WATI allows you to send OTP on WhatsApp by making use of the Official WhatsApp APIs.

One-Time Verification Passwords (OTPs) are a powerful and popular way to verify mobile number during user login. Most companies are sending these OTPs over text messages, but with WhatsApp being a much more popular channel than text messages, many companies have started replacing SMS with WhatsApp Messages.

In this article, we talk about how you can send OTPs to your users on WhatsApp. This can be possible using WhatsApp API access. You can either send an OTP from your own dedicated number or you can send from a shared number.

Sending OTP using Shared Number

To send OTP using Shared Number, you can sign up with a WhatsApp BSP (Business Solution Provider) that provides this feature. WATI supports sending OTPs using Shared Number.

To do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account on https://app.wati.io/register
  2. Navigate to API Docs to get to know about /sendTemplateMessage API
  3. Use the /sendTemplateMessage API from your code to trigger the OTP to user’s number

WATI allows you to send OTP messages upto a certain limit in the trial account. If you want to send more OTP Messages, you can buy credits to send OTPs on WhatsApp.


Sending OTP using Dedicated Number

To send OTP using Dedicated Number, you must apply for WhatsApp API and get approval on your own number. Once it is approved, you can send OTP messages from your own dedicated number that can support two-way communication.

Clare.AI will handle and guide businesses to get approval for WhatsApp Business APIs.

Setup Time: 3-5 working days by Clare.AI

(Depending on Business verification progress by Facebook Official Team, usually takes 1-3 weeks)



  1. WhatsApp Phone Number (Should not have a WhatsApp account, this number is non transferable)
    If you want to delete the WhatsApp account with your number, follow these steps.
  2. Business Display Name (Should have clear relationship with Business)
    To know about Display Name Guide, please click here
  3. Facebook Business Manager ID (should be verified by uploading business documents)
    If you do not have a Facebook Business, please create by clicking here.
    To verify your Facebook Business, please follow these steps

Below flowchart explains the process for WhatsApp Business account creation:



To get started, you can fill the form here

Once your account is approved, you can follow the below steps to send OTP messages using WhatsApp APIs:

  1. Submit a template for approval on the Broadcast page on WATI Dashboard
    Template Format:
    Your one-time verification code is {{otp}}
  2. Wait for the template to be approved. Typically, the approval time is 10-30 mins.
  3. Use the /sendTemplateMessage API to trigger the one time verification code.

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