inquiries promptly to build trust and enhance customer satisfaction. Timely responses can also lead to quicker sales closures and better customer retention. 

whatsapp chat with travelgenie

How to implement:

  • Set Up Automated Responses: Use automated messages to acknowledge customer inquiries instantly. For example, you can set up an automatic “Thank you for reaching out! We will get back to you shortly” message. 
  • Utilize Quick Replies: Save frequently used responses to common questions. This allows you to respond quickly without typing the same information repeatedly. With Wati’s no code chatbot feature, you can create a WhatsApp chatbot for your business. It allows you to efficiently respond to customer queries and common issues. Get your chatbot up and running quickly with pre-designed templates via our chatbot library
  • Monitor Notifications: Ensure your team is alerted to new messages. Use WhatsApp Web or Desktop notifications to stay updated in real time. Alternatively, you can use the WhatsApp team inbox feature on WhatsApp Business API. Wati offers a shared team inbox tool that facilitates team collaboration and conversation management. 

Regular Updates to Product Information

Keeping your product information current ensures customers have access to the latest and most accurate details. This helps them make informed purchasing decisions and maintains customer trust.

How to implement:

  • Schedule Regular Reviews: Set a schedule to review and update your product catalog. Regularly check for out-of-stock items, new arrivals, and any changes in pricing or product descriptions.
  • Use High-Quality Media: Ensure your product images and videos are high-quality and accurately represent your offerings. This includes clear photos, detailed videos, and even 360-degree views, if possible.
  • Highlight New and Popular Products: Regularly update your catalog to prominently feature new arrivals or best-selling items. This will keep your offerings fresh and exciting for returning customers. 

Pro Tip 💡: You can use Wati’s catalog feature to showcase your services. It enhances WhatsApp sales with effortless product showcasing, increased reach, and QR code integration for offline promotion. It offers real-time updates, ensuring accurate product information and easy browsing, inquiry, and ordering directly via WhatsApp, making shopping convenient and engaging for customers.

Training Staff on WhatsApp Business Features

Well-trained staff can effectively utilize WhatsApp Business features to enhance customer interactions, streamline operations, and drive sales. Knowledgeable employees are crucial for providing high-quality customer service.

How to implement:

  • Conduct Regular Training Sessions: Schedule training sessions to educate your staff about new features and updates on WhatsApp Business. Depending on your business needs, this could be done monthly or quarterly.
  • Create a User Guide: Develop a comprehensive guide detailing how to use WhatsApp Business features effectively. Include step-by-step instructions, best practices, and troubleshooting tips.
  • Role-Playing Scenarios: Engage your staff in role-playing exercises to practice responding to various customer inquiries and issues. This hands-on approach can improve their confidence and proficiency.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Encourage staff to provide feedback on the tools and processes. Use this feedback to make improvements and address any challenges they may face.

Summing it Up! 

WhatsApp Business Payment is revolutionizing how businesses interact with customers by simplifying transactions within the app. With secure, direct payments and integrated customer support, companies can enhance efficiency and expand their reach effortlessly. 

As WhatsApp evolves, these features not only strengthen its position as a messaging giant but also empower businesses to thrive in today’s digital economy. And with Wati, the experience becomes even more fulfilling. Book a 1:1 demo today to get started with WhatsApp API payment now! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the best practices for using WhatsApp Business Payment effectively?

Best practices for using WhatsApp Business Payment effectively include promptly responding to customer inquiries, keeping product information updated, and utilizing personalized messaging to enhance customer engagement.

How can I encourage customers to adopt WhatsApp Business Payment?

Encourage customers to adopt WhatsApp Business Payment by highlighting its convenience and security benefits. Offer incentives such as exclusive discounts or faster transaction processing to motivate adoption.

How can I ensure customer privacy when using WhatsApp Business Payment?

Adhere to WhatsApp’s privacy policies and encryption standards to ensure customer privacy when using WhatsApp Business Payment. Avoid sharing sensitive customer information through chats and use secure payment gateways.

Can I integrate WhatsApp Business Payment with other digital platforms?

Yes, you can integrate WhatsApp Business Payment with other digital platforms, such as CRM systems and e-commerce platforms. This integration helps streamline operations and provides a seamless customer experience across different channels. 

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